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Sarah Angela
04 March 2008 @ 12:49 pm
So Jess came home. It was fun and eventful.

My much needed spring break is coming up next week and im going to have a list of things to do... including cleaning my room, changing it up a bit and try to lvl on maple story.
Other then that school sucks, i like am really getting tired of the constant work ive actaully skipped a few times just because i couldnt bring myself to sit there and stress out about work work work.
On the lighter side of things....
Huge Post of pics, they are amazing places I recently discovered in the little town of New Harmony.


New Harmony IN on out 6 month Anni!!!!!loveeeeCollapse )
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Sarah Angela
20 July 2006 @ 02:11 pm
New layout.
Thanks to Jordan.
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Sarah Angela
24 July 2005 @ 12:15 pm
Life is scary, but exciting.
Long Beach drama is fun.
Travis had a party thing yesterday,
his birthday is wed.
It was cool.
My dad called me,
im gonna call him today.
Im cutting my hair today.
Its gonna look awesome.
I want to dye it black, but I dont think I will.
I just love rap.
Today im just sitting at home and doing laundry. ^_^
Anyone wanna talk? 623.582.2325
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Sarah Angela
05 April 2005 @ 05:19 pm
So the computer got put in my room now. So porn all day, or not.
This past week ive been the happiest kid in the world. Lame I know. But true.

My rat fell asleep on my lap, he's curled up in a ball, Parrots so adorable, I wish i had my camera so I could show you.

Im going to Hollywood maybe this weekend. Anywhere but here. This time ill bring my camera.

I went to the store and ran into Brian. I told him I was moving, he looked sad, like he just met me, so why be sad? I guess he likes me, he made a move, but it was a failed kiss. Why cant we be friends? He said to go to the store at 7 for something he wants to give me... I dont understand him.

That boy that was naked that one time, I guess does this alot, me and my mom walked by yesterday and he was sitting nude on the couch with the door opened, she laughed.

I need some rain, this heat is melting me.
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Sarah Angela
24 July 2004 @ 09:02 pm
my bro is at a party my dad just left. and i am home with my mother.

i love the days with her. so me and her can gossip.

so yeah. im on a diet, psh, i know im fat but this is not the case, haha, my unhealthy diet of cheese and chips and soda caught up with me ... the whole anemic thingy, i got to eat iron mostly. blah. pork liver... no.... not working... plus i like being anemic , thats where i get my whole extreamly paleness from.

i love my cheese.

so right now. im extreamly happy and eating mee-jang with a salad. ranch dressing yes.

parrot is getting pissed off i think, ive had him on a diet for 2 weeks now. he wants to bite my finger. but every now and then i slip a piece of cheese in .

ilu all.
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Current Music: le shok
Sarah Angela
26 June 2004 @ 07:38 pm
im in kinda pissy mood i guess. yeah.
i wish like everything went according to plan and i wasnt such a fuck up all the time.
ppl are wasteing my time.
ie jojo talking shit behind my back. nice friend. yeah right... like you really care about me.
i know i probably wont see david again unless carly comes down. i think ill miss him. he was funny even though he thought i was fucking annoying. but i know i am, nothing i can really do about it thats me. i was gonna miss jojo until i herd shit.
jordan d00d im gonna die. my best best best friend for 4 years. i like at her house everyday. her mom is my mom and shell be gone. ug okay now im getting all crying mode.
i know im drifting again. from ppl but ill get back into place when i feel alittle better. noone shows up at my house or anything. dont be scared to call. 4220092
right now. im gonna chat and try to be extrealy happy.
Sarah Angela
23 June 2004 @ 03:23 pm

comment if you will.