April 7th, 2005

(no subject)

Lets be best friends. Lets get so close that we'll be a male-female team; best looking, big-eyed, and bold. I'll be the girl you don't want and you can be the guy I can always be myself around. I'll let you in on all the inner-workings of the female gender so I can watch you get whatever woman actually suits your fancy. You can give me high fives instead of kisses and killer hugs instead of orgasms. I'll be the number you call after the lights of the village Mobil are turned off, the drawer is cashed out, and you're ready for night-time happenings. You can be the only guy I'll smoke pot with, and I'll be the chem chick you experiment with. You can wear your funny little sweaters and I'll wear my super fashionable line I'm best known for sporting. We'll look stellar together. Lets be best friends. I'd like that.