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Pretty Freaky [15 Sep 2013|10:54pm]
So I just read my last entry that ended with "prob wont update for 3 years" and then I look at the date it was written....Sept 6th, 2010. Today is pretty much 3 years later...wow!

Clearly Im not going to remember everything that has happened in the past 3 years but whatever, Ill just keep rambling. Good thing Im such an incredible typist!

So I guess first things first, I am a homeowner. Nick and I bought a townhouse in South Oshawa in February. Granny sold her house and moved out to New Brunswick with Jack and Janine. I actually just got back from visiting there with mom. Gramma seems to like it out there which is good.

Katie also owns a townhouse, just down the street from us. She lives there with her son Erik. He feels like he's my baby too. I was there during the delivery, and I stayed with her to help for a month after he was born. Its nice living so close.

I am no longer a dealer at work. Ive been in the cash cage since Christmas last year. My shoulder had gotten so much worse. Im in the middle of appealing my WSIB case, and I hope to God that something comes of this. Im pretty much screwed with the fact that I cant really do anything with my right arm/hand and I dont make any money. I would just like to be compensated for the money I should have been making for the past year and a half, and would really like to be able to become a Supervisor. I miss dealing so much, it honestly was my dream job. I loved it :(

I also got laser eye surgery about 2 years ago. My eyes are always so dry now though, but Id rather put drops in my eyes all the time rather than wear glasses. I am so sensitive to light now too, I cant go anywhere without sunglasses. This summer we took Erik to the CNE and I lost my sunglasses. Now I cant seem to find a pair that fit without hurting my head/nose/ears.

Poker hasnt really been as much a part of my life this year as it used to be. Katie went back to work in January and since she doesnt have her license Ive been having to wake up every morning at 7am and take her to work and Erik to daycare. I was getting so worn out playing poker every night and then waking up so early that I pretty much just quit. Ive probably played 4 times in the past few months. I barely even played at the CNE this year. Its hard when I dont work very many shifts, and also took a big pay cut switching departments.

I am planning on going to Montreal in November for the WPT though. I have some money saved up especially for that. I went last year with Chas and Matt and I really liked it there. Playgroud is the best place I have ever played poker. I am really looking forward to going there again. Not sure who else is going, and if Im going to be driving up alone, or even having someone to split hotel costs with. Ryan has a few days off so hopefully it all works out.

Thats probably all were getting for this 3 year update. Sitting here typing for too long really starts to make my shoulder hurt. Hopefully Ill be back before another 3 years and maybe Ill update my layout cause everything looks so bad, and Im pretty sure my image cave account has been deleted. I only ended up on LiveJournal because Brett sent me some info thru Yahoo about a Fantasy Hockey pool, and I was reading through my old emails. Still trying to come up with a creative, yet original team name. Im also in a Football pool with people from work but Im not doing that great. Got 6/16 last week, and it looks like Im only gettin 6 or 7 this week lol

Ok Im done for now....
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Update WAY overdue [06 Sep 2010|09:52am]
[ mood | sore ]

This is definitely the longest Ive gone without updating, but I guess its cause I joined facebook. I dont really know how I ended up here actually. But was just messing around with the settings and thought I messed it all up completely. Got most of it back, cept the scrolling stuff isnt scrolling and the image map isnt working.

Its been way too long and theres no way Im gonna remember half of the things I should put in here. Lets see what I remember....

Well shortly after my last entry I was on workers comp for my shoulder that was ripped apart. Its almost 2 years later and its still super painful. I no longer deal pit 4 games, but blackjack just kills it. I am on modified and only deal mini bac, blackjack and poker. I really just wish my shoulder wouldnt hurt but I think Im stuck with this pain forever. I had a couple of months off of work in the spring, and played a lot at rama. I made $5000 in 2 months, which was good since I wasnt getting any paycheques. I actually prefer no limit now but well talk poker later.

When I finally went back to work, they gave me modified duties where I wasnt supposed to use my right arm at all, and they made me be a hostess in the restaurant. Holy hell, that job was nuts! Horribly run restaurant, I hated it, and I worked my ass off. Definitely NOT a modified job. After about a month of that hell, I basically refused to do it, and then had another month of not working. I spent most of August playing poker in Sarnia, they have 10/20 omaha there. Brett had moved back home a few months before, so he played with me a few times there.

He moved to Alberta in September, and I went out to visit him for a month in January. It was crazy, friggen gambled every night for an entire month. Poker in alberta is awesome, crazy crazy action. I love the free food for the poker players, and the 5% rake is a good deal too. He came back home in the summer though, and now has a construction job. When the job is over were hopin to go on a gambling trip, not sure about any details though, that kid is horrible at planning things lol

I lost my fulltime, Ive been part time for a year now, it hasnt been too bad. Its really nice to be able to move your shifts around and be able to attending things and get the days off that you need. It was pretty rough in certain months though when it was hard to get any shifts. Which made it really easy for me to go to Alberta for a month in the winter. Only had to give away like 3 shifts. I have a bunch of stat days booked up for whenever Im goin on the gamblin trip with Brett, so hopefully I can get like 3 weeks off or so. I just gotta make sure Ive got money saved up.

Things are much better with the dog situation. He is no longer tied up to the table. One night, she was so tired, she just gave up and let him sleep on the chair in the living room. Ever since, he has been free to roam the house. There were deff 'accidents' all over the carpet for the longest time, but as of right now, hes pretty much good and goes outside. I try to walk him for 45 min every night after work, as long as Im not dead tired or its raining or something.

Im trying to lose some weight within the next few months. Trying to eat better and along with the long walks, doing some sit ups and free weights in the rec room. I really need new pants for work, but Im determined to wait until I can get a size smaller! Ive lost 5 pounds so far.

OH! Most recent craziness....MICE!! There are mice in the ceiling above me! I first heard them like 3 nights ago. I was freaking out bad. The noises eventually stopped and I went to sleep, but the next night when I came home from work they were going crazy, I was crying and freaking out huge. I called home a billion times but no one would answer, I finally drove over there, but no one would help me, no one cared! I was having like a mild heart attack or something and they didnt care. So I ended up staying awake until noon, waiting for Nick to finish work, then we went and bought some traps and poison and threw it all up in the ceiling. Last night I heard lots of movement, but tonight (knock on wood), Im pretty sure I havent heard anything. They are nocturnal, so its nice that they sleep when Im trying to sleep. But usually I hear stuff between 4-8am. I feel bad for killing them, but what else am I supposed to do? Im hoping that they arent dying in the ceiling, but like going out from whatever hole they came in from and die outside somewhere. Prob sometime on tues Im gonna get nick to come over and inspect the ceiling, as long as I dont hear anything tomorrow night.

Ok thats all for now, I prob wont update for 3 years now, but whatever. I suck, I know.

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Merry New Year...again [02 Jan 2009|06:56am]
Yeah so I only wrote THREE times in the entire year of 2008. I seriously suck.

Also, I just realized that my image map at the top of this journal doesnt even work in FireFox. It prob hasnt worked this whole time and I never knew, cause I mostly just used Explorer. Oh well. Im sure people can figure out how to navigate themselves without it. Not that a billion people ever come here anyways. Which is just fine with me, I really only write all this for myself. I like going back and reading about old shit.

Ok so, whats new...

Well I guess Ill go backwards. Most recently was New Year's. I spent it with Amanda Rose at her sister's house. Was weird actually having New Year's Eve off, cause Ive worked it for the past like 15 years. I honestly was thinking about picking up a shift for that night too. I suck!

