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now .w a k e. me up

[25 Aug 2007|04:12pm]
hiiiiii. i love my job and the people there. and my best friends haha. ummm ill be 21 in 10 days. yay.

2 scream ... now .w a k e. me up

[05 Feb 2007|12:31pm]
i never wrtite in this anymoreee.but im gonna at least do it once a week.

things are good. i love life. im with robin alot lately and i love it. and jimmy and brian too. my pop is really sick which sucks but hopefully he will get better soon. i pierced the back of my neck and am getting it done again. i like double napes. i want alot more piercings. but i dunno. im getting a matching nj tattoo with robin. evan has been hanging out alot and im really happy we are getting close. i miss everyone i havent seen in a while. im going to a concert on the 23rd with amy and i cant wait. things are good. i love life haha.

now .w a k e. me up

[25 Dec 2006|06:08pm]
merry christmas<333.

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