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[03 May 2005|08:27pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

friday i went home with kim and then she took me to meet matt and neil at belltower lol. we saw a movie and ate. hung out with the boys ;] then kim picked me and matt up & we took him home. me & kim went to micah's house with phil casey phil and isaac. we watched anchorman =] love that movie. hung out til like 12:30. then i stayed at kims. she had to work saturday, so i slept at her house all day. then phil, phil & micah came over & we all went to the mall. fun ;] eventually we all went to janay's party =D there was a lotttt of people there.i attacked phil in manhunt LOL! abbie & i rolled around in the grass. greatness. kim & i took phil home and then i went home.

sunday i went out to red lobster and saw XXX:state of the union with my dad =] yesterday i went looking for prom dresses with allie rhy and abbie! it was fun. tomorrow im going home with ben? going to kaio cause there's no mcgregor tomorrow =[ love ya guys.

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[24 Apr 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | awake ]

went to ben's house on friday with rhy abbie jordan jeff allie kim kyndra & evan .. it was so much fun - stayed at kim's house with kyndra and we hung out. yesterday micah picked me up and we picked up rhy and abbie to go eat and then we went to the play with a buuuncha people. shari was amazing ;] then some of us went to micahs house to hang out and we just did random stuff - then we went to johnny rockets [me micah rhy jacey & jarred] the 3 girls danced with the waitors to like 4 songs lol it was hilarious. then ben jordan allie abbie calan & whoever else met us at the movies to see amityville horror. that movie was hard core i tell ya - after we got kicked out for supposedly not having tickets cause only like 4 of us were 17 .. then going back in cause micah talked the manager into it haha. but that movie was awesome.then we all went to coldstone and jacey brought me home ..

today i went to church ;] then i picked kim up and we went out to my new house and went 4wheeling and did stuff .. then we went to olive garden with phil micah and isaac lol it was so fun. "over here fairy boy!" then we all hung out and went to coldstone and now im at kims house and im staying the night and we have school tomorrow =P yuck. ben's mad at me. wow i have no idea why - be good kids.

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[18 Apr 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]

competition saturday ;] got up at 4 and competed in tampa. saw jacey devin erin alyssa melissa nikki and my loves <3 rode up with christina sam and leigha ;] NATIONAL CHAMPS :] i cant believe we won. im so happy! good way to end the season. then i went to the cheer/bball awards at school and then to ben's house all day..

kim picked me and kyndra up from church. went to subway, picked phil up, hung out at kim's with ash and me & ash took showers and talked and stuff, then me kim phil & kyn went to micah's house for a while. taco bell, kyndra's house, phil's house, then kim and i went to ben's house and i stayed there.

school today ;x went home with kim ;] hung out, went to fridays, met jacey. hung out with jacey and she took me home. we had a blast and cracked up the whole time. this week should be .. fun. hope yall are doing okay ;] <3.

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its been a while .. [12 Apr 2005|08:40pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

been busy since i updated. gone to ben's house like 4 times .. hung out with kim several times lol - after school and stuff. went to the movies with her and ash on friday =] went to captiva with ben on sunday and hung out at his house the rest of the day with him dan & david. went out yesterday with kim <3 hung out with micah & ben, then went to micah's baseball game. lots of DRAMA going on everywhere around me, but what else is new? church tomorrow, out with kim on friday im sure ;] competition saturday and ill probably end up at ben's house that night haha - hm. kendra i miss talking to you - i love you all !! <3 hugs and kisses <3

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[01 Apr 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

monday: visited kendra ;] stayed at alli's.

tuesday: beach with al. met jacey devin melissa & erin! we had so much fun. went to erin's, KFC, practice, coldstone [hahaha - psycho _____ whore ..] lol devin =P we all went home. it was like my favorite day so far haha - i had a BLAST with them. damn it - [def. inside joke, so crazy]

wednesday: back to the beach with jacey devin & melissa! hung out for a long time. talked to a buncha boys, =] went to jarred's house. "my foot's asleep!" haa. eventually i got home. picked kendra up for church =] it was fun. mallorie stayed over!