Christmas was ok. Nick and Kate and I shopped together and we split on everyones gifts. And of course mom was the hardest to shop for. I got a bunch of Leaf clothes, mostly from Nick and Kate. And dad actually picked out some clothes for me. I have yet to see if I like them or not. Mom got me a bunch of books that Ive wanted. I only have a few more to read then I am all caught up with the Nicholas Sparks books. My best Christmas present was from myself. I bought some Michelin X-Ice winter tires. For $960! I had just made like $800 in poker and the weather was awful, Ryan and I almost crashed driving home from Brantford. Took us 3 and a half hours and the roads were awful. So I used my winnings to buy tires. And lemme tell you, Ive needed them, and they are awesome.

Havent really played much at Brantford since they came back from strike. Maybe 4 or 5 times. I actually decided to take the plunge, sometime in October I think, and went to play NL at Rama. My very fist time I was actually kinda nervous. But I held my own and did ok. Made like $250 I think. I spent much of October leaving work early and going to play with some guys from work. It was actually quite sick. Averaging 4 times a week. But after about a month I realized that I am just not good at No Limit. Really, I think its that I dont have the patience. Mind you, I did have some fun times. And it is an outstanding feeling when you take ALL of someones chips! The last few times I didn't do very well, and like usual, when I lose and feel sick, I ban myself. Its never an 'official' ban, just one that I do to myself, but I always stick with it. Havent been to Rama in a couple of months. Ill prob go back within a month Im guessing.

Robert Lee has been running games every other week, and Ive been playing there, so I havent really 'needed' to go to Brantford or Rama as much. Its a 5/10 game, but its crazy! People are losing like $500, $600, $700, etc. The most I was in for one night was $600, but I borrowed some $$ from one of the boys and ended up making $500 back. Its not very profitable for me, I only go cause its fun. I never wanna leave, so when Im sitting there up $300, I end up dumping it all back cause I wanna play longer.

Online has been alright. Still playing low limits at UB and a bit at Full Tilt. Mostly just omaha though. Ive finally started to hate hi/lo a little bit less. I hate chopping the pot, I hate getting quartered, but I LOVE having the high while everyone else is chasing their low draw, and the low never comes!! The pots get so big cause they just cant go anywhere with the nut low draw, and have to pay to NOT GET THERE!!! lol Its all about the scoop! THE best part of hi/lo is when you have NUT NUT!!! Ive maintained my stupid contender status at UB for like 6 months, and still no free shit has arrived in the mail. They lie!

Ok, now about the haircut of death. Im pretty sure it has grown to a length where I can get it cut and most of it will be the same length. Im just scared that I wont be able to explain to the hairdresser properly what I want, and itll end up even worse than it is. Cause right now its ok. I just dont like how long the pieces at the front are. I guess its deceiving when I go when my hair is all straightened and semi-normal looking. I should go in with my natural birds nest so she can see what its really like. Cause I think that was the problem last time. This guy THOUGHT I needed more volume or something. Are you kidding me? My hair is like 9 feet wide on its own, and with his stupid layers all over the place is like 24 feet wide. Its getting pretty long though and hurtin my neck. So its def time for a cut. Good luck to me

Oh, yeah, uh....Im a sellout. One month ago, I...joined...FACEBOOK! Yeah I caved. I am very disappointed in myself. I cant believe I did it. But whatever. It was pretty addicting at first. I wanted to check it as soon as I woke up and as soon as I got home from work, cause I wanted to see how many new friends I had! Its been a month and I have like 100 friends now, so I guess thats enough. Its been nice to be able to find out about everyone from back in the day. Especially all my old McPeople. It is pretty addicting though. One click leads to another and another and another, and then you dont even remember how you ended up where you are. Ive been able to keep in touch with Cindy a lot better cause of Facebook, and shes back at Ritson (thank God) and shes been keeping me in the loop with everything thats been going on there. Katie is liking it better now that Cindy is there as well, and I no longer have McNightmares which is just amazing. After 2 years of those stressful dreams, its nice for them to finally be gone.

TV shows....House started showing reruns so that sucked, but Party of Five started from the beginning and Ive been watching that. Its just starting the 5th season, so after that show is over who knows what Im gonna be addicted to watching. Im sure Ill find something. Cause right now Party of Five is all Ive got.

And lastly Im pretty sure Im gonna join a gym. There is a 24 hr one in the Midtown Mall, I just gotta get either Katie or Chris to join with me, so Ill have someone to go with at 5 oclock in the morning. Im planning on going like every other day so that shouldnt be too bad. Im also going to make another Drs appointment cause I still believe that I have what I thought I had. Although she sent me for tests and said I apparently dont. If I go back on birth control, my shit might get fixed. So we'll see.

Ok my non-broken shoulder is hurting so I gotta get outta this chair and stop typing. 312 is the most uncompfortable piece of shit table in our whole casino and it is breaking my body. I swear I have bruised ribs because of it. But are they gonna fix it?? NOOOOOOOOOO. HOW RUDE!
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CNE [02 Sep 2008|06:39am]
Last year I heard about poker at the CNE but I had never been. This year however, I was there, A LOT. I was there the first night it opened and I hated it. It was poorly run, the majority of the dealers were clueless and I just couldnt win. Fast Forward a month later and Im up $3755!!! Fucking loving the CNE. Too bad its over now :( Im gonna start going back to Brantford on Tuesdays I guess, but Im kinda chicken. I dont wanna lose my CNE winnings. Im not sure exactly how/why I did so well at the CNE. Maybe its cause it was tables full of crazy fish/donkeys, maybe Ive become a better player, maybe its cause Im a girl and Im white, maybe I was just lucky all 15 nights that I went?

Online has been ok. Playing only at Ultimate Bet, cheap limit hold em and omaha. Rakeback is great, its like bonus money in your account every month. Ive maintained my 'contender' status there so they should be sending me some free shit. I still havent been at the right table when the bad beat jackpot has gone off. Soon, hopefully.

Mom and Granny are going away for a week this morning, so itll be nice to have the house (and driveway!) to myself. And bonus....no dog! Ill be able to sleep! Shes mostly been putting him outside for the whole day, but whats gonna happen in the winter? Right now hes at my mom's, and really thats where he should be. He was there for a week or so a little while ago, cause granny was gone for a day or something and just never picked him back up. And he was absolutley fine there. He was probably so happy not being tied to a table all day. So let's see how long he gets to stay this time. (forever I hope)

Next week, I have a bunch of days off (9 to be exact) and I still dont even know what Im gonna do. Im sure a trip to Brantford will be in there. But I mean, 9 days is a lot of time. I can drive to Atlantic City, or Vegas for that matter. Like hello! Ive emailed Jamie and Andrew but neither of them have replied back so who knows. I havent really talked to Jamie in weeks. One day he tells me he's moved in with his granny, and thats it. I have no idea whats been going on.

Work has been ok. This week was pretty good. For the last 4 days, I bascially dealt strictly poker, and mostly the big games, which is what I like. Rhonda and Curtis are awesome, always try to make people happy. Theyve been trying out a new scheduling system where we are in 'pods' and we have a 3 table rotation for the night. Im not really likin that. I like when its done every break, cause then I get a chance to deal something good, its not predetermined. It wont happen very often where youd get a pod that you absolutely love. Maybe I can pay someone to give me a 20/40 and omaha pod? lol
We get a raise Sept 1st cause of our contract, then in October when I get Mini Bac and Pai Gow Ill get a raise, and then another one in December for my 2 years. Which is basically $1.50 more than I make now. They had some postings for Roulette training up, and I was hoping to get that, but so far theyve only put up 2 weeks of training. Theyd have to do 4 or 5 weeks for me to even have a chance. So maybe Im gonna have to learn it on my own and take the table test.

