End of an Era.

Well, guys. As you can see by looking below, the image hosting site I used for years and years no longer supports the fact that I posted all those photos here on LJ. It would cost too much money to upgrade my hosting plan, and take too much time to re-link everything from a different site, especially for the sruvival of a page I no longer update. So with that, I'm forced to completely discontinue this blog. It's a sad thing for me to do, as even for me, it was nice to come back every once in a while and experience some nostalgia for the past. But alas, times change, and websites want money. Fuck 'em, I say.

If you would like to keep up with me, my professional work can be found at www.raychelseverance.com. If I ever decide to dive back into the blogging world, it will be through that site.

Thank you all for following along with my photos and words for all these years.

Long time no nothin'.

Still alive.

It's Winter. First one in a while for me.

I'm engaged now. He's awesome.

That's all the news I can think to share right now.
Here's some fuckin' pictures.


The Pro Shop & Locker Room.


The older of the two massive red barns that sit alongside I-89. The director of the garlic operation told us the history of the two barns, and how they were a product of rivaling brothers who competed to see who could build a bigger barn. The younger of the brothers, who built the other, more recently renovated barn, won only because he attached a cow-shaped weathervane to the top of his barn, beating his brother by a matter of inches. What a douche.


Meg's house. Meg was cool.



The Huntington Gorge, and a truck dead in a river of poison ivy, sitting outside of what I am convinced must be the fucking creepiest and most fucking haunted abandoned house I've ever been in. Adventure!


(I had seriously never heard of this town before.)

This abandoned house still had liquor in its cabinets. Completely abandoned, but everything left untouched; everything with a solid layer of dust on it like it hadn't been touched in decades. It was GORGEOUS inside.



Bread & Puppet (obviously) on the finale of their 50th Anniversary. Fuck, this place is unreal.


Keith and I stumbled upon this the other day, and really, it's almost impossible to do it justice in a photo. An entire lake, stretching as far as the eye can see, of these massive chunks of ice, some of them nearing a foot thick and stabbing the sky in every direction. Something I'd never seen before and one of those things that just kinda makes you tip your hat and applaud Mother Nature's superiority over everything else, yourself included.

Operation 251 Club. Vermont.

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The 251 Club.

I saw an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago about a woman who was on an adventure to photograph all 251 towns in the state of Vermont. While she was trying to do so within the course of 365 days, I realized that a similar project without such a tight deadline might be a good way for me to force myself out there more often to take photos. So alas, on Sunday we began our journey into the boonies and back roads of Vermont on a quest to make our way into the 251 Club. Hopefully I can keep this going.


Boys Club Road.


Phil's house.


Secret waterfalls.


The lawnmower graveyard.

Operation 251 Club. Vermont.

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Hello, Strangers.

Well. It's been a while. Let's play catch-up. I haven't been photographing much which I try not to let bother me, but I'm trying to ease my way back into it. So here are some fucking pictures (finally) to prove I am still alive and still possess the desire and the ability to capture how cool it is to be so.

Burlington, Vermont.

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My Dear Friends:

My dear friends: if you would please take some time to read this I would greatly appreciate it, as it regards something that has plagued me a lot over the last couple years and concerns all of you who wish to acquire my services, be they photo, design, or type-related.

I am changing the way I do things. I have gotten to a point where this is beyond necessary. Every day, I have people coming to me asking if I can photograph this for them, or design that for them, or write these letters for them. For a long time I've had trouble saying no, but I am going to have to start. Friends, I did my pro-bono time. I worked for a long time, produced a lot of great things for my community and the people around me, and never asked for a dime. As a result, there is a good chunk of my work out there, floating around and making people money, that neglects to give me credit where it is due or provide me with any sort of compensation.

