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Dear Royal Post. I was home this morning and you had a package to deliver. Instead of knocking or ringing the door bell, you decided to slip a piece of paper through my door saying that aforementioned package was not big enough to slip through my letter box. Now this has me thinking. Why would you be carrying around a package you knew you could not deliver, and why would you waste your time filling out a slip rather than lifting your finger and pressing my door buzzer? I live on the ground floor and my door opens out onto the street. Really it would not have been an inconvenience. The true inconvenience is that I now have to wait 48 hours as told by your slip before coming to pick up my package in person, figure out a way to strap it to my bike that has no luggage rack, and lug it home. But as if that weren't enough, you've also specified three post offices that I am to go to collect my package from. Surely you haven't opened and redistributed my 250 business cards into some kind of cruel scavenger hunt, so why have you done this?

I think I may have to break up with you.

No love,
Adrianna Veal

On an unrelated note, I took my bike out on the open road today for the first time ever. And then the chain came off. Not knowing how to fix it myself, and my house mate being practically useless, I walked it to my closest bike shop. They laughed the second they saw my bike, laughed while slipping the chain back on (apparently my bike has a complicated gear thing so I couldn't have done it myself), and laughed on my way out. Not because I'm stupid and couldn't fix the chain, but because I have an old rusty Challenger that I bought yesterday at the market for 45 pounds knowing full well that it probably wasn't worth that much and most likely stolen (though it carries no registration number so idk for sure).

Having no helmet for my journey to school the next day, and it being too late to get one at the store, I opted to wear my brother's old helmet that is well past it's finest days. It's too small for me, and has a crack so it was basically useless, but some helmet is better than none when you're competing for pavement with buses and cab drivers who are less than pedal friendly.

After dealing with the biggest asshole bike people ever, I was supposed to meet my friend Lucia outside her apartment so we could bike to school together. I've never done it before and so I didn't know the right way to go. I say 'was' because when it came to turning right into oncoming traffic I panicked and kept going straight, following a cyclist in front of me and hoping that he would eventually turn right so I could follow him and learn how to do it. Now, I know it sounds stupid, and you're probably sitting there thinking "who doesn't know how to turn right? Couldn't you have used a crosswalk?" And I say "Yes, I could have... if a bus didn't try to kill me first." I also chalk my turning failure to the fact that I have never driven in England in my 6 years of living here, and I know about as much about the road rules as I would about quantum physics. Yes, I've taken the bus, but I've also seen Quantum Leap. It doesn't mean I know anything about either subject.

Suffice to say, I eventually found my way to school, taking what was probably the longest possible journey, and chained my new beast to a light pole alongside the dozens of other bikes lining Back Hill. One pitching workshop and a quick bite at Eat, and we were off to the National Portrait Gallery to see an exhibition on traditional Indian (actual Indian, not American Native) portraiture through the ages. Now, I've never been big on Indian art, something about the lines makes me irrationally reject it, but some bits were actually pretty impressive. I have to give a shout out to the detail work involved in some of these paintings. I imagine the brushes used couldn't have held more than three pieces of hair and that's pushing it. After that, out little group of four wandered to the National Gallery but the show there required money and so we split into two groups. The ones whose student load just came though, and the Americans who didn't give a shit.

So for about an hour (they were determined to get their money's worth) Elisa and I lay outside in Trafalgar Square and watch the worst street performers I've ever seen. Short of the laughable excuses in Amsterdam that is. There was some dance group that really honestly couldn't dance, and a home made Mickey Mouse. It turned out that the Mickey was actually a rather creepy Italian man who couldn't speak English and had some kind of street performer pimp/keeper keeping watch near by.

After watching that for a while, we all split ways and I made the journey home, stopping to pick up a new helmet and some bike lights before going to the gym. Funnily enough, I started chatting to another biker and it turns out she's best friends with the woman who owns the bike shop that was so horrible to me and he's going to be written up in the index of the London bike community thing as a complete dick. Turns out he already had a strike against him, so there's strike two sir. I hope you get what's coming.

So here it sit, the exhausted owner of a rusty purple mountain bike, talking to the internet and looking up how to actually take care of my new mode of transportation. I confess that I'm completely torn. I don't know if I should try to move on to another bike before buying all the things I need like a luggage rack and basket, or try to fix it with my friends who happen to know a thing or two about the subject and have saved more than a few hopeless cases. Elisa took a look and reckons it's not actually as bad as I think so there might be a shot. Clearly more thought and a good de-rusting is needed.
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Entry 407 - In which Adrianna has a social life

…and gets very drunk.

So last night was probably one of the fullest days of my life. It was full of glamour and high life and things that I am so so not used to.

It started out easy enough, I slept in and spent most of the morning building virtual reality goggles for a photo shoot with artist/director Ben Charles Edwards.

Picture of Collapse )

So we (Alex and I) finish it in the early afternoon and head over to Beach Blanket Babylon ( to do the shoot upstairs.

Aaaah I’m so excited to see how the pictures come out. I was the model, and it’s for his show that’s going up at the Moma ( in Russia. I think the theme is something along the lines of user interface with the internet, and how it gets dirty fast, and when is too much, too much? Or something like that.

I was wearing these friggin goggles the entire time and couldn’t see a damn thing, but it was hella fun. There’s also a chance that the picture could be put on the cover of a couple of pretty well known magazines (I:D & Dazed and Confused). So, fingers crossed for that!

