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_brooks' Journal

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
5:16 pm
not much to say in here since, well, i haven't been doing much lately...well other than the usual.

the basketball team this year is AMAZING...we're definitely going places (no thanks to our captain jimmy brooks, ofcourse ;) ) and this saturday a scout is coming to check me out. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't nervous, but i'm just trying to stay chill about it. i don't want to freak over it and have it affect my game.

i haven't talked to hazel since...well...since we broke up. which is still weird for me to say (or, um, type?). i really miss her and hope she's doing okay. i wanna talk to her but i wouldn't even know what to say. it'd be really hard i guess.

well enough of that. i've got like 8 hours worth of homework tonight (thanks, miss kwan) and as much fun as procrastinating is, i better start it.


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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
2:06 am
i broke up with hazel tonight.

i can't believe i did it, but things have just been weird. she started accusing me of choosing basketball over her again and i'm so sick of that. she is my number one priority, and it's to the point where she's just acting like a princess. i love her, and i've tried my best to be the greatest boyfriend i can be but how much more can i do? she needs to respect that i have basketball. i don't ever tell her that she chooses spirit squad over me, that's completely ridiculous.

and then i found out from spin that she was about to break up with me a couple weeks ago. she told jay that and jay told spinner. first of all, jay? wtf? talk about serious communication problems. jay hogart finds out this before anyone. right.

i'm just sick of this. i thought our relationship was above this crap but i guess i was wrong.

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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
11:44 pm
so hazel is mad at me apparently? i love how i hear this from everyone except her. i know we haven't had a lot of time to hang out lately but what am i supposed to do? just quit basketball? it has nothing to do with putting "my game before her", i can't believe she even thinks that...i have serious obligations, as much as i can't stand it sometimes...i feel like she's making me choose between basketball and her. i can't believe she'd put me in that position.

current mood: crappy

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
5:28 pm
hazel came over last night and we just chilled at my house for awhile...we needed that i think, things have just been hectic lately...yesterday was the first day i've had no basketball in so long and we've hardly been able to see eachother it seems.

as usual, my parents were nonexistant, but that is definitely not a bad thing heh...we ended up ordering a couple movies on pay per view and chilling on the couch...we got through about 5 minutes of the first movie before we were a bit..distracted haha.

later on we ordered a pizza and just hung out and joked around...eventually it was realllly late and if she didn't leave her parents were going to freak so i drove her home.

basketball tryouts start next week...i know i'll make it, so i'm not worried or anything, it's just then i'll be on 2 basketball teams...it'll be hard balancing it all and getting to spend time with my girl, let alone stay on track with school (which i need to do if i want to stay on the team). my dad told me something along the lines of "get your priorities straight, jimmy." which basically means break up with hazel. that's not even an option though. i couldn't do that...

oh well, i'll just figure stuff out when it happens i guess. peace.


current mood: worried

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
7:16 pm
sup everyone? jimmy here...i got a journal cause my girl haz got one a little while ago (not to mention the rest of the school haha) and it seems pretty cool

homecoming was awesome! hazel looked soo beautiful :) i'm so lucky to have a girlfriend like her, she's the greatest <333

today i was kinda bored so i went for a walk...i ended up passing by the kerwin/isaacs house and toby was outside shooting hoops...he was just making some jumpshots but, ugh, he was helpless haha..i totally couldn't resist going over there and helping him out...we ended up playing for awhile...it was weird, cause i used to help tobes with ball all the time when i was with ash...just chilling at their house again brought back memories...ash's mom walked outside to tell toby dinner was ready and she was pretty surprised to see me..i got to talk to her for awhile and she said she missed me a lot heh...i miss their family a lot

then i said goodbye after talking for a little while and walked home...i'm about to call haz in a few minutes, hopefully we can chill tonight..i miss her


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