I am so honored that so many of you want my skills for your projects, your bands, your boards, etc. I'm so glad you like my work, and you all have helped me grow so much as a photographer, designer, and typographer! But some things need to change. I am a busy lady and don't have time to take on every project, not to mention some of them I am just flat-out completely uninterested in. Just because you think your new magic trick is the cat's pajamas, or your cheddar & olive quiche is worthy of a food-porn award, or your dog does this really cute thing when you smack him in the face, doesn't mean I am going to drop everything I'm doing to document it. So here is what changes:

I do not work for free. Period. Been there, done that, did my time. I'm sorry to all of you who figure that just because we are close friends means that you don't have to pay me or that I will cut you a deal. Cutting deals not only leaves me underpaid, but makes charging other people full price in the future more difficult.

I do believe in the barter system, firmly. BUT I will not photograph you or your band or your anything for BEER or FOOD. I get enough free beer from my boards and I have foodstamps, not to mention I am a socially awkward person and the thought of sitting in an acquaintance's house while they awkwardly cook me dinner and I struggle for small talk to make gives me a panic attack and kind of makes me want to die. These offerings are of no help to me. Beer does not pay my rent. Unfortunately. You can't pay your mechanic or your hair dresser or your carpenter or your gynecologist in beer, so you can't pay your photographer in beer either. Don't let the common knowledge that I am a lush make you think otherwise. Honestly folks, the only thing that pays my rent is cold hard cash, and that is, ideally, the form of payment I want. I have busted camera parts and a flash that needs repairing, bike tires that are worn to almost nothing, and let's not forget that nice signage requires nice markers and those bad boys ain't cheap. I love a case of PBR as much as the next guy, but it does not pay for repairs to my equipment or the supplies that I need in order to do the work I do.

From now on, I require payment in one of two methods, either fully up front BEFORE we work together, or on a contract that WILL state that if I do not receive payment within two weeks of completing my work for you, I WILL CHARGE YOU A LATE FEE. I am sick to death of waiting for a month after a project is done to finally see any payout. There is a handful of you out there who still owe me money for projects I did for you nearly two months ago.

No more "can you send me that picture you took of me last year at that thing?" No. One gig I just had paid me $150 for one file. Yeah- one full-res file. That is how much these things go for, people. So think again before you ask me to give it to you for free. If you want it for your facebook or your archives, find it on my website and feel free to grab the small version of it that I post there. Giving you a full-res photograph of you makes it possible for you to use it in the future to promote yourself, which is what you are supposed to be paying your photographer for. It's easy: you're not just paying me for the file, you're paying me for the rights to use the photograph however you please.

I consider my rates fairly decent and am always willing to work with what people have, especially for my community. I obviously still get involved in projects that I am interested in and donate my work and/or services to certain causes, but seriously, people, it seems like you don't realize how inconsiderate it is to just flat-out ask me to do something for you and offer no compensation or even imply that it's crossed your mind. If you're unwilling to pay someone for these kinds of things, I suggest you buy your own equipment and start teaching yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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Things are a'changin'.

I realize I haven't posted anything in a long time. Winter is long, cold, and grey.

I worked a ton of freelance for a while but saw little payout, so I got myself what could possibly be the coolest job I could've imagined getting, at a hard cidery known as Citizen Cider. I've taken over management of marketing and design and also will be managing our bar/tasting room there, pouring some of the best hard cider I've ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Perhaps once it gets warm again and things start happening, and I move back to the Play Palace known only as 19 Decatur, I'll be once again inspired to take my camera out and get some captured eccentricity up here again. Until then, fret not; I still carry my camera with me everywhere I go.

And although it's cold, and Winter goes on forever, I know I made the right decision to leave New Orleans, because I am happy. Until then, if you're having withdrawals, I compiled a portfolio website upon moving back to Vermont, which you can see at RaychelSeverance.com.

At least in the meantime I get to hang out with this mythical creature.

And in the spirit of knowing that nobody really giving a fuck what anybody has to say about their personal lives on a blog, I'll leave it at that.

Burlington & Essex, Vermont.

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