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_brutaltruth_'s Journal

Jonny Empire
15 November 1986
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im Jon im 22

80's, a static lullaby, alexisonfire, anal cunt, anatomy of a ghost, anti flag, anti-flag, anybody killa, armor for sleep, asob, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bane, bayside, beavis, beavis and butthead, being a leader, bible study, blaze, blaze ya dead homie, bloodhound gang, bowling for soup, boys night out, boysnightout, brand new, british people, brother bear, butthead, casulties, catch 22, clockwise, coheed and cambria, coheed&cambria, colton grundy, comedy central, computers, concerts, converge, cyndi lauper, dashboard confessional, daughters, dead by 28, dead kennedys, deathbystereo, dillinger esacpe plan, doom, dr. kevorkian, dr. seuss, drinking, drugs, emilio estevez, emo, esham, family guy, farting, flogging molly, from autumn to ashes, full house, gary coleman, giraffes, go betty go, good charlotte, green day, grindcore, gta, gwar, hardcore, hatebreed, hewhocorrupts, homegrown, hot topic is gay, hotcross, icp, injuries, insane clown posse, killswitch engage, killswitchengage, lesbians, lilo and stich, little kids, meatloaf, mest, metalcore, mexico, mindless self indulgence, minkus, modest mouse, monty python, movies, murder by death, music, mxpx, my band, my beuitful face :*, new found glory, noisecore, old afi, op ivy, overmydeadbody, pee-wee herman, piercings, poetry, poison, poop, porn, punk, queen, rancid, redrosesforabluelady, reel big fish, sandwiches, save ferris, saves the day, school, screamo, serial killers, shows, silverstein, ska, slc punk, some girls, stillwell, street punk, stretcharmstrong, sublime, sugarcult, swiss cheese, taking back sunday, teaching, the art of nothing, the bled, the casket lottery, the casualties, the dead milkmen, the mexican revolution, the yeah yeah yeahs, thrice, throwdown, thursday, twiztid, underwear, vodka, weezer, wheeler clinic, women with limps