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May 6th, 2007

03:28 pm
oh my. i had totally forgotten about this journal. i only came across it as i was going through my emails and trying to delete some (especially from my LJ comment folder). how could i have forgotten about this journal?

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September 14th, 2006

09:59 pm - inadequate
why do we try so hard to hold onto something
when we know there's no stopping it drifting?

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July 26th, 2006

04:41 pm - July 11

printed t-shirt
from www.stuffsucks.com
made triple choc chip cookies for my housemate today. It's her birthday tomorrow. So I am going to wrap up the cookies, and will make her a birthday card this afternoon. Then after I finish work tonight (midnight), I will put up streamers, a happy birthday banner and lay out the present and card for her to see tomorrow morning before she goes to work. She graduated from University at the end of last year, and was employed full-time at a law firm at the start of this year. She gets up early and leaves the house by 6.30ish/7 to get to Garden City in time that she gets a park and can catch the bus in to the city. She and her partner (who doesn't live here, but frequently visits) will be moving out together soon. I'm fairly stressed trying to find another housemate. They aren't moving until the end of July. He has his own computer business and they wanted room to set that and the office up in their new place (obviously, they couldn't do that here). Anyways, I better pop into work to give Nay the celery leaves and broccoli stalk for her bird.

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04:39 pm - July 4
my skin has broken out in pimples, i have never had a pimple problem. i am now 22, and i have, count them, 5 pimples around my mouth. pfft. one in the middle under my lip (looks like a labret piercing i have been told - i keep picking at it) one on the left, like a movie star mole spot, then on the right hand side, near my cheeks. i'm so very over the pill, only been on it for 2 months, but over it. pfft. and i'm visiting my parents for a few days, (going back to brisvegas tomorrow) and i always eat shit here.

thankfully today, i got out of the house and went to visit mel and spend the day with her in town. first we went to Queensland Transport to get her learners, but her documentation was not sufficient (pfft), so we are going to go back tomorrow morning. She gave me a necklace for my birthday (1) & (2). I need to call Steve, my driving instructor, and get a few more lessons and then go for my drivers test. We then continued on our way and visited a few op shops around town. we didn't go to all the ones that are at our disposal (as we went to those recently, and our main focus was the one near the rissole - RSL). We went to the OP shop next to Mel's mum's work, and I bought a pillowcase (3) for 50c, and a mug (4) for 30c, then we went to Stockland (previously Sunland - which it will always remain) where we went to Sanity, Newsagency, had lunch at The Coffee Club (Mel - Qld Tropicana, Me- Marco Polo open grills with a sprite each), where when we arrived an elderly man was being carted away by the ambulance, went to Kmart where i bought a few things for mum, and i got elastic, then we went to St Vinnies where I bought a paperback - Beaches (the one that was made into a movie with Bette Midler) (5) for 20c then on to the OP shop near the rissole where i bought a pillowcase (6) for 25c. The first pillowcase (3) i cut a piece out of and made a headband (7) for Peta, who is turning 12 tomorrow. The other pillowcase i am going to make a headband for her sister Kara, whose 9th birthday was 2 mths ago, and make a matching triangle/hankerchief kind of headband for her baby born. So here are the pictures. It was a very fun day. Despite breaking a needle on Mel's sewing machine when i was making the headband. I think I did a great job, the stitching is great!, if i do say so myself. hehe.

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apologies if the photos are extra large, i could not reduce them here on this computer. may alternate them once i get back to brisvegas. xx

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March 13th, 2006

10:11 pm
no real adventures to date, well none that i can write about in 2 minutes. Will be going to the desperate and dateless ball this Saturday. Am wearing my sexy lbd (photos are in earlier post) and will be buying new shoes this week. have to buy the tickets to the ball today. There should be a couple left. It is at Dreamworld (a theme park on the Gold Coast) and we get to go on the rides, rogue Traders and a few other bands that I can't think of the names of will be entertaining all the desperate singles (like me) and their "chaperones" (like my firned Nay who has a fiance). Nay's fiance says i have to have 5 phone numbers on a piece of paper by the end of the night to show him. hahaha. What if noone likes me? Or i freak out, lol. Gotta run. xxxx

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January 5th, 2006

10:21 pm
i just made an easy $20
for skinny dipping
go (naked) me!

pictures will come later (not naked ones)

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August 25th, 2005

10:46 pm
please will you hold me hand
& run with me?
i want to give it all up,
(i'm not strong enough)
escape to overseas
&work my way around the world

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April 14th, 2004

10:01 am - in the heart
i am not entirely new
crossed paths with you before
but i've hidden away from the light
only to come out in the shadows once more
surprise, surprise
i am everything that I am
be sure to tread across this land carefully
i lay my soul before you
please be true to yourself as we meet

friendship is one mind in two bodies
Current Music: don't miss you at all | Norah Jones

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everything that I am

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