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i hate you so
much right NOW

26 Feb 2006|08:24am
so yeah i havent updated in ages....

lets see whats going on

well im back with tony have been since december. uhm im at his house right now hes sleeping and so is paul and amanda *tonys brother and his girlfriend**

im the only one awake im fucking bored out of my fucking mind so i decided to get on the computer.
uhm lets see i still work at the same place
still driving a honda civic i guess nothing really else has changed.

guess thats it

16 Nov 2005|01:32pm
ok so i know its been a while, let me all update you on the amazing life of angie

me and elaina are still friends
me and tony broke up still talk though alot and still go out

ive gotten really into DDR yes ive become a freak
while playing ddr i met a guy his names albert -=x

albert and i are now dating eeh yeah :)

uhm whatelse

elainas birthday is comming up and yet we have not got together to plan her party which i think we need to do asap type shit

i really have no idea what else to update about
i still have the same job still drive the civic
still live at home and damons doing good
hes in prek now and going to school mon-fri

guess ill just post some pictures

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and introducint alberts ass -=x

Image hosted by

02 Sep 2005|09:48pm
ok ok yeah i know angie is going to over react again yet again right

ok so yeah im ranting i just really dont understand myself
maybe its all the walking i did tonight seems like the faster i walk or the faster i run the more clearly my brain becomes. so today i ran 2 hours and walked another hour and not to mention sat at ft armstead a while when i got off just starring at the water

i really like this guy
i just really dont i dont know get anything from it
like i like him
but im not even sure not even a little bit he likes me remotly in return except he says it
i dont know it just kind of feels empty like theres nothing there to back it up if that makes any sense im so about to take a walk again... so yeah
when we first started talking i mean he would do nice stuff like call me every so often i mean even threw a hissy kinda when i couldnt talk cus i was eating now i kind of feel like im invading his space. he doesnt answer my calls or let alone really call me back now its like the more days go by the less i actually talk to him by the way im typing this sounds like ive been talking to him for months and in reality its only been about 2 weeks. but yeah so i feel kinda neglected what happen to the calls and the nice words? i dont know did i suddenly not become good enough or something? so yeah his like ex i guess is leaving messages everywhere so that pisses me off too not to mention i got really jealous over some dumb comment he left this half naked dumdalk chick on myspace i mean do i really have the right to be jealous?... i guess its just me. i gues sim just diffrent i hold relationships very high dont flirt with other people i guess im just an odd duck... i really dont even know why i should really care. i mean its really nothing weve been dating since what monday? i mean god wtf is wrong with me i like so jumped into this really fast and now my heads like swimming i kind of also feel like i forced him into the relationship eh nothing i can really do about it now so i wrote him this email and told him like all this shit

ic ant even belive i did that normaly i would just delete him from everything and block him from everywhere. but i dont even know this is so odd
i just really am over reacting and i know this but i cant control it im like all down and shit god damnit...
i need some booze

how the hell is tony going to tell me my problem is because my mom left me?
i mean fucking come on i was a kid yes i rememebr that shit but i doubt it thats my issue i dont fucking know i just know it needs to stop
i fuck everything everytime. bah

22 Aug 2005|11:08am
ok so i havent updated in a long ass while

well lets start

uhm elaina and i are good friends again
i wouldnt say the best of friends but its diffrent then before. were not fighting at all not even over guys like omg ha. sorry vally moment heh

so lets see me nad tony are done we broke up i went to warped tour alone
ran into jay (spin0ut) jay, kit, and nick, ran into ricky sixto dude sixto is so cute heh

so then yesterday i ran into sixto again and kinda just goofed off he pulled out his cell lik ehe was gonna ask for my number and i was like yeah my car can beat your car and got in lol playing games with him is fun heh

so yeah yesterday i spent 5 fcking hours
5 hours on the phone with this guy mike and tori
hes cool ijust dont know somethings odd.