Ok thats enough for now, gonna watch some stuff thats recorded (house, numb3rs, CSI) and go to sleep.
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Holy Six Months Later! [15 Jul 2008|05:52am]
[ mood | okay ]

I am so awful with keeping this up to date. Obviously Ive thought about it a billion times but never bothered. I didnt realize I hadnt updated since January though! I just went back and read a few of my last entries and some of it made me laugh lol

Well I guess I'll start with work. After I took my poker table test they did a WHACK of poker training, and now everyone and their brother deal poker. Which means I dont deal it half as often as I was when I first got the game. And it has seriously changed me. After dealing poker, it makes dealing all those crappy Pit 4 games 100 times worse. Whenever they put me in Pit 1, I sign the EO list and go home. Its like I just cant stand it anymore. Time drags on so much, and it just flies in poker. Contrary to what I said in an earlier entry....dealing 20/40 is the best. I would deal it all day every day if I could, and 5/10 is awful. I like the majority of the 20/40 players and usually have a good time at the table. 5/10 is just full of a bunch of morons that think they are all stars and do everything out of turn and bet stupid amounts and dont know what they are doing. We got 2 more poker tables about a month ago and they were designed horribly. There is like 9 inches of padding right where the dealer sits which shouldnt be there, and it makes you sit so low and far away and you can even move, you have to twist. Plus the stupid cash box is too far forward and inward so its in the middle of the pot, and you bash your knee against it every time you pitch to that side of the table. Myself, along with a few other dealers have voiced our concerns about these tables but nothing has been done about it, not really sure what needs to happen to get something done, but Im working on it.

Enough about work, now onto poker, the other half of my life lol Brantford has been on strike for 6 weeks, plus I stopped going a month before that. So I havent played in like 2 and a half months. I was going down religiously every Tuesday and played 10/20. I was keeping track on my calendar how much I was winning/losing and I was doing very well. Until my last day. The week prior, I went home with $2200 cash and it was awesome, but then I became one of those 'idiots'. I never thought it would happen to me. But it must have. How else could I have blown basically all of it in one day? Did I really have that 'its ok, its not really my money' syndrome? It made me sick and I cut myself off for a month. But then they went on strike and yeah, I suck. Ive gone down to Brantford a couple of times to play with Jamie and the guys but thats about it. I havent been there in a few weeks. Crystal moved in with Jamie in June and Im not sure whats going on right now cause Ive barley talked to him, but last thing he told me was that they got in a big fight and hes moving in with his granny. So I dunno.

Chris from work hosted a game last Tuesday and said he was going to make it a weekly thing, so Im sure Ill be playing there almost every week. Not sure what Ill do when Brantford is back though? When I got there, I was going up to the front door and then noticed they were in the garage playing. Apparently their A/C wasnt working and it was too hot in the house. So it kinda sucked at night having the garage door open and the lights on and bugs everywhere. Plus it was that nasty sticky humid air. There were only 4 of them when I got there, so we started playing omaha until the rest showed up. Which was great, I finally got to play omaha live. I did good too. I love omaha! The main game was 4/8 with a 6/12 kill and I was up and down throughout the whole thing, at one point I think I was up $100 but I ended up even for the night so it was all good. I havent talked to anybody so I dont even know whats going on today. I guess Ill just drive by and see if they are playing...in the garage lol.

I have an appointment in toronto this morning at 11, which sucks cause Im gonna have to stay awake till probably 1pm. Im gonna be so tired. Then I guess sleep when I get home? Tomorrow I finally am going to have my physical which I have put off for too long. I dont even know how many years it has been. Ive gotta make a list of all the things that are wrong with me so she can tell me if Im dying or what!

Oh, back to poker. I signed up with Ultimate Bet because I wanted to take advantage of rakeback. Ive been playing online for so long that I cant ever get rakeback cause its for NEW players only. So far UB has been good to me. I started with $100 and made it to $250, clearly I didnt cash any out which I should have. Right now I think Im at $170. The best thing about that place is the bad beat jackpot though. It goes off every few days and Im just hoping that Ill be playing at the right table when it hits one of these times, let alone win the jackpot myself! Im just about to log on and see if it has hit since I was last on yesterday.

Before I go, a couple random things:

-Nick went back to work at Tim Hortons, but not as a baker, just as a store front guy, which he likes
-I got a very bad hair cut in May that I am patiently waiting for it to grow out
-Katie got me addicted to 2 new TV shows - House, and Numbers
-I made Katie a Facebook account just so "I" could look up a bunch of people lol
-Walmart messed up and made a $6 box of Honey Nut Cheerios only $2.50 so I bought 10 boxes
-Been doing sit ups, push ups and leg ups every morning after work, and have been going for walks when I get home

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Time for a proper update... [24 Jan 2008|03:24am]
[ mood | blah ]

Yeah so last time I wrote in here I think I was rushed or something. I didnt even read it afterwards to make sure it all made sense. I think I was just just writing in it for the sake of just writing.

Its Wednesday night right now, my night off. This whole Tuesday/Wednesday schedule is ok I guess. I always know when Im off, but it sucks when something is happening on another night. At least with parttime I had the flexibility with my shifts. But now Im on a set schedule and have somewhat of a routine. I was going to bed pretty much within an hour after getting home, which would be great cause then Id be waking up at 1 or 2pm everyday. But clearly that isnt the case anymore. Ive been staying awake till around 9 or 10am. And then waking up with just enough time to shower and get ready for work.

This stupid routine is making it impossible for me to get anything done though. I mean Ive needed an oil change for weeks, and could never get one, cause Id be sleeping until they closed, then Id go to work. Even on my days off, I wouldnt be able to wake up early enough. So finally yesterday, I made it there with 15 minutes to spare. Ive also needed to go to the bank. I rolled up all the coins in my money jar, and there is like 60 bucks in there. Plus Id like to talk to someone about my RRSP money, to see if I can use that to pay off a big chunk of my debt. Its weird looking at my bank statement... +$10,000 on one line, and -$10,000 an another.

I went to Brantford last night and played 10/20. I was up and down for most of the night. After a few hours I got up to $650 at one point, and after only a few hands I was down to 40 bucks! Ya know, top pair on the flop, turn gives you a flush draw, and then on the river, you miss your flush, there is a 4 card straight out there, it gets capped and you gotta fold, and youve wasted over $100 on the hand.

But, I magically came back from my $40! My very next hand was K 10 diamonds, I raised UTG and check raised the flop (which had 2 diamonds), which put me all in. Turn gives me my flush, and voila, Im back to $205. I worked my way up to $500, thought I should go home, but it was like 7:30am. There was no way Id be able to drive home through Toronto in rush hour traffic. So our table broke, and I decided to stay and play at the other table. My stack started to go down, and I was getting worried, thinking I shouldve just quit at $500, but then I won a couple of pots, got up to $670 and quit. Didnt really care that it was 8:30am. I wasnt gonna risk losing that money, since I made it all the way there from my last 40 bucks. I didnt have enough money on my players card (I think their system is messed up) to eat at the restaurant, so I ended up going to Tim Hortons for a bagel and hot choc to kill some time. My drive home was actually ok, didnt have any stop n go issues, thankfully.

So now I have this wad of cash sitting on my desk, and like no money in the bank. Who knows when Ill be able to go and deposit it. Ill have to force myself to wake up early on Friday or Saturday. I 'could' just deposit it in a bank machine, but I dont feel right doing that when its 100's of dollars. Plus I wanna get rid of all these rolls of coins.

