it was .o.n.l.y. a k.i.s.s how did it e n d up like this?

November's Saddest Rain
17 November
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i miss you. i miss you
and i miss you
i need you. i need you
and i need you more
can see you. i see you
can i see you more?

listen to my bleeding heartbeat and
understand how sad i am right now

my heart held, in
the palm of your hand

my secret is fatally gorgeous
i'd die for you
but in this bonnie and
clyde kind of romance

why don't you open up your eyes,
take a deep look inside your heart,
mine hurts because you walked away..

for all of this
i'm better off without you

1.25.89 never forgotten

And So My Excuse Is You...♥
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