hes young hes 18 eek yes i know phill sitation stikes again
lets see he doesnt drive
he works at fast food
has a 2 yearold
and but he goes to school so he doesnt have time to get a good job cus he doesnt get out of school till 7:30 so yeah

i dont know well see


i dont know what else to put
except i met senses fail
fallout boy
hawthrone heights

all at warped tour
ran into peter from over it
hes such a dollface
they drew me up a poster
took me to meet senses fail
and then they packed up and left

hahahahah oh yeah
martin my ex
his shitty ass band uptownstomp played warped i laughed so fucking hard
i just stood there and laughed at his bitch ass
hahahaha ok
yeah time to go to work

wooof uckin hoo not
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Catch27 04 Jul 2005|01:09pm
The new myspace..

its called catch27

basically what this site is all about
its a human trading card game
where you win shit

and by winning shit i mean you really win it
they mail it to you
you pay nothing

you can choose to pay for things on the site
like wax packs - which are a pack of 3 friends for 99cent

or do as i do and not pay anything

ok so heres about the site

its a human trading card game
you trade your friends for better ones
make a pack of 27 cards

ie: 27 girls standing by water
but put a cleaver title like 27 girls begging to be wet

and presto submit your pack and you can win all kinds of stuff

this is the stuff ive won so far

an ipod shuffle
bottle of skyy vodka
pure shot one time use camcorder
the story of o
pop beauty glitter stix

yes i won thoes things
heres proof
my lovely free ipod
and my big ass bottle of skyy

(just go there click join perfectly flaweds pack)

so dont delay join today hah

really if you have any questions or anything
just im me - beautifulytoxic on aim
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17 Jun 2005|11:37pm
I'm soooI'm Jamin to crushed

im so confused

ok so yeah im still with tony

we broke up but then got back together
cus he never showed any type of emotion
now he is

but now he keeps like disapearing

like lastnight he never got online i called a buncha times he never answerd
he said he got none of my calls. and that he was over his friends house playing video games

i told him i had this dream that he was cheating on me
and he kinda like blew it off

every dream ive ever had of a guy cheating on me
they always are
so like i dont know what to think to trust my gutt or what

so like yeah tonight he said he got off work at 9
well i called his cell at like 8:30 he didnt answer i called his work at like 9:45 and they said he left early
so i was like erhm ok........

so i come home and theres an away mesg

"Went to wash the car and take a friend grocery shoppin be back a little later"

dude its fucking 11:40 at night where the fuck is he washing his car let alone going grocery shopping

i dont know why i haev this really unsettling feeling he is cheating on me
i really dont want to say anything and get him pissed off at me
i really dont know waht the fuck to do

i really dont

im so sad :(

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03 Jun 2005|11:37pm
I'm soooI'm Jamin to annoyed

so ok i moved.

my rooms fucking teeny tiny
but whatever

me and tony are good

pulled a double today
gotta pull a double tomorrow

bed time heh

My secret is fatally gorgeous,I'd die for you,
But in this Bonnie-and-Clyde kind of romance,
Tell me what would you do?
My secret is fatally gorgeous, I'd die for you,
And when your precious life is at stake, tell me,
Would you die for me too?

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28 May 2005|10:17pm
ok so a few things.

im moving tomorrow
so i wont be on for a while

also take alook at this layout i did for this girl ash
and let me know what you think


leave comments bitchs
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2 fucking great 27 May 2005|08:10pm
this shit is too fucking great hahahaha

What You Really Think Of Your Friends

Tony is your soulmate.
You truly love Tony.
You consider Drew your true friend.
You know that Christy is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Josh for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Lisa is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Tony is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Cori is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Cori changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Drew is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Drew has a hidden internet romance.

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FREE IPODDDDD 25 May 2005|11:04am

i just won a mother fucking ipod

You fabulous specimen of Genius!
You’ve pulled off the impossible!

You won an iPOD SHUFFLE for your awesome

Yes, dude, the Catch27 Prize Committee
actually sobered up long enough to bestow
a prize on your lucky ass.

Send your mailing address and phone
number to me, Jan, Catch27's Field Director.

I've been busy shopping for your amazing
award, and I'm dying to send it to you.

Congratulations once again!