thursday: supposed to go to lake placid, but i had sun poisoning and my lip swelled up really big haha - it was hilarious. i couldnt go in the sun, so me & mal went to the mall and the movies & she stayed over again. i talked on the phone all night.

today: neil came over and the 3 of us went to lake placid! it was SO much fun. we laughed so much and i threw us off of my jetski at LEAST 15 times - hilarious. kendra should be proud =D stayed all day & then hung out at my house.

tomorrow im going to ben's house and maybe out with phil and kim tomorrow night?! or sunday. idk yet. sorry this was so long, but i havent updated allll week. hope you are all staying busy and having fun =] love.

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[27 Mar 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | bored ]

spring break! ;] friday i talked to ben and matt on the phone a lot- went out to eat with chels and then to belltower to hang out with rocky jamie and matt p ;] lots of drama..long story. almost got in a fight. saw kai KELL JESS DREA and a buncha people. stayed over at megs!! :D its only been what..2 years? ha. talked til about 4am..lots of midnight adventures ha-attention span of a napkin! eggs ;]

sat- went out to the new house to finish painting. eventually came home&got ready. met matt & neil ;] saw a movie, hung around for a few hours, out to eat. i needed to hang out with them lol - we had fun. saw KELL & DREA!! lol-while i was being ditched by my lame friends ;p i saw abbie too! fun night. talked to ben on the phone for a couple hours..i miss him.

happy easter ;] i might be hanging with emily tomorrow !! oh yeahhhh! and im hanging with phil sometime this week haha. matt's leaving tomorrow for utah ;[ , and so is kip! lol. hope everyone's having a good one <333

oh -
If you read this,
even if I don't speak to you often,
you must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,
just so long as it happened.
Then post this on your journal. See what people remember about you.

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[24 Mar 2005|01:52pm]
[ mood | excited, but sad ;[ ]


im so excited. but so far i have no plans .. cause honestly, i thought id be with kim all week lol, and she's guna be gone the whole time! ben and daniel leave tomorrow, matt leaves monday, kim leaves in like 2 hours, alli's going on a cruise, chels is going on a cruise, ugh! lol. ive got practice tonight, and tomorrow night im going out - ;] yesss. saturday if matt can go im going jetskiing with him and kendra and whoever else, cause he's leaving. hopefully this spring break will be even better than last ;D love you all - have a good one <3 ill probably update this thing a lot out of boredom ...

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[20 Mar 2005|01:13pm]
[ mood | confused ]

monday:went home with cassey - baseball game.

tuesday:went home with kim. hung around. saw wedding date and hung out ;]

wednesday:went home with kim.eventually made it to church. mcdonalds afterwards with ben neil & kim lol ..

thursday:me&kendra went home with alli. went to wayfest. i was such a ditz .. hung out with justin j-red & jerry for a long time. saw a lot of people. stayed at alli's and me & kendra talked til like 2am.

friday:went home with chels ;] hung out and then ate and saw the aviator. jordan ben & daniel came to hang out with us.

saturday:the ring 2! ate with christina and sam. met ben daniel and alli. then i waited for matt & neil outside for a while. saw MELISSA! good movie - i liked it. however i was being scared by matt the whole time lol - typical. we all went to smokey bones after. then me al stina & sam took matt to his house. hung out there for a little while- then came home.

today:church. i think im guna try to hang out with kim and maybe taylor later <3 i want to do somethingggg.. i think kendra might hang out with me too ;] idk. <3 yall.

