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Sat, Apr. 30th, 2005, 07:25 pm

The latest development is that my present girlfriend is hindering my social scene. I will be inviting one friend and one acquaintance over to my house. I, with the company of Alfred, will be cooking a lightly spiced umbrian pasta with a light gorgonzola cheese sauce - served with splendid Cabernet Sauvignon circa1982.

Gotham has been beaming with delightfulness

I want to build a new room just to house different brands. One room for my Armani. One room for my Burberry. One room for my Zara.One room for my Charles Tyrwhitt.

Yes. Charles Tyrwhitt. These are all the rage for London's financial district's Bankers, Traders, Investment Managers, and product Salesmen.

Although I am not the biggest fan of shocking fashion trends - the pink does bring out your complection.

This one is truly in charge.

Last but not least, I put an order for this bella signorina

Sun, Feb. 6th, 2005, 01:45 pm
Voila` - Thanks Neiman

Wed, Feb. 2nd, 2005, 03:21 pm

Shirtless and seated on a stainless steel framed chaise. I am toned and tanning outside the manor, nestling a CocoLopez coconut cream Pina Colada in my Gucci sunglasses. Alfred went to fetch the mail which just came in. I should be reviewing the old contracts for the divestiture of Motor Research and Development as I find the automotive strategy my strategists felt was essential to retain market share in the oil industry (business connections with auto manufacturers giving facility for WE to become sole supplier for their test runs, which would equal higher revenue). This divestiture will save the Enterprise roughly $95mm a year. I'm digging it. This will enable to steer the automotive division of WE in a direction of non-affiliation with the overall scheme. Perhaps I will incorporate it as a business apart. This will help retain brand differentiation as I make the transition into <b>high rotation jet electrical</b> engines. Able enough to propel a 2800lb car into a 60 mile per hour zone from standstill in 5-5 seconds. 

The dog just came and nudged at me to throw the tennis ball. 

I'm thinking about buying a jet ski. Perhaps take it to the lake resort I bought near Michigan Lake where the <i>Miramare</i> is anchored

I've always particularly liked Chicago. Always treated me with respect. Perhaps because of my name's Net Worth, perhaps because of my willingness to directly invest in their commercial real estate projects....which took me a ridiculous amount of time to decide for. Intense valuation of these properties was required analyzing location decisions of households and firms that would utilize the new infrastructure I could fund, land utilization around the investment area, projected urban growth from top economics professors at Chicago University, and the impact of local and federal government policies on urban development and real estate values. 

My worries about Venture Capital henchman Jack Buchanan were in fact a reality. Besides his usual mistress here or there he is taking the path of violence when these women refuse to bed him. I have to put an end to this. I have spied him from a distance, he has already beaten a few of his dates senseless - if only I could tie his behaviors to the murders that have taken place. These murders seem to have been circumnavigated around sexual acts. 

Bondage gone bad, or Torture chamber psycho?|


Sun, Jan. 30th, 2005, 02:38 pm
New York Skyline, Adria

It's one of those quiet afternoons where I happily relish in my own solitude.

I have done this since I was a small child. My industrious father and working fashion model mother both content in their own success while I marginally applied myself like a stale condiment, to their lives. As I grew older the love for my father grew as he inspired me to create success from within myself. He was an electrical engineer graduate. A person who was secure. An end in himself. Freedom is what he exuded, and in social gatherings, like Carnival galas we frequently hosted in our home, financial freedom is what he exuded.

At the moment I am wearing a solid colored, although lucent, black t-shirt which accentuates the product of a rigorous work-out routine I have mastered since my travels. Calisthenics. I am stable and use my own body weight to strengthen and tone every muscle in my body to perfection. This enables me to clear my mind, ridding it of emotional imperfections.

While strolling on Rome's fashionable Via Del Corso, Adria, my most recent companion, picked out a pair of marvelous Dolce loafers which I occasionally sport when in an upscale-social surrounding or for the upper den lounge in the NorthWest corner of the manor. This is where I usually hold televised conferences, usually with Bloomberg, who I have always considered the most successful medium for quick and through research on financial market data.

Adria is a runway model. Raised in Barcelona and London, now she resides in New York, where she has become the top manikin of choice. She hates when I say that. Truly astonishing. Statuesque. Behold (below).

After the time we spent in Rome we took the MD-80 back to the states. The commercial plane redone to suit private corporate travel by one of my subsidiaries, Avicor. As we approached the runway in Teterboro, and arriving to my penthouse property on the Upper East Side,

..Adria used the jacuzzi while I turned the TV on to see latest developments of a corporate transaction between Wayne Enterprises, Microsoft, and Time-Warner Brothers. This merger has made WE shares triple in profitability. The new inflow of cash will go to help the Tsunami relief effort. What a tragedy.

I will be hosting social functions for the next week here in New York before my return to Gotham.

Who knows how the commissioner has dealt with recent scandals that have happened in the south-side of the city. I done research on the properties that were used for these miedeval like tortures, they all seem to lead to a person I know by sight. I have seen him walk with the men who founded our city. Graying hair, a heavy set jaw, high brow, usually in a double breasted suit. Jack Buchanan.

As I stand here looking at New York's skyline, holding a high-ball filled with frozen cherries and a J&B, I glance back at Adria who is now out of the shower, nude, laying on the satin sheets in the suite. She motions to come closer as she bites her lower lip, urging me to consume her. I smile devilishly.