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Jessi's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Jessi's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, August 14th, 2001
11:54 am
Short O-Town review
Here's the O-Town review that I wrote that night after the concert. It's a short and to the point review.

On August 10th, 2001 O-Town were at the Richland County fair here in Ohio and I got to see them!! Wow, it was SUCH an amazing concert! The opening act was Marcus and then we had a 35-40 minute wait for O-Town, but it was all worth it!! They performed for about an hour and a half, and toward the end Trevor threw his over-shirt out into the audience (about ten people to my left - there were punches thrown for it!), and Erik threw his towel (? - couldn't see it) out. After the concert was unfortunately over, some people stayed around afterward and the security guards and O-Town's crew were throwing some various things off of the stage (glow sticks, TAPE!, towels, etc) and this one security guard threw a towel off (Im pretty sure it was Ashleys!) and I literally JUMPED in the air, on the "rail" (I was as far up as literally possible to the rail thing right in front of the stage) and I barely had the towel when this girl grabbed it out of my hands and I almost fell over the rail - very close to falling!! Grr! But then a few minutes later I yelled to this guy on the stage packing some things up and asked him if he'd get me something off of the stage, but he didn't say anything and walked away so I figured he'd just ignored me like basically everyone else I'd asked had. But then a couple minutes later he came out from behind the stage and attempted to throw a glow stick out, but all the fans pushed, screamed, and put their hands in the air, but he was like, 'No, no' and pointed to me and leaned down and handed it to me!! It was the same one someone had thrown onstage during the concert that Trevor had caught!!
And before the concert I met and got a picture with Dan's brother Adam! This was a GREAT night!!
11:52 am
Hanson: The Last Four Years of My Life
I wrote this on August 8th, 2001 so ignore the August 14th, 2001 journal entry.

Only 2 more days until the O-Town concert! I cant wait; its gonna be so fun. I kinda wish it was Hanson, but I really like O-Town too. Besides, my Hanson-y life is sort of fading away. Theyre not the people they were, Im not the person I was; things have changed. Hanson isnt the major part of my life anymore. But Isaac, Taylor, and Zac...theyre people I will never forget and will always want to thank for being my first favorite group ever, my first obsession... Id also like to thank them for not being an obsession anymore, for me growing up; they were there, unconciously maybe, but there through it all. And Id like to always remember them as the three long-haired brothers from nowhere USA, Oklahoma. The boys from the middle of nowhere, not the middle of everywhere, aka MOE. My Hanson fandom is coming to a close after more than four years, and no one realizes it more than I do. But Ill never forget Hanson, what they were to me in 1997, and what theyve come to be to me after all this time. Thank you, Hanson. Thank you, Ike, Tay, and Zac...Ill never forget you.
On a side note, I never thought Id stop being a fan. Its not that I dont like the music anymore, its that I dont like what Hanson has become. True it should mainly be about the music...and it is. I think Hansons music was so much better in 1997 and 1998, and I always will. Theyre amazing musicians and I know 110% for sure Ill always think that, but they were just better when they were younger. Its odd I know, but also true. The upbeats of songs such as Wheres the Love and MMMBop always got me rocking, and the love, slow songs such as I Will Come to You and With You In Your Dreams always warmed my heart. But thats not what Hanson is anymore. Today they sing about cheating on your spouse, lust, and sometimes even drugs. Also, the boys - who arent so much boys anymore, dont seem to be so down to earth anymore. They never, and I do mean never, flaunted their girlfriends in public, kissed in public, or anything. They didnt want the fans to be hurt and they knew then and they know now that them kissing their girlfriend in public would hurt the majority of the fan population. As a matter of fact, Im pretty sure now, more than ever, they really didnt have girlfriends in the earlier fame years. I always thought they were just saying that as to not hurt the fans, and maybe thats right, but maybe they just didnt want to feel like they were flauting their girlfriends around...like they do nowadays. And Im sure a lot of people have heard about Hanson ignoring their fans at public events, or Zac acting rude to fans... This upsets me more than anything. They never did this before either. My point is the music was better in the earlier years, and so were their attitudes. And no, it isnt that theyve grown up. Because you would think if that was the case theyd be even nicer to the fans and realize WE have made them the famous band Hanson, and WE have brought them all this money...they should be thanking us. But you know what? After all listed, I still want to thank Hanson. Maybe its the kids Hanson I want to thank and not the people theyve grown up to be, but I still love and want to thank them. And its clear that I will always feel this way.
Sunday, August 5th, 2001
6:36 pm
Hanson and their girlfriends..
Well I didn't really do much today. Basically just sat around the house, watched Scream 2, while the rest of the family was at Indian Lake. I was just on Hanson.net and saw the new infamous picture of Zac kissing his assumed girlfriend. I don't know if the picture is new or older but he's definitely kissing a girl; that's for sure! I'm not the least bