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Since i forgot earlier

and i'm still awake when i should sooo be asleep. I found out about PBR tickets today.. i am very excited! Not sure how much they are but they go on sale May 1st. which is probably why they hadn't listed a number on the site for them yet. But you can buy them at the door the night of but the guy my mom talked to this morning said that he couldn't guarentee they'd have any left by the time the night came around... they are indeed expecting a sale out.

so my only option... to get my brother to pick them up from the store their selling them at in Hattiesburg.

Which completely sucks cause we haven't talked in over a week. But if it means i get to go and my moms willing to pay for them.. or at least most of the price then i'm not going to fuse.

on another note.. i may have gotten out of going to the brothers girlfriend's graduation. She wants us to stay and have dinner that night too and that's stretching it a bit considering my little brother can't really miss school that close to the end of the year and yeah.. so we may just go up there for dinner at Outback.. which i can handle.. i'll just keep stuffing my face so i don't have to talk.

the only thing i'm worried about is.. the possiblity of a marriage proposal. or the possibility of them saying there has been a marriage proposal.

it wouldn't surprise me one bit... especially not considering the last time he was here he declared to my parents he was going to do it.. and her parents will be at the dinnner and so will mine and me and my brother and yeah.. i can just hear it now...

i guess i have 2 weeks to look forward to that..

one last thing before i crash..

said guy from earlier post, and i realize i'm being very vague about him, but yeah.. totally lying to me. at least this time it's lying in my opinion. Not to mention he got off tonight in the middle of our conversation and didn't say a word.

aggravation doesn't even begin to describe it anyway.

Have you ever really...

okay, boys are stupid. I've come to that conclusion. I don't care what he does with her. i honestly don't, but stop telling me one thing, plus everyone else, and then turn around and do the complete opposite. It's aggravating. It's stupid. not to mention a little immature. and me and everyone else are so confused.

I should write or something. I'm like thisclose to being done with a story and i'm really proud of myself! but then i have the struggle of starting a sequal that i've not completely got figured out yet. excited for it yes, just not got it figured out yet.

so, the nights gonna be filled with either writing or getting stories uploaded onto Nicoles and mine's new board. i'll finally have all my stories in one place. so now when people ask about them i can just send them there!

i really need to ask nicole about the awards idea we came up with for the summer...

better yet, if you're reading this...lol, do you think we should do a mid season one? and for anyone else in the fan fiction realm on my flist.. which i think i only know of a couple.. do you think we should do another round of voting for stories? definitely not as many catagories as last time.. and maybe some new more fun ones...

opinions appericated :)

Mar. 12th, 2006

So it turns out it was a good thing PBR wasn't televised last night. That wreck Ross had with his bull was the worst thing i have ever seen. Had i been watching it that night i probably would have fell apart. Needless to say the month off their expecting him to take probably won't be enough.

anyway, how awesome is it that Kasey won the Busch race!? i'm soooo happy to see someone different running up front and winning for a change. All i can say is that i hope tomorrow is as good. Dale too. I won't be surprised if he doesn't do all that great because it's Vegas but as long as he can manage to get past lap 12 then i'll be good.

I'm dying to see them do a little piece on his ride with the Blue angels! every clip i've seen so far i've had to laugh at.

Think i'm gonna head to bed maybe if i can get up early enough i can go get breakfast with my parents!

Here's to hoping we get to see more of this... and that Dale does good tomorrow!

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