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 i am honestly... so fucking done with live journal.
and, actually, im pretty fed up with people talking shit about me..
on OTHER PEOPLE'S live journals.
so you know what? fuck this<3.

love yous.

my fairytale ending


"In the not-too-distant future, on a desert island, there was a beautiful young girl who lived with her circus clown and two tone deaf singers.

The beautiful young girl dreamed of going to New York City, and owning a skateboard, but her circus clown was always stealing her pancakes, making these dreams seem darn near impossible to achieve. Plus her two tone deaf singers had eyes that could fall in love. Tough life.

Across town, there lived a dashing young man. He was tall and sleepy, and he too hoped to go to New York City and own a skateboard - how coincidental is that?!

The bummer part: the dashing young man felt trapped by his parents' dreams for him. They wanted him to stay home and make a big sandwich! The thought of this made the dashing young man want to sleep.

Well, long story short: these two met at a taco stand in Paris, fell in love and helped each other overcome all obstacles. The beautiful young girl got her pancakes back from her circus clown and two tone deaf singers. Inspired by that, the dashing young man stood up for himself, too.

The very next year, ready to fulfill their dreams at last, the beautiful young girl and the dashing young man climbed aboard a skateboard and headed for New York City.

And yes... they lived happily ever after!"



hahahhah. sounds like me and patty pants :*
just kidding. =]







"and im like Pat.. 'THATS A BIG DOG!'"
"it looked different then his because it had ...."
^Aahhhh! we're so horrible!! :x

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each and everyday,
i somehow find away to think of you again.
but in the back of my mind,
i know i waste my time.
cause yeah im thinking of you again.
its something in my dreams,
i never knew just what it meant to you.
its something in my life,
i just never knew what to do.

i wish there was a day you would come back my way, 
cause i'd wonder what id say,
and in the back of my mind
i know i'd waste my time
cause im thinking of you again..

something in the way with the words you say,
it makes me think of you again.
each and every night,
i wanna hold you tight.
cause im thinkin of you again..
its something in my dream,
i never know just what it means to you .
its something in my life,
i just never wondered why.
cause im thinkin of you again.



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