.. im confused .. x

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[12 Mar 2005|10:41pm]
[ mood | busy ]

kim micah and christina picked me up from practice thursday. me & kim drove around forever, went to see jason, went to sam's house? to a graveyard? scary. taco bell with a bunch of boys in a van .. hm. HAHA - OH YEAHHHH! went to her house and talked to our boyfriends on the phone for hours, and then finished off talking ourselves to sleep about .. everything under the sun ;]

eventually made it to kyndra's house yesterday, hung around forever, went to the movies with ben. saw wedding date - ha. we saw so many people there - sammy! abbie jacey rhy calan heather ben jd chele collette em kelsy justin steph kai amanda kiffanie etc. eventually went in to the movie and i went in a movie with my matt <3 for a while cause i missed him. watched our movie .. kim took me home

competition today. we did pretty good ill say ;] ben kim alli and delie came ;D i saw my BRITT & MANDA<3 i miss them so much. and so many kids i cheered with forever ago lol. fun.

went to alli's for movie night with jordan and john! omg i love them - they're so hilarious haha. we had a LOT of fun. competition again tomorrow. i think kendra's coming ;D i hope .. ill let ya know what goes down tomorrow =p <33

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[09 Mar 2005|09:53pm]
[ mood | content ]

school - yeah. loved making fun of the choir with kim phil taylor and micah today <33 ha. "he's mine!" went to the mall after school with kendra and brian. then to church - then i went to practice for a bit. interesting. competition this wknd at harborside convention center. heck yes. ALLI have fun at faccs ill call you and give you my mom's number ; and ill tell ben what times when i find out! ;] peachy. kendra's going to faccs too ;[ have fun guys! no school friday AHH - thank goodness. idk what im doing yet. matt's not grounded this wknd so ill prob. end up hanging out with him friday night if i can :D idk what ill do though. brooke's booked this wknd so we STILL have to talk lol =P next wknd! but yeah, then competition saturday and sunday. hope yall have a great rest of the week and weekend , i love you <3

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[06 Mar 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

friday : hung out after school with kim & shari. ate at the "negro barrel" with them, ben & becca. kim, you love WHAT? ha. me ben & becca went to the fair. it was fun ;] saw a LOT of people, rode a lot of rides. hung out til about 1, met shari and her boyfriend, took ben home. becca & shari stayed over ;] wal mart @ 230 am. goodtimes.

saturday : kim picked me up from practice. got ready and met micah at ihop to eat. how are the stuffed creeps? lmao. then saw be cool with phil. we had so much fun .. besides phil making fun of me the WHOLE time lol =p loser. "look phil look! it says widow! congratulations, brynne.." =P hung out for a long time after, got ice cream. blah <3

missed church today cause i didnt think kendra was picking me up lol ? and i guess she's not goin tonight either cause she never called me. this wknd was fun :] love hanging out with kim haha <3

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[03 Mar 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | determined ]

church last night. this girl died at my church, so we had a service for her. really got us thinking about how much our friends mean to us. nobody's promised tomorrow .. i almost cried hugging kendra & almost broke mcfalls in half hugging him =P today suckedddd. failed my research paper cause i wasnt even here for 3 wks. that's so unfair - i have to rewrite it. ben's gone home sick every day this week i think ;[ i cant wait for tomorrow though! hey kendra can you come with us? ill call you.

im going to see devon tom. with kim shari & ben, then to the negro barrel =P ha. then to see phil micah matt & casey play baseball, then to midnight madness w/ ben matt devon idk who else. becca maybe, hopefully kendra, whoever.

just wanted to let you guys all know that i love you. you all mean the world to me ;] life is brief, cherish every moment with the ones you love <3

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[28 Feb 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

went to the mall with kim phil phil micah matt kyle mike etc. on friday. then to belltower with KIM and PHIL! ate and saw hitch. had a good time. tons of unfortunate events though, ha phil =P stayed at kimmy's :]

saturday we went to micah's to see him phil and casey? me & kim got lost 20 times on the way to rebecca's party. got there and had a lot of fun ;] went swimming, my hot pink goggles were the hit of the party =P played games and hung out. then me kim ben & ben left [ive been going out with ben for a week now? if you didnt know] went to belltower AGAIN and saw cursed .. dumbest movie ever - me&ben made fun of it the whole time. kim was scared =P heh. went out to eat. stayed at kimmy's again. talked for everrr..

that was about it for my weekend - hope you're all having a good day. research paper's OVER thank GOD. ;] this wknd i think im going out on ben's boat with kim and staying at her house, doing stuff with shari, then going to the fair with kim ben shari and everyone if we can go since im guessing kendra isnt doing anything with me and alli's got a tourney! . heck yes - love yall <3

i love ya kim - ya big NUT <33333

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[24 Feb 2005|10:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

this week's been going great. some of you know why lol - cant exactly put it on here yet for those people who dont .. LOL! that was so funny. i just got off the phone with alli <3 school's okay. church wed. greenwells that day ;] hung around with sarah shari and becca; ceej justin and nick <3 haha. we made it fun. tomorrow im going home with kim <33 and we're guna run around and do stuff. movies, baseball game, whatever. then saturday we may go to rebecca's party? heck yes. i dont know if ill make it to emily's party ;[ im so upset! but tomorrow night will be fun with kimmy :] its been a while since we've had the 2 of us time ;p meaghan i hope you're feeling soo much better ! i love you all <33

i like him a lot .. ;] haha al <3

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[21 Feb 2005|07:28pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

yesterday i was supposed to go out for rhy's bday <3! but then i wanted to hang with kim, stuff happened, and to make a long story short, me&kim are hanging out next wknd, & i went out for rhy. went to alli's house, drove around and did all our IMPORTANT stuff ;p ha. then made it to the bowling alley with rhy jarred griffen ben jordan dan allie david & josiah. it was fun ;] saw cousin shannon! then ..

me & alli wanted ben jordan + dan to go with us cause they were staying at j's..but they were supp. to go home, so we took dan, shoved him in the backseat and drove off! HA. we kidnapped daniel. ben+jordan followed us and i almost died like 7 times. dont ask. daniel eventually gets out in the road and gets in their car. then i got out of alli's car and ran up the turning lane and almost got hit by a car .. got in ben's car, then got left at a gas station ? wow. all in like 10 minutes lol. it was quite hilarious. then me & al sat outside j's house and called them to come out. they didnt believe we were there =p but we made them sneak out and go to steak and shake with us [saw shannon again lol] and i got stuck in the backseat with jordan and ben =P stupid daniel. we had so much fun ;] dropped them all off at around 1?, talked, said our goodbyes, back to alli's.

today we got her car washed and bummed around for a while and then saw phantom of the opera. thanks for hanging out with me this wknd al ;] <3

now im writing stupid notecards for this dumb research paper. i cant tell you how stressed out i am about this.. <3 cya at school tomorrow.

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[19 Feb 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

me and mom went to the mall today. she bought me a shirt that says "TINA you fat lard, come get your dinner!!" =D heck yessss. then i met alli at taste of ny <3 "CHICKEN PARMASAN!" ha. brittany biggs met us there and we all talked and laughed forever. it was so fun. then we hung out with SAMMY!!! lol i miss her so much! she's so cute. then me alli and britt saw hitch. it was the funniest movie ive seen since meet the fockers lol. it was hilarious and adorable at the same time. made me want a boyfriend though ;x goshhh, im working on it. if only it was getting anywhere ..

then alli drove me to meet momma. we talked a lot on the way home lol. love my mom <3 tomorrow im going with kendra to church ;] then maybe out to eat with her or maybe alli and all them for rhy's bdayyy! but who knows. then im probably hanging out with brooke tomorrow night cause .. i just am :D

later kids.

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[19 Feb 2005|02:23pm]
[ mood | sick ]

yo baby yo baby yo baby yo - you gots ta be a recon or you gots ta go! LMAO -

special forces is over. recon won, heck yes? saw ryan dunn and ryan sample get in a fight .. sample started it and my dunn got 4 detentions? what the heck. im so mad. he's up to 25 now lol - you get kicked out after 10 ? whatever.. saw ms bennet get knocked over by a huge ball. that made my .. life. it was hilarious. i was sitting on the sideline with kim phil micah phil casey and ben miller, as usual lol. lazy

rode the fan bus to naples for the bball game. there were about 50 JH kids on that bus holy cow. i sat in the back with the boys? ha. made a bunch of new friends. they're so cute. hurt my ankle tumbling at the game. had to sit out and ice it .. lame. i felt like such a wimp. ha, but i couldnt walk! talked about PEOPLE after with alli and abbie. said bye to a bunch of the players.

