March 2nd, 2005

Suck on this, douchebags.

Eff you.

I have big news. I've started making books again. Some of you may not know the value of this dive back into books, but it really is a big deal for me. I used to hand-make books, and I started when I had just transferred to CVU from Ethel Walker after getting expelled. What started as just a way to pass time and doodle in a blank sketchbook soon turned into a legacy at CVU that I was constantly being recognized for (in bad ways and good). I could crank out a sketchbook filled with handwritten works and random pieces of artwork every semester, and people were always asking to flip through the pages and see what new work I had done. These were the same books that got me into endless fueds with CVU faculty over controversial things I had written, or suggestive things about misguiding myself that made people question my mental health. There was much talk of publishing, but I soon realized that the layouts were too complicated and it would be tough to get the idea that I wanted.

So I recently started printing out my livejournal (Yes- everything way back to the beginning of the rankofhands days) just so that I could have a hard copy of all my work. I figured just in case technology has a massive breakdown and all was lost in the world, it would be nice to still have all my writing on paper. It was the kind of thing I could only endure when I was incredibly stoned; cut, paste, cut, paste, cut, paste, entry by entry. Sometimes it was just like factory work: I would get into a zone and crank out at least a hundred pages. Until I finally caught up to present times, I was just concerned about getting every entry into the book. But now that I've gotten to recent dates and am fully caught up (Yes, that means I have successfully documented nearly 1,000 entries), I have found myself actually making it into a book again. Not only that, but I have been conscious of my layout, and as a result, I have something hard-bound, easy to follow, and completely publishable. This will be my tenth book.