Field Director,

for that site catch27

i just won an ipod
i just won an ipod
la la la la
i just won an ipod
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25 May 2005|01:36am
so yeah i redid my journal

and then tony gets on
hes been in like this pissy ass mood
cus somethings not working right with his computer

but i mean god i sit here all day just waiting to talk to him
to have him yell about his comp
then go to bed
didnt even say goodnight nothing
just said im going to bed
that was that

i mean god
wtf did i do
its not like i went through his screen
and broke it


i had a bad day
all i wanted
was to talk to him

oh im sorry
we dont talk




its kind of sad when you talk
to your ex more then you talk to your bf

its even sadder
when your ex and his gf
call you more then your bf does

i really think i need to extend my arm
and smack the shit out of him

plain and simple.

any sugestions on what to do
i dont want to break up

but talking about it just makeme look like im stupid.

so yeah


24 May 2005|04:22pm
I'm soooI'm Jamin to anxious

ok so yeah today i orderd a sub like always

said no green peppers like always

well theyput them on anyway and being tired and dumb
i didnt notice and tooka big ol bite

now im itchin my head off and starting to get hives
i hate being alergic to green peppers its so dumb

but yeah i had to set the mods today

long day

i think im going to redo my journal
im bored.. soo yea


yesterday 23 May 2005|11:06am
I'm soooI'm Jamin to in lovers

Ok so yesterday. like yeah i was online talkin to drew and i was like hey
go to work with me today
hes like alright

so drew came to work with me from 12-5
we got free lunch from this guy
whos dog ate his glasses
and i repaired them so he didnt have to buy a new pair
he was like shweet
and gave me a 20$ so yeah
fredrick the stupid moron i work with
doesnt know how to do anything
he left me ev erything to do yesterday
that he was suposed to do saturday night

great right?

so fuck him

not the point
so yeah anyway
fucking i gotall pissed

ate my lunch was damn good too
mmhmmm yummie

then me and drew proceeded to leave
we went and bought some big glasses
hung outside with reese for like 20 mins
i took like 1000 pics of reese lol he got so mad

tehn we went and got cori

so me cori and drew
went to thepark

goofed off



then we went to the apartment
seen josh

hes the only one living there now
so we bailed out

and took cori home
took drew home
and i came home
and talked to tony for abit
tehn hit the fuckin sack so fuckin early

i got up 3:44 this morning thinkin it was like 12

it was funny

btw i fucking love you.. assface


17 May 2005|08:57am
everyone join this site
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15 May 2005|12:48pm
hfstival was fun had a blast
im pretty sure this will be my last year
who knows though

most rememberd moments

the starwars guy

me throwing some guys hat to the back of the crowd

tony almost getting into a fighting with some dumb bitch

cori humping me and 0239205209 million guys takin pics

3 way kiss baby

being upstage w/ pepper gettin a shirt n some stickers

after hfs was said and done
we left went to the hotel
had me some best sex ever in alife time type deal
watched some adult swim
and passed the fuck out

ill upload the pictures later
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09 May 2005|10:53pm

i am a compleate spazz

your right christy

i am just spazzin over nothing i dont know
im weird
and i spazz easliy.

he has changed his myspace lol and i didnt even know it.
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Things a boyfriend should do 09 May 2005|10:41pm
I'm soooI'm Jamin to confused

what a boyfriend should do

tell her you think she's cool
& tell her why you think she's so cool.
smell her hair.
talk to her in movie theatres.
pick her up & pretend you're going to throw her in the river;
she'll scream & fight you, but secretly she'll love it.
hold her hand
& skip.
hold her hand
& run.
just hold her hand.
pick flowers from other peoples gardens
& give them to her.
tell her she's pretty.
let her pay if she wants to.
introduce her to your friends
as The Coolest girl you know.
sit in the park
& talk to her.
take her to the library.
tell her dirty jokes.
tell her happy stories.
tell her sad stories.
tell her your stories
tel her stupid jokes.
write poems about her.
just walk with her.
throw pebbles at her window.
when she starts swearing at you
...tell her you love her.
take her to show
of bands shes never heard of.
hold her hand in the mosh pit.
let her fall asleep in your arms.
call her.
call her back if she calls you.
sing to her,
no matter how bad you are.
carve your names into a tree.
get her mad,
then kiss her.
give her piggy-back rides.
go see her band play even if they really suck
& tell her they were great.
give her space if she needs it.
push her on swings.
stay up with her all night when she's sick.
make up pet names for her,
but cool ones, not sappy ones.
teach her guitar.
lend her your cds.
write on her.
write about her.
make her mixtapes.
write her letters.
take her to cool shops,
and let her take you to even cooler ones.
just hang out with her.
listen to all the bands she mentions.
don't tell her that her favorite bands suck.
when she's sad,
hang out with her
stay on the phone with her,
even if shes not saying anything.
buy her ice cream.
let her take all the photos of you she wants.
look into her eyes.
slow dance with her,
even if the music is fast.
tell her a secret.
kiss her in the rain.
trust her.
love her.
be yourself around her.
cherish her.
& when you fall in love with her
tell her.