There is a new Wal Mart built by the mall, the thing is massive. Nick and I went there tonight except they were closed as soon as we got there. We only got to walk in the front door and OMG, I just cant believe it. Its a Wal Mart Supercentre. I can't wait to actually go shopping in there. But, I found out that our other Wal Mart is now 24 hours, which KICKS ASS! Ive been wishing for that for EVER! I can actually go and BUY stuff when "I" am awake! Now, if only everything else in the world was 24 hours lol

Today I decided to just wash my hair and let it air dry, just to see. Cause Ive been blowdrying it and straightening it basically for over a year. And that just cant be good for it. But holy hell, my hair just went horizontal. I kid you not, from left to right it was over 2 and a half feet wide. I dont understand, cause I never used to dry my hair, for my entire life. Like what did I do before? How come it was never like this? I look in pictures and it wasnt like that? I dunno, but its driving me crazy. I bought 'another' kind of shampoo that is supposed to help with massively frizzy afro-puff hair, so we'll see how that is. I also got Katie some for greasy hair, cause hers goes greasy like 12 hours after washing it. These were $6 bottles of shampoo....outrageous!

Ive still been playing at Mansion and I finally reached my goal of $200. All that from the free $20 they gave me. Im worried about trying to cash out some of it though, because stupid Instadebit wont let me change my address. They said the only way was to fax them my damn drivers license. EXCEPT....my new license has my address spelled wrong on it! I went to the DMV this morning to tell them they spelled it wrong and they dont even care. So that'll just cause a hassle with instadebit I bet. ARG!!! So I dunno what to do. Im just happy Ive made some money there. Its nice to be able to play LIMIT Omaha.

Ive been trying to find out where I can play Omaha LIVE in a casino, and the only feedback Ive gotten is saying Seneca (Niagara Falls, NY, right across the bridge), but apparently its only hi/lo and I dont like that. I guess Ill just have to go to Vegas or something lol. Would be nice if Brantford or somewhere else got it, cause I mean my friggen casino has it, and we are so ghetto!

Dunno what else to write, so Im gonna go watch some poker and maybe fall asleep at a decent time (before 9am? lol)

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[06 Jan 2008|07:18am]
[ mood | sick ]

So a few things have changed since last time I wrote in here. Biggest thing is that I am now an official POKER DEALER! I was talking with a few people at work one day about how I think Id be able to pass a poker table test. Two guys had just taken the roulette table test and passed and the night shift is short on poker and roulette dealers. So anyways, last Thursday, I show up for work and get told Im taking my poker table test. I was shocked, I thought wed at least know ahead of time when it was going to be. There were 6 of us all together and 3 of us passed. So now the majority of what I deal is poker, which is just fine with me.

My back and shoulders have been pretty sore the past few days, I still need to figure out a way to deal and be compfortable without hurting my back. Some tables I am just fine and others are awful. Im full time A shifts now, with Tues and Weds off, and time just goes by so fast. Not only does an A shift go by quickly, but time just flies while dealing poker. So right now, Im loving my job. I dont really like dealing 20/40, those guys think they are so hardcore and have no sense of humour. 5/10 is the best, and 10/20 is ok most of the time.

I havent been to the casino in a while. The Thursday before Christmas was the last time I went to Brantford, didnt win at Jamies and Im pretty sure I broke even at the casino. I still havent taken Katie to the casino and shes been 19 for 2 months now! Maybe after shes done school in January we'll go. Im off this week, tues, weds and thurs and I wanted to go to Niagara or Seneca with Andrew but he's not feelin up to it. So I might just go to rama. Ive been wanting to play that Let it Ride with the 3 Card bonus bet. Don't think Ill be playing poker there, cause I dont think I have a very good NL cash game. (I wouldnt really know though since Ive never played)

Granny went away for 2 weeks during Christmas, and she just came back the other day. I was so nice without that damn dog here. At least she doesnt keep him in the bathroom anymore. He has a proper sized cage in the kitchen now. Its good too, cause the bathroom was just starting to smell like normal again. Ive been sneezing like crazy the past couple days, and Im wondering if its because of this fucking dog. I mean Ive been sick 4 times since Ive lived here, in only 2 months. Its rediculous.

Im playing at Mansion right now. I was playing at Full Tilt and I went stupid and played 3 tables and lost most of the money I spent so much time winning. Im such a moron. Now Ive only got like 17 bucks in there. Im still trying to get my mansion account up to 200 so I can cash out a hundred bucks. I got really close a while ago, got up to 190, but I didnt leave the table like I shouldve. Right now Im at 150. I like playing here because its really the only place I can play limit omaha. Everywhere else only has pot limit, which is ok sometimes, but I have completely become a limit player.

Im gonna quit soon, my butts getting sore and Im sick of sneezing. Just gonna take some Nyquil and die in my bed

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My Granny is trying to kill me.... [02 Dec 2007|11:37am]
[ mood | dying ]

So I was awoken at 930 this morning, by my granny and the annoying dog, to get up and shovel the driveway. 930am for me, is like 2am for normal people, prime sleeping time. So I put on some socks, another pair of pants, a sweater, my coat, boots, gloves and went and shovelled all the damn snow on the massive driveway. But of course I was doing it wrong. You see, its a double driveway, so I start in the middle and shovel to the right, then go back to the middle and shovel to the left. OH NO...you have to shovel it all to ONE side, because it looks better. And at the end of the driveway where there are normally huge piles, I had to flatten it out so there was a spot for the recycling! Not to mention I could not breathe and was wheezing insanely. I came inside and seriously could not breathe. It was so bad that I actually called my mom, I couldnt even talk. Its been almost 2 hrs since, and Im a lot better now, but still cant take full breaths. Next time it snows, Im calling home and Nick and Chris can come over and shovel for 5 bucks, since they are both unemployed.

Oh yeah, Nick quit his job. Apparently he hasnt been very happy there. He walked out on one of his shifts last week because of how he was being talked to/treated. I was worried he wasn't going to go back, but he talked to them and he is working his last 2 weeks. Which are technically over now. Friday was his last day. Im not sure what he's going to do now, but he has lots of money. So he'll be ok for quite some time, plus I dont think hes planning on moving out on his own any time soon. He should be going to school, but honestly, I dont think he really wants to.

It's almost noon and I really should be going to bed I have to get up for work at 7:30. There is apparently going to be freezing rain, and the roads are already going to be bad enough with all of this snow. Im playing Omaha at Mansion right now. They gave me $20 to play with a few weeks ago and I managed to turn it into $120. The site kinda sucks, and I dont really like the software, but heck, its free money. If I ever get it up to $200 Ill cash out $100 of it, but $125 seems to be my peak. PKR hasnt been working for me ever since I hooked up this wireless router. Apparently it has something to do with the 'ports' or whatever but Im too chicken to mess with that. Jamie said he'd show me, but I have to remember to ask him next time Im down there.

I havent been doing so great in live poker lately. Last 2 weeks at Jamie's I havent cashed, which is very odd for me. Plus both times I went to the casino afterwards and lost there too. I did get down to my last $15 at the 5/10 table, and somehow managed to get it back up all the way to $270 (and KNEW I shouldve quit), but I ended up staying, and lost. So this past Thursday, I was off, but skipped poker in Brantford. I can't afford to keep going if Im gonna lose. But I get paid next Thursday so I should be able to go. I have 5 shifts a week for the next several weeks, so Ill be able to pay off some major debt. Just gotta make sure I dont go crazy with the 'extra' money and lose it in poker or something stupid.

