April 9th, 2005

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Last night I was informed how to be more "Politically Correct." From now on, I will not longer refer to them as "homeless men," but "street people."
In Montreal, there are riots and strikes everywhere. The students at the University of Quebec (and some other school that I can't remember) are all on strike because apparently the school has started requiring them to pay back their loans, whereas they weren't obligated to before. So there are constantly people rioting in the streets, screaming hoards of people parading down every road, and cops (they drive minivans in Canada... ha) racing everywhere. You can identify students on strike by anybody wearing these red squares on their jackets. So Audra and I decided to join the elite and peel some red squares from the many advertisements they were stuck on. Liberation is intriguing, even when fake.

It's also the best time of year to find cool things on the street. At the end of Winter when all the snow melts, everything that's been buried underneath the snow mounds for months is no longer hidden, causing the streets and sidewalks to be littered with so much junk and neat garbage. There's always something to look at while walking. Street goodies for all!