ok so i know ive posted this i think before.. but yeah

i dont know dudes like i dont feel things are going good with me and tony
i dont feel he really likes me
when were in person its great
its amazing
but like when im here
and hes there
he doesnt talk to me
i have to get him to talk
its like he acts like he really doesnt care
and i hate it

i know i know

and like i look at his myspace or ftj
i know this is dumb
but it still says single

i dont know i dont feel i should need
to tell him to change it

like now i aske dhim what time he worked tomorrow
he said 9:30
and i said till?

10 mins later hes yet to say anything
we talk on the phone
well i talk he sits there and types

i like him i really do
and i dont know
i just want him to maybe
show me that he actually cares
i show him as may ways as possible
but its like
i get nothing in return


what do i do oh what to do

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The misadventures of angie 09 May 2005|10:59am
I'm soooI'm Jamin to hyper bitchh

Ok, yesterday was motheres day.. no one ever does anything for me on this day so im always forced to amuse myself.
yeah 4 whole people told me happy mothers day

my ex boyfriend josh (he even got me a card it was in my door when i got off work) samantha even signed it. his girlfriend my ex friend heh
some random guy on myspace
and my other friend tim aka jager from bangme

so i decided fuk you all
everyone else that is
nad went and had myself a good day
kept myself crazy at work nice and hyper

so i get off work
was going to see my bf
but i wasnt sure what time he got off
or let alone which store he worked at

so i picked up cori

and now here comes the missadventures

we went and washed my car had fun we were both wet lol
sprayin each other
ran into rodney said hey
went to marley station

said hi to her soon to be new bf haha anthony you sux shes gonna leave you
we sat outside in the parking lot took some pics
btw my car is still not clean all the way we didnt wash it good enough
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08 May 2005|11:15am
ok so last night was jenns party we were all suposed to go to dinner then to the strip club

well were sitting at the table me tony kay and tiff

and no one shows up

so we said fuk it and went and seen hitchhikers guide to the galxey thats a funny movie its good

tony is bad
he rubbin on stuff
im the theater
i was about to jump in his lap
and rape him haha

so i did thatlater when we got back here

yes ang finally got some butt
its been since feb5th

and it was sooooooo goooooood too
wow.. just unbelieavebly wow so good

so yeah

tony is awsome <3 hah
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05 May 2005|09:25pm
ok ok

so tony came over today...
met my kid for the first time
he says damons crazy lol

so yeah we hung out bullshitted

tehn went to friendlys
ate me damon and tony

then took damon to the park
then came back here

watched some anime

and he just left

i miss him already

i swear he is jsut like me
except for with male body parts
we are identical

which is pretty cool
its kind of sad also
cus i know what hes gonna do
before he does it
we think and act exactly the same
he is my compleate other half
im tellin ya...

so yeah hes so hot
i cant wait to do him


anywho ppl have been asking for pictures
heres a few i took of him the other night
from his webcam heh

keep in mind hes 100 times better looking in person

hes mine
so back off
yes thats right he <3s me
hes so great

so yeah hes like so great he says stuff
to make me smile like today
i was sitting on his lap
and hes all like ha ve i told you today
how much i like you

i mean come on how can someone resit some comments like that

kinda scary though sometimes i think
hes a little to good to be true
i told him that and hes like
what do you want me to be a asshole
liek the other guys youve been with

so i guess..
i dont know

hes just erh
with a peter.
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