Well it's almost noon and Im cold, and the butts getting sore, so Im gonna quit poker in a few minutes and try and get to sleep. Im sure there was more that I wanted to write in here, but obviously I havent remembered it all.

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Am I the only one that still uses LiveJournal?? [13 Nov 2007|04:56am]
[ mood | blah ]

I refuse to join Facebook. Apparently its the new cool thing to do, but I won't do it. Im perfectly content here at LiveJournal, Ive been using it for years, and it seems stupid to switch. Plus you cant even look at anyone's Facebook account unless you're a member. STUPID

Anyways, here I am, updating this thing after neglecting it for weeks.

Im officially moved into granny's. Chris and I did most of the moving on the 30th. I drove the UHaul all by myself, and backed it into driveways perfectly and everything. Im so awesome. It was NOT fun doing all the moving with just me and Chris. The couches were awful, I smashed my hand and it turned all black and purple and yellow and shit. It hurt for a while, but its almost all healed by now. I ended up putting a lot of stuff in storage. I have so much crap! And I even threw a lot of stuff out. Four trips to the dump. I dont have this room set up as I had originally planned, but it works I guess. I bought a wardrobe thing at Wal Mart to hold my clothes (which I still havent finished unpacking yet), and its pretty big and takes up a lot of room.

Bell Canada was supposed to come on the 31st and install a jack down here for me to use the phone and the internet, but apparently they just couldn't. So whatever, I bought a router (after trying to use Jacks, but it wasnt compatible with grannys laptop) and that whole ordeal took like 8 hours. Had to buy new phones so I could have one down here without using a phone jack. Got a fridge down here that I got in a big fight with my mom over, and still havent paid her back for yet. Made enough space in the cupboards down here for some food and my dishes, just need somewhere for my untensils. Rogers Cable came a few days later and hooked us up with more channels and I hooked up the new box down here. Still trying to figure all of that out.

Its been ok so far, except for the fact that there is a damn dog living here. Like 2 days after we decide that Im moving in, she buys a damn puppy! Its been pissing and shitting all over the place, she bascially refuses to do the things Ive told her to get him trained. She just doesnt comprehend how much WORK a damn puppy is. The poor thing stays locked up in the bathroom all the time, which makes shower time disgusting. The room stinks like dirty dog so bad, its gross. So my couches didnt end up coming here, cause I cant get dog all over them. Really this dog is the only down side of moving here. Ive been able to stay awake all night without feeling like Im bothering her, been able to eat and do stuff on the comp. I just really miss sitting on the couch while on the computer. So much more compfy than this chair.

I havent really saved any money. It feels like living here is costing me more, but Im sure Ill see the savings soon. I just have to make sure Im careful with my wonderful gambling 'problem'. I have to keep it in check, so I dont use my 'extra' money that Im supposed to be using to pay of debt, for gambling.

The last 2 weeks at Jamies for poker, Andrew and I have gone to the casino afterwards and played 2/5. Eventually Ill get him to graduate to 5/10, but he's really loving 2/5 for now. And last week we had so much much with the old people at the table. Im off for 4 nights in a row this week and its going to take a lot of will power to NOT go to the casino any of those days, cept for Thursday when I go to Brantford. I thought about going tonight, but Ive been able to keep myself entertained on the computer, but its tomorrow Im worried about...

Katie turned 19 this past Friday and we couldnt go to the casino like planned, because her Health Card expired. Apparently hers was only good for one year, and they wont take it unless its 'valid'. So we went to renew it and the chick KEPT her old one, and just gave her a piece of paper. So she has no photo ID right now. So we ended up going to the liquor store and we got her drunk and played games with Chris, Nick and Todd. It was pretty fun. The 5 of us also went to Pizza Hut for dinner (prior to drinking obviously lol). But I cant wait till she gets her new ID in the mail. I hope when we finally go, she wins, so shell want to go again!

Well I guess thats enough of an update. Ive just been rotating through poker sites trying to win a buck here and there, so soon as this crappy freeroll is over, Im gonna take me some Nyquil and get some sleep. And then Ill have to figure out what Im gonna to do occupy my time tomorrow, so I wont go to the casino!

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MOVING!!!! [21 Sep 2007|07:08am]
[ mood | excited ]

So yeah, after 6 and a half years, I am moving. I should have left a long time ago, the rent is way too much, and I can never get any sleep because of the earthquakes I experience that are created by the kids upstairs. I went on strike for 2 weeks and that was what finally 'forced' me to make this decision. Im moving in with my granny, for hopefully no more than 2 years. I will save a ton of money living with her and after a couple years, should be debt free and will be able to buy a house.

I am a massive procrastinator so Im seriously trying to get started with my packing ASAP. I dont want to leave it all till the last minute. I already got the ball rolling by moving the bed in grannys basement to Katies room and then took her old bed and my coffee table to the dump. Ive started to sort through my clothes and got Katie to take most of hers home. Im going to start packing up most of the living room stuff next. You really dont know how much junk you really have, until you start to pack it up.

Im not quite sure what stuff Ill be taking to grannys and whats going in storage, but if it were 100% up to me, Id have both my couches in her rec room, my desk and bed in the 'ping pong table room' and hopefully only have to put my washer, dryer and kitchen table in storage (mom has a storage unit already). Most of my kitchen stuff will be packed in boxes, but Im going to have my microwave, toaster oven and a small fridge down in the basement so Ill be able to eat in the middle of the night without worrying about waking her up. Im kinda worried I wont be able to get my couches down there though. It was pretty hard manouvering the box spring outta there. Jack built a new railing for down there, so who knows if a couch will fit through anymore.

Well thats all thats really worth updating. Im really pumped about moving outta here, so hopefully that keeps me motivated to continue to pack and declutter. The countdown has begun...40 days...

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Well planned... [07 Aug 2007|02:01am]
So, like Ive said before there are always a ton of things that I think to write in here, but when it comes time to updating, I never remember them all. So for the past few days Ive been keeping a list so now I have a bunch of things to write about. So in no particular order, here they are:

The Two Coreys
Yes that would be Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. These 2 have a show together and those guys brought back so many memories for me. I remember having the hugest crush on Corey Haim, he was so darn good lookin. My cousin David and I loved this one movie he was in "License to Drive". Corey Feldman really never did anything for me, but now, it appears that he has turned out to be the better looking one somehow. I still get a glimpes of the cuteness in Haim but something is just wrong with him now. Something in his facial expressions. I tried to see if he had plastic surgery or something but couldnt really find anything. But apparently he has lost a lot of weight. Either way I still love watching the show. Those 2 are so funny together

Dawson's Creek
I am cured. I have finally stopped watching. I erased all the recordings and stopped all the programming. I still love that show, but really, how many times can I watch it? Ive seen every episode so many times, it was just unhealthy lol I bet right now its the beginning of Season 3, which we all know is the best part of their entire existence. I may watch a random episode every now and then but thats it (I hope)

Been sleeping much better lately. Last week on my way to work the mom was in the garage and I mentioned to her about the boys making noise above my bedroom all day and it appears to have gotten better. Boy did I ever miss my sleep. Hopefully this will last

So havent been to the casino in a few weeks. Had actually planned on going tonight, but I ended up talking on the phone with Katie for over 2 hours lol So maybe Ill go tomorrow night. Havent played at PKR in a long time, maybe a month even. Been sticking to cheap stuff at Absolute and those 10 cent Sit n Gos at PokerDream. The good news is that I have finally found my Neteller replacement....InstaDebit!!! Woohoo!! It is even better than Neteller because I didnt have to wait to verify my bank acct before I could deposit into the poker site. Now I just gotta hope PKR gets on board with InstaDebit and then Im golden!!!