tonight im supposed to go with alli to see hitch :] and hopefully some PEOPLE will go too. we're workin on it! we're going out to eat too. kendra's in LP with grandma ;[ no fair.

tomorrow hopefully me and brooke will hang out and eat dinner and see a movie as well, cause we need to have brynne&brooke talk time as well. i think we both need it !! ahhh.

love you all. have a good wknd <3

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[16 Feb 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | blank ]

back from hawaii. it was so fun. today was my first day back at school. it was really fun cause i felt so loved. everyone was so welcoming hah. i missed everyone a lot. got a few v-day presents too ;] talked to everyone SO much. me and kendra went to the mall after school and got interviewed randomly for wink news?? lmao. it was hilarious. so we're guna be on the news tomorrow? heck yes. then we went to church. me and meaghan had a grand ole` convo afterwards .. HAAAA =P

tomorrow's school and practice i guess. then friday there's a bball game .. im supposed to go with alli after school so we can hang out and talk <3 but now im hearing we might have to cheer? DANGIT. so hopefully we wont so i can go with her. if not, we'll go saturday maybe, and get PEOPLE to go to the movies with us after? hahaha .. you know what i mean babayyy =P

cya later cool kids <3

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[13 Feb 2005|02:14pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

soo ... friday me and shannon and kathy went to the beach for a few hours. then we went to practice at the aloha stadium for like 5 hours. me and shannon have probably made fun of every girl here. some of them are so funny to watch ?! anyway, then yesterday we practiced at the stadium again for 5 more hours. the choreographer is insane. our huge banner ripped when we practiced the pre-game show, so hopefully theyll fix it before the game today ? lol. [im in the blue banner with the N on it in the pre-game show, by the way]. jason mraz is singing the national anthem, so he was at practice with us yesterday. jazmin is singing im walking on sunshine and we're dancing to it, and then she sings "tiny bubbles" with don ho HAHA. he's so old. we're in that song too. anyway, then after practice me and my mom went shopping ;] got some cute stuff. didnt get to shop a lot though cause they were closing, so we may go back?

then my dad and brady met up with us and we ate at this bubba gump restaurant? it was so fun lol i love that place.

now im getting dressed and ready cause i have less than an hour before i leave for the stadium. hope you all have a great day and those of you who watch the pro bowl, TRY to find me lol - one of the camera guys stands RIGHT in front of me, but you might not see me much. ha! i love you all, talk to ya tonight <3

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[10 Feb 2005|04:15pm]
[ mood | drained ]


so yesterday i woke up at 8 your time [be sure to remember that its 3 my time, ugh] and
my family and i flew to the big island of hawaii and rented a jeep and drove around and looked at volcanoes and stuff like that. we went to a black sand beach! it sounds gross but its sooo beautiful. the water was unbelievably blue and the waves were massive and the sand was black from the volcano eruptions and there were HUGE sea turtles in the water lol. i chased one out on the rocks and took a picture standing right over top of it. and then one of them crawled up on the beach and kept following me =P ha. im loved by turtles - you're jealous.

flew back to honolulu, oahu and rented a car and came back to the hotel. got up this morning and met shannon and we all went to pearl harbor. it was actually really interesting .. and i hate history lol - now we're waiting for my dad to get back. ill probably lay out on the beach in a few minutes and then me and mom are prob. going to the mall. they have gucci prada louis vuitton chanel coach hollister abercrombie ae etc. its 3 stories! i have practice later so im trying to get all the beach / shopping time i can get!

got a wonderful voicemail this morning from half of my homeroom class :] and tyler! he recorded the pledges for me haha. hope today was a good day for you all <3

MAHALO :] ( thank you )


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