Right, so I finish the shoot and go and meet my dad for dinner in Angel. He’s in town for the week on business and it’s been so nice to see him ;A; He’s seriously like the best dad ever. Baw, I guess I forget how much I really miss my family over here. I used to be I’d see him every month when he was over on business, but it’s been like 6 and it’s just really nice ;; ♥

After that, I took his suit case back to mine to hold it for him while he’s in Paris (I got to take a taxi home!! I never get to because I can’t afford it!) and got ready to head back to BBB for The Mad Hatter’s Ball. ( Now the only reason I was even invited to the party was because of Ben who is friends with the owner. It was really nice but omg these people are on another planet.

You know how in tv shows and shit, people will be out partying and there's always that one table in the back where all the wild shit happens? they yell the loudest and jump on the chairs and smoke inside and go apes hit crazy? and you think "jesus christ.... but they have the money to afford to be able".

It’s trashy as hell but you can't help but stare because they don't have to follow normal people behavior. That was the table I was at. Idk it's like i knew these people exist. I've seen MTV, but to actually like be there. Ffff. Puts your world in perspective. I mean no one taught these kids manners either. You do not dance on tables in a fancy restaurant, even if you are fucking the owner who happens to be old enough to be your father.

It’s a social circle I’ve always been vaguely aware of, but never a part of…

Now every so often I get to sit in and observe, and it’s awesome, but I don’t want to get into it much more than that. I’d rather stay at the civilized people’s table and drink expensive champaign with the owner and the people whom I actually like.

Now the party was like, a hat thing, but I don’t suit hats, so I went as Alice. It’s cheating kinda but whatever. They all called me Alice and a few people (nice but thick as hell) thought I worked there and was one of the 'characters' for the night to entertain guests because I guess I looked the part so much. /o/

I’ve got a quick shitty webcam shot Collapse )

But I won’t get the actual pictures from the party for a few days. They had a photo booth ( set up and Alex and I took some pictures! I’m so excited to see how they turned out. Seriously, go have a loot at their back drops, they’re fucking amazing.

Aha I had so much fun though. We stayed until the placed closed down and then headed upstairs into the private room to hang out for another hour or so. Ugh one of the bouncers totally hit on me… but it could have been worse I guess. And fuuuckies I got so so so drunk. I got home some how, a pour spout from a bottle of JD in my purse, and then I drunk skpyed Aly? But I was seriously fucked up I couldn’t see straight.

I remember getting a bagel.. And then camping out in my bathroom for a while (mixing drinks and bagels is bad apparently) and then pulled myself into the shower and then into bed. But, I feel fine today save for my back that I think I pulled somehow and I think I bruised my ass?
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21 Christina Aguilera icons from her music video "Fighter". I just reinstalled PS-CS3 and don't have any of my custom brushes, filters, or textures so they're basic. Use them, use them as bases, it's all good. Credit would be nice ♥

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PurplexHarlequin: Guys I've decided.. next round of dreams, I'm going to illustrate them instead
PurplexHarlequin: And everyone will dream in comic format
loisneachbalgair: I['ll hold you to that
PurplexHarlequin: Can I do it?
PurplexHarlequin: It's not like they'd be stick figures or something
loisneachbalgair: I want to see dynamic comic pirate porn
PurplexHarlequin: They'll all be like this
Nom Nom Azoth: lmf
loisneachbalgair: ...classy
PurplexHarlequin: not as classy as this one
loisneachbalgair: Tom's.
PurplexHarlequin: AHAHA YES
PurplexHarlequin: HOW DID YOU KNOW?!
loisneachbalgair: Alex + dick = Tom
PurplexHarlequin: Oh well that makes sense
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PurplexHarlequin: -brb writing romance novels-
whole mad season: c:
Nom Nom Azoth: lmf
PurplexHarlequin: -puts Alex on a pirate ship-
whole mad season: :-D
whole mad season: BUTTPIRATES?
Nom Nom Azoth: Claire is the busty maiden
PurplexHarlequin: -makes him cabin boy-
Nom Nom Azoth: with heaving breasts
PurplexHarlequin: and long free-flowing hair
Nom Nom Azoth: he is good at plundering booty
Nom Nom Azoth: but the only booty he wants is...hers
whole mad season: this ^
PurplexHarlequin: alas her bodice was torn apart by his greedy hands, husky voice dripping with need and lust
Nom Nom Azoth: She grabbed handfuls of his hair in her hand, clutching him to her before letting him go. She couldn't, it was forbidden. "We mustn't! The crew will know!"
Shikyou Daemon: fff.
PurplexHarlequin: "The crew be damned!" He spat back, pressing up against her. The captain's room was quiet. Private. Nothing like the storm on deck as they made their way towards India. No one would hear their cries of pleasure.
Nom Nom Azoth: She couldn't resist him, her heart melting as she stared deep into his passionate brown eyes. "Oh, Alex!" She gasped, a fire in her heart, and loins, thrusting her forward into his arms before she knew what she had done.
PurplexHarlequin: "Shh" He calmed her as he scooped her up in his powerful arms and carried her to the bed. He knew it was bad luck to let a woman on board, but the only lady to make this virgin voyage would be the ship. He would see to that himself.
whole mad season: i think it'd be hilarious if you actually submitted this as a dream :x

FML we're freaks