So its been 8 months and Im still liking my job for the most part. Ive decided that I absolutely hate dealing 3 Card Poker. No one follows the fucken rules in that game and no one fucking cares. It drives me nuts to try and enforce them, especially when the damn soups do nothing about it. And that game has the most BITTER players. I hate it! The thing I hate most about my job is that my casino is apparently one big joke. The dealers dont get any respect, no one listens to them. I mean what the hell, Ive never seen anything like it. Anywhere else, when the dealer tells you something, you fucking listen and do what they say. Ohhh but not here. Its a joke and I hate it. Im not used to not being listened to. Our contract is up on Sept 1st and there is all of this talk about going on strike. The idea of going on strike seems pretty crazy to me. I mean what kind of casino would risk all those days of raking in money letting their employees go on strike? I cant afford to go on strike, so if we do, I hope its only for a few days. Im not working that night so I wont get to experience all of the hetic last minute craziness.
The other day, I dealt to Joey Jeremiah from Degrassi. It was only for like 5 minutes and I didnt even really get to speak to him cause the table was full and the place was packed. It was so busy. He was only playing for a few minutes while he was waiting for his name on the poker list. I didnt even really know it was him until after a few minutes cause he had a hat on. But that was pretty cool. Ive seen him there before so hopefully Ill get another chance to deal to him and maybe have a conversation.

So yes, I am offically a murderer now. I have killed my very first animal on the road. It was a raccoon and it was horrible. It was an awful sound and feeling. The worst part is, is that I could have prevented it. I had my highbeams on and I saw it well in advance, but seriously it looked like something already dead in the middle of the road. I was so sure it was roadkill. So right as Im about to go around it, it gets up and starts to walk towards my car and there was nothing I could do, it was too late. YUCK! It was so horrible. I was terrified that Id have coon guts all over my wheels n stuff but I didnt really see anything thank God.

So I dont download music, mostly because Im afraid of any viruses that Id get on Katies new fancy computer, cause apparently thats where I got a lot of them on my old one. So when I wanna listen to music I load up YouTube and put on my playlist. Which consists of the following 5 songs that I currently love:
Breaking Benjamin - Breath
Plain White T's - Hey There Delila
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
Papa Roach - Forever
Timbaland - The Way I Are

So I have brownies baking and damn does this place ever smell good!! They only have 10 minutes left before I take them out, but then I gotta let em cool for a while so I can put the icing on. I wonder how long Ill be able to wait lolol
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Something is wrong with me [21 Jul 2007|06:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

My entire life, I have been able to sleep, anytime, anywhere. And I could always go for long stretches, like 8 hrs was never enough. I was never satisfied unless it was 10 hours min, 12 was ideal. The longest I ever slept was for 26 hrs. But lately, Im lucky if I can sleep for 4 hours. And Im not sure why.

These damn kids have been making it very hard to fall asleep because it sounds like a friggen bowling alley/wrestling match above my head. I used to just have that problem on the weekends, but now school is out and its every friggen day. I decided that I would once and for all 'fix' myself and start going to bed shortly after I got home from work, no more of this staying up and watching TV nonsense. So for the past week, thats what Ive been trying to do. Trying to get to sleep before the herd of boys runs marathons around the house above my head. So what happens? I end up waking up at like 11am with less than 3 hrs of sleep. And I cant for the life of me get BACK to sleep. And even when I am sleeping, Im not really asleep I dont think. I mean I might fall asleep for like 10 or 15 minutes at a time, but thats no good. What is wrong with me?!?!

I had 4 days off, and you would think I would spend SO much time sleeping, cause well thats what I always do, but NO! I got barely any sleep, it was awful. And now at work, Im just in a daze and half awake and it sucks.

I have a meatloaf cooking, it should be done in about 20 min, the house smells awesome! After I make up some meals in tupperware Im gonna go to bed, and hopefully fall asleep! Im SO tired :(

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on a roll [08 Jul 2007|10:07am]
[ mood | tired ]

Tuesday was my day off, so that morning after work, Katie and I went out for breakfast at Golden Griddle for $3 pancakes. Afterwards she came back to my house with me, she hadnt been there in what seemed like forever and she just watched some TV while I slept for a little bit. Jeff was bringing Logan home that day so when I woke up we went over there. I hadnt seen him in months, and hes so HUGE now! The kid can walk! Last time I saw him, he couldnt even sit by himself. So we had fun playing with him for a while. He had no idea who I was, which was sad, since I spent a lot of time with him when he was a newborn. But after a while, it was all good.

Later that night I went to see Transformers with Nick and Kate and that movie was awesome! I cant even begin to exmplain how incredible it was. When it was over, the entire theatre stood up and clapped. It was great. I would so see it again, heck Id even buy it! And I dont buy movies.

Thursday was also my night off and I was debating on whether or not Id go to Brantford to play some 5/10 again but then Jamie told me he was having some poker night with Wayne and bunch of people from his work and invited me to play, so I was all up for that. I was late because of all the friggen construction. I mean part of the 401 was closed which was frustrating, and then there were 2 areas of construction right before Brantford. Took me almost 2 hrs to get there. Well anyways, I didnt play much in the 1st game. I played like 2 hands and that was it. 2nd game, again, I only played 2 hands. Jamie took me out with his pocket 4s vs my AQ. They were only $10 games so meh. I went to the casino afterwards, at like 4:30am and played some 5/10. I knew I was screwed though cause Id have to make my money last for over 5 hrs since I couldnt really leave between 530-10am cause of the madd traffic. At around 7:30 I was up $400 and my insides were telling me to get off the table and quit, but what the heck was I gonna do? Go kill time playing roulette or blackjack and lose what I won? No way! So I stayed and played and ended up getting down to $125. So by then its like 10am and sure I 'can' leave now, but what the hell, I didnt wanna spend all that time there to lose $25 bucks. I didnt end up leaving until friggen NOON!! But I made it up to $375 and finally quit. I was so tired. Im pretty impresed with my last few sessions. I always buy in for $150 and I never got below $125 both times, which is awesome.

It doesnt look like Ill be able to go down there for a while, my next days off are Mon and Tues, but Tuesday Im going to Wonderland with Katie and Monday I have to spend trying to stay awake all day, and sleeping at night, so I can be awake all day for Wonderland. Then Im off Saturday and Sunday, hoping to pick up a shift on Saturday, as I only have 3 shifts that week! So Im probably gonna go back to the casino on Sunday. Makes me a little scared though, cause ya never know whats gonna happen. Not only could I lose my $150 in less than an hour, but It costs $25 in gas. Normally it wouldnt be a big deal, but since Im POOR AS FUCK nowadays it matters. And I cant really afford to be risking that money, but it sure helps a lot when I win! It would be nice if I could always make a few extra hundred bucks each month. Kinda like what I used to be able to do with online poker. Now, I barely even play anymore. Live poker is much better anyways. Online, just more convenient, and no gas lol

So Im gonna get compfy on this couch and watch some Poker After Dark and probably try to stay awake till noon or 1pm, so I wont have such a hard tiem staying awake all day tomorrow. Fuck, today (yesterday I guess), I got home from work and went right to bed at like 730am. The alarm goes off right before 9 giving me just enough time to get ready for work, and I get up, brush my teeth get ready, and think to myself how odd it is that I slept for like 13 hrs and didnt wake up once, and still feel so tired. So after Im all practically ready for work, I come into the computer room, jiggle the mouse, the screen turns on, and BAM 9:10 AM!!! I had only slept for an hour and a half. How retarded! I set the manual alarm clock to 9 before I went to sleep, not realizing it was gonna set it off at 9am, cause Im such a tard. I SUCK

Ok, gotta go wash my face and get my pillow...

