April 25th, 2005

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Note Audra's Dali tattoo (foreground) and my Dali tattoo (background) goin' crazy together. We're going to start a club for all those cool enough to sport permanent Dali. Also note Audra's hand perfectly placed in my crotch. That's where I like it.

Suddenly my whole life is a dance party. Dancing has become my new passion, favorite passtime, and glorious form of exercise. And somehow, although I'm not black and have absolutely no background that would consitute talent on a dancefloor, I fucking rule at it. When I see a dancefloor and I hear a beat, I can't let myself stop until there's nothing left to dance to, no environment left to dance in. Lately the bars will close, the music will end, and the audience will leave, but I'll still be dancing.

The other night at the 80s prom at Higher Ground after the Breakfast Club play, I danced it up so long, so hard, and so belligerent that I felt euphoric. There's something about dancing that reminds me of an out-of-body experience, and I am officially addicted to it. The following day, I was picked out on the street by strangers who just wanted to tell me that I worked it beautifully the night before. I had spent the entire night rocking one of the two platforms, obsessed with knowing that I was the center of attention. I can't get enough of that shit.