March 15th, 2005

Stalker Sarah.

Appologies: a long entry for a long, but fairly interesting, story. I promise I rambled as little as possible.

As a Severance, I have a problem. This may sound cocky and conceded, but I assure you it's nothing short of a truth that has been proven time and time again. I have a problem with making people fall in love with me, by doing nothing but acting completely as myself. Until a couple months ago, the worst case scenario was just having to let the guy (or girl) down easy by telling them I had intended them as nothing but a friend. But when I worked at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, I met a 28-year-old man by the name of Chris Steele, a.k.a. "Long and Skinny."

His name fits him quite nicely: he is the lankiest man I have ever laid eyes on, and by far the oldest guy I've ever had an attraction to. Unfortunately, his personality was far less appealing, and he proved he had nothing interesting to say about anything. I admired Chris's lankiness from other sides of the massive production walls as he would walk by, slouching his shoulders, elongating his back and exposing his fascinating scrawniness.

My mistake was talking to him, because this man lacked a personality to such an extreme that I might as well have been talking to myself. I could tell that anything I said to this guy was hung on like I was some sort of force that had been dropped into his world to present him with a backbone and a brain.

But therein lies the problem. You see, his girlfriend had a problem with that.

To make an extremely long story short, I made a call to the Burlington Police Department in hysterics last night around 9. Within the past couple of months, even after being fired from VTBC, Chris's girlfriend, Sarah, has called me at least five hundred times. The sad part is that five hundred is no exageration. Since finding out that Chris had fallen head over heals in love with me, she was convinced that I was destroying her family (they have kids together, apparently; something he never mentioned to me). Even though I had dropped contact with Chris and hadn't spoken to him in a little over a month, Sarah refused to let me go easily. Her phone calls started when I was still working (early February), and ended just last night (at least we hope so).

You see, Sarah is insane, and two cops have validated this insanity to me. Sarah's phone calls started as a plea for me to step off and stop tampering with her family and her relationship, and although I tried to tell her hundreds of times that I wasn't involved, her craziness prevented her from listening to anything I said, and promoted her constant screaming into the her telephone. For weeks on end, Sarah would call me at least thirty times every day. Sometimes at 2:30 in the morning and all throughout the day until midnight. If I didn't pick up, she would hang up and call back immediately. If I would pick up and hang up right away, she would call me right back as if expecting me to actually pick up this time. There were times during each day that my phone would just ring constantly for over an hour, covered by a mound of clothing so as to drown out the sound. When I would try turning my phone off, I would turn it on to discover thirty new voice messages that all contained the same screaming, the same threatening, and the same rage of the absolutely hysterical Spanish woman on the other end.

I tried to ignore it, and although I wasn't intimidated (she had no idea what I looked like, just had various facts about my life, sadly including my cell phone number and my old address), I couldn't stand her anymore. The fact that I, someone who wasn't even involved in their relationship in the first place, had the power to destroy it, didn't say very much about how well Chris and Sarah were doing as a couple. I tried over and over to tell her that her relationship problems were something to bring up with Chris and not me, but she was hellbent on blaming me as the outside party. There was no getting through to her. One sentence from my mouth would stem thirty more from hers, and at such a fast pace that I usually didn't bother to make out anything she was saying to me. She would leave me voicemails every day that explained how she was going to rip my throat from my body and punch my nose straight into my skull. She would tell me that I had fucked with the wrong person, and that I was nothing but a naive 18-year-old that Chris had only talked to for the sake of a hopefully exciting fuck. She would scream to me every night that I was looking to get my ass kicked and that she would happily oblige, and obviously took me to be as stupid as she was. Meanwhile, Chris would continue writing me text messages saying that he loved me, which didn't help the situation.

Yesterday my phone rang at least fifty times. I couldn't turn it off because I was expecting an important phone call, so throughout the three hours of errands I ran, my phone rang off the hook until I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I wasn't afraid of what she was saying. But I seriously thought that if I heard my phone ring one more time, my head was going to explode. I had tried for two months to get this girl off my back, but to no avail. It was obvious that she wasn't going to leave me alone. No matter what I threatened to do (get the cops involved, change my phone number, etc.), it just added more fuel to her fire and she would come back twice as strong, three times as obnoxious, and ten times as stupid.

And last night she took it to a level I refused to deal with. She looked up my mother's number in the phone book, along with her address, and threatened to dial it up if I didn't promise to cut off all contact with Chris. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do, because I had long since cut off my contact with him, and I was still dealing with her absurdities. I refused to let this girl trail her insanity to my mother's phone line, and immediately dialed the cops. I had a full-throttle stalker on my hands and realized that it wasn't going to stop unless I got the law involved. I hadn't wanted it to come to this, but I was literally being driven to insanity by the sound of my ring tone.

In the end, she has a court date, and if that girl calls me one more time, between now and ever, she goes directly to jail.
Stalkers are no joke, my friends. They test your limits and have every ability to steer your right up a wall. They're scary and intimidating, and there is no way to decipher their means of motivation or common sense, or how far they will actually take it. It took threats to my family and a wicked hot cop in my kitchen for me to realize I had a real live stalker on my hands. And all this because I have an unintentional ability to make men I don't want fall in love with me.