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Brantford [27 Jun 2007|07:27am]
[ mood | chipper ]

So I had last night off and I spent it with Andrea Sh because I was poor on her birthday and had a gift to give her. We went to eat at East Side's and then we went and saw Fantastic 4, part 2. It was pretty good, but I hate seeing sequels to movies when I havent seen the original. Aftewards I went to the casino in Brantford. I ended up watching Craps for a while, this guy was trying to 'teach' me, so I learned a bit about that crazy game. Then after about an hour, I went and played some 5/10, and holy hell did I ever kick some ass. Lemme tell you about two back to back hands I had! It was out-fucking-standing!

I always wait for the BB, I never post. People think Im stupid but I like to watch how the others play for a bit, before I just jump right in. So anyways, first hand, I get A3 hearts. It gets raised preflop so I call the 5 bucks and there are like 5 people in the pot. Flop comes 2 hearts, I check and then end up calling $5. Turn, yuppers a heart. I check, there is a bet and a raise, I reraise, and it gets capped. River is irrelevant, the only thing that could beat me was a straight flush. I bet 10, there are 2 people left, 1 calls, the other guy raises to 20, I raise to 30 and the other guy folds. HUGE POT!

Next hand, Small Blind, J10 diamonds, (J10 suited is my all time fav hand). Flop has 9 and Q of diamonds, so Im open ended for a straight flush. I check, someone bets and 4 people call. Turn makes my straight, so I bet out this time, I get raised and just call. River, totally makes my straight flush! LMAO I check (trying to look a little weak since when he raised me on the turn I just called). He bets, I raise, he calls and I yell out straight flush! lol 2 huge pots back to back.

Here is another memorable hand....my BB I have 72 diamonds, couple callers, and button raises, so I threw my chip in there to call, since I was already on the BB. Flop has a 7 and 2, so I flop 2 pair. I bet out, called all around to the button who raises, I reraise, everyone folds cept for the button. Turn is irrelevant, but I bet, he calls. River, a 7 baby! I bet 10, he makes it 20, I make it 30, and then he makes it 40, I opted to just call in case he had a bigger full house than me. I throw over my seven deuce and say BOAT and he was just shocked, he had A7 and made trips on the river lol

So that was a very good night at the casino for me, I wish it was always that great! And I wish there was a casino closer!

During my drive home I was doing a lot of thinking. Jamies not 100% happy with his living situation right now and his lease is up in Feb, and really Ive been thinking about possibly moving down there. Working at that casino and getting a place with him. I mean I have a bunch of friends down there, Id be able to get a job (I think anyways?) and Id be saving money splitting costs with him. The only thing holding me back is Katie. She is so much a part of my life, she means the entire world to me, I just dont think I could leave her. It breaks my heart to even think about it. I really dont know what to do. But if I keep things the way that they are, Im just gonna get swallowed up by more and more debt, instead of getting rid of it. Meh, I dunno, but Ive been thinking about it. Not sure if anything will ever happen.

Anyways, gonna play some poker, watch some poker, and then get some sleep.

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Breath [22 Jun 2007|07:57am]
[ mood | calm ]

You take the breath right out of me.
You left a hole where my heart should be.
You got to fight just to make it through,
'cause I will be the death of you.

That song is in my head right now, really kinda like it

Anyways, I just finished playing some 6 seater free Sit n Go and won 5 whole cents! lol There is this crappy poker site I signed up for to be able to play in some tournaments with this group Im involved with. But I dont have any money in the site and so yesterday I tried one of the free SNGs and came in first and won 5 cents, and just did it again this morning lol. Yeah its dumb, 5 cents, big whoop, but hey if I do it every morning, and it only takes like half an hour, I can be at a dollar in no time lol Then invest that into some cheap tourney and make more. It fills my need to play poker and I dont risk anything. Havent been playing much lately, just a few dollars here and there. Trying to build my PKR bankroll back up.

Took Ty for a walk today, and I decided that since it was daylight, Id take him to the park and walk him around down by the creek n stuff till he crapped, then go for a walk. But damn, we were there for so long and nothing! I mean when we go for walks down peoples streets he always goes within 5 minutes, so I ended up giving up and taking him home. I mean we did walk around the park and the area that 'used' to be the baseball diamond. So we 'did' technically walk. I cross the bridge and wanted to go by the tracks and just relive some memories, but you cant even get over there anymore. I mean that was where we went, like everyday. And now, its just nothing, you cant even access it anymore. Kinda sad...

I havent had a phone for the past few days. Im not really sure what happened, but I was checking my messages and then all of a sudden the numbers on the phone wouldnt work. I hung up and the dial tone would go away after 5 seconds and the recorded message telling me to hang up came on. I figured something was wrong with the phone company and went to bed and figured itd be fixed later. Well it wasnt, so I went around the house plugging and unplugging everything in every jack, and nothing fixed it. So I thought maybe it was the phone? Apparently there is something wrong with my phone, have no idea what, but when I plugged in the base of a speakerphone it worked. So thats really all I have now, a speaker phone. No call display even! Sucks! So I need to go out someday soon and invest in new batteries for my cordless phones. Who knows when that will be. My next day off is Saturday, but Im hoping to call in and pick up a shift, and then my next day off will be Tuesday. At least my next paycheque should be nice, for a change. Cant wait until Im friggen fulltime!

Dawson's Creek had its last episode last week, and like the loser that I am, I cried. And I told myself that when it started playing again on Monday, I wouldnt start watching it again, but of course I did. I have a problem! So now its like 4 episodes in and Im hooked again. I wish I wasnt, cause then I could be going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, etc. Oh, and I found a solution to my Night Heat problem, since that was my 10am show, after Dawsons Creek and Ive seen all those episodes. "You Bet Your Ass" is on at 10am on the comedy channel and that is one funny, stupid, gameshow lol Been watching it for the past few weeks, I cant belive Ive just discovered it now. I remember seeing it on the TV Guide channel all the time, but never knew what it was lol. And after that, Everybody Loves Raymond is on, which I never really watched and holy hell, I LOVE that show. I seriously, honestly, 100% of the time, laugh out loud at least twice every episode. I cant believe how damn funny it is.

Ok, gonna wash my face and watch some Poker After Dark. Its heads up with Brad Booth and Patrick Antonius. Patrick is beautiful! But I still love Ivey and Hansen the most lol

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poop [19 Jun 2007|07:48am]
ARG, how come EVERY single person I ask, is PRO-pickupyourdogscrap??? Am I really the only one who thinks this is absolutely absurd?? People, picking up POOP? And not only that, but walking around carrying it in a bag?!?!? I mean no one cares about all the other animals out in the world crapping everywhere!

So Ive been continuing my walks with Ty every morning after work, and I like taking him after an A shift, cause its still kinda dark at 5am. So if he craps, who cares, no ones gonna see, they are sleeping, and its dark out. But today I was an L shift, and there we were walking around at 7am and finally, today, I got my first yelling. We went up a side street and he decides to go on the grass by a pole on the other side of the sidewalk, not on some guys lawn. Then 2 minutes later, he goes again. Then as were walking, I here someone yell 'hey', I turn around and see a man at his door in his housecoat with a cup of coffee yell, 'you better pick that up'. I turn around and keep walking, and then he yells 'where do you live???'. Like what the hell? was he gonna pick it up and put it on my lawn or something?

