VIVA LA JOY. (_bulldoze) wrote,

There was a girl that I first met on Livejournal. Her name was punkthis at the time and her hair was composed of the coolest locks I had ever laid eyes on. She flew to Burlington to meet me and stay with me for a few days, which caused a series of comically awkward events, like tripping mushrooms and hearing her scream while my Dad's face melted before her eyes, drinking a bottle of wine that was of size I had never encountered before and later making out with her only to have the moment not-so-attractively caught on camera, and then not speaking for almost an entire year for reasons unknown to the both of us.

I need to document that last night while hanging out with the new and improved radioedit_, or Elexis as I feel more comfortable calling her now, I attended three parties without actually attending any of them, and found throughout the course of the night a plastic model Millennium Falcon, a stalker, and a skateboard. Regardless of my night actually being pretty fucking excellent being that it wasn't spent sitting at home on Adobe, I'm pretty sure Elexis will continue to convince herself that I hate her because she has awkward social tendencies like that. Well consider it documented proof, here in writing, that I most certainly don't.

Besides, even if I didn't have fun, the Millennium Falcon was totally a sweet find.

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