Yeah so needless to say, we wont be going down that street again. And really, I dunno what Im gonna do when I work an L shift. Cause I know Im gonna run into this again, and really I dont want to.

Ok, I thought I had more to say when I sat to write this, but apparently not
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A good feeling.... [07 Jun 2007|06:44am]
So today was Sh's 22nd birthday. A bunch of us went to what used to be Tuckers, but is now a crappy restaurant with no pitchers of choc milk, no awesome cheesecake, and no pasta/stirfry station. Afterwards we went to the new theatres by WalMart and saw Knocked Up, it was damn funny. Katie was being a bit of a snotface on the way home so I kinda just dropped her off and went home and didnt walk Ty, but ya know what, I just decided, Im gonna go there right after I finish this and take him for a walk. I kinda feel really good right now.

I havent been playing much poker lately. Havent played much online since the whole Neteller and Firepay issues. Which I think made me play bad. Playing with the fear of losing is not the way to play, and makes you lose, which is what was happening to me. The money I had left in PKR kept decreasing and decreasing, and I was just getting less and less motivated to play. Once in a while Id load it up and try my luck in a cheap sit n go, and really that is where its at. Playing a bunch of 6 seater Sit n Go's is a great way to build your bankroll back up. I won a few cheap ones, which was nice for a change. I hadnt been having much luck in the cash games lately, and Omaha there has turned crazy! I just played in a $3 tournament for the past 3 hrs, and came in 2nd place for $50. I played so good in that tournament, it was awesome. I was chip leader for the entire last hour of the game. Once it was heads up I had the guy all in with a pair of 3's vs my pair of 6's, but on the river he hit 2 pair. Then next I get back to even in chips with him, and I have K3 suited, I go all in, he calls with Q4, and Im leading the whole way, until, a 4 comes on the river, game over. But 2nd place is still very good out of 103. And live poker, havent played that in forever. Jamie stopped hosting poker over a month ago and I really miss it. I miss hanging out with all the boys, it was good times. And since there is no poker anymore, I dont even go down there anymore. A couple of times I went in the middle of the night to the casino to play some poker, and it felt weird being there, but not seeing any of the guys.

Well I guess thats all, just felt like writing about this positive increase in my bankroll, maybe Ill continue to do better now. Anyways, gonna head out and walk Ty...
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Such a slacker [04 Jun 2007|10:15am]
[ mood | blank ]

So obviously I havent updated in forever, but thats normal. Im just lazy and finally today I figured Id spend the 5 minutes and actually do it. Even though there isnt much to say. I just checked out my journal and last update was late April, and my image map at the top of the screen wasnt there. Not even the links, but I dont have the patience to deal with that right now.

Ive been going to mom's every morning after work for the past few weeks. Taking Ty for a walk. Because really I do nothing all day, every day. I mean I stand in one spot all night at work, and then at home, I sit at the computer or I lay down in bed. So I decided I needed some sort of damn physical activity in my life. Hence, the walks with Ty. I even take him in the rain, like today. The only part I dont like, is when he craps! I like taking him when its still a bit dark, so if he does crap on someones lawn, no one is gonna see, nor should they be awake TO see. I mean, there is no way Im picking up his poo, that is just stupid. I refuse! Whoever came up with that moronic idea is messed up! It is just absurd seeing people with a leash in one hand, and a bag with poo in it, in the other! So when he craps, I always hope no ones looking, cause I am not up for a damn confrontation!

Oh and no WSOP for me. I did very well in the tournament, played my hand perfectly, but got unlucky. Had JJ, person to my right raised 4x I called, everyone else folds. Heads up to the flop. flop comes 345 rainbow. My Jacks should be golden. She checks, and I go all in, because the pot was huge, and my all in was only half the size of the pot. She sits and thinks, the timer is almost running out, I figured shed fold and Id be happy with that. She calls, almost all her chips, with AQ off suit. And......a Queen comes on the river :( so that was the end of that. I didnt even play in the Omaha WSOP tourny, cause honestly I havent been playing it long enough to enter a World Series game. Sure I love it and I do pretty well, but only in low limit. Never really played it in a tournament style.

Ok thats enough of an update, if there is anything else to mention, its not that important and Ill do it some other time.

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MMM...meatloaf [20 Apr 2007|09:43am]
[ mood | hungry ]

So I actually put myself to bed early this morning, but then while I was laying there I remembered that I had some beef in the fridge dated today. So I had to haul my ass outta bed and whip up some meatloaf. So now Im just killing time while it cooks. Only 20 more min to go...

Work has been good, Im still enjoying it. I only need to learn 4 card poker, and then I can go on to become a Dealer 2. The most recent game I learned was the Table Texas Hold em Game, which I love! At first it was awkward cause they were trying to make me deal it right handed, but I looked like a retard. So the other night Nick and I went to Rama and played, and I watched how a lefthanded dealer did it. So everything is good. I was actually 'told' the deck has to stay in the left hand (i have it in the right) but Ive been 'sneakily' doing it my way and none of the soups have either noticed; or cared. So hopefully I can continue to get away with this. I sure as hell am not gonna point it out to them though.

Its officially daytime when I drive home from work after an L shift now. I walked outside today just after 6am, and the sun was already starting to come up. By the time I pulled in my driveway it was sunny. So that sucks! Apparently its supposed to be over 20 degrees today! And I shall miss it all, cause I will be sleeping.

PKR is having World Series of Poker tournaments to win seats to the WSOP. There are 5 diff events. Im going to play in the Omaha and the Ladies one. It would be so cool if I actually won a seat! And flew to Vegas and actually played! It would be a huge waste of time though cause I would be SO damn intimidated by all of those people. Id only have half a chance if I was super super lucky or something lol.
Oh, and I officially have to get cheques now from PKR. Someone seriously needs to invent a Canadian-friendly Neteller-like thing SOON! Cause this sucks!

My eyes are still burning from when I chopped the damn onion for my meatloaf, and that was almost an hour ago! I should prob start to make the mashed potatoes now though, cause the meatloaf will be done soon. Not sure if there was anything else I had planned on writing in here, but whatever. Nothing major happens in my life anyways.

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Such a bore.... [01 Apr 2007|01:19pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So my life.....its absolutely boring

The highlight of my life is having lunch with Katie. And in order for me to even do that, I have to ruin my sleeping pattern. So hence, I have no sleeping pattern.

Now that Im recording Dawson's Creek and Im not as massively addicted to it as I was, I should be able to go to sleep earlier now. And Im not in love with PKR as much either. Been in a kind of slump lately I guess. So I should FORCE myself to be in bed no later than 11am, every day. Then, I can hopefully keep cutting back and get myself into a nice routine I was in when I first started this job.

My days are just a haze, I never know when one ends and another begins. I sleep too much and I never go outside. Tons of people work this type of shift and still have a life, so I need to change this. Or else Im going to go crazy.

Im cooking some fish n chips right now and then Im going to go to bed. Which means hopefully Ill be asleep by 3pm and Ill get a few hours of sleep before work. Who knows.

Oh yeah, friggen Neteller and Firepay have decided not to allow Canadians to participate in online gambling anymore which is awful! I have no way of moving my money from PKR or Full Tilt back into my bank. Im looking into Click2Pay, Ive emailed them, but I still havent heard back. So Im on the look for some new place.

Only exciting thing in my life right now is that I am the Ultimate Tetris Champ in an online arcade. My score is SO unbeatable, its sick. Whats even more sick, is that is the most exciting thing I have to write in here.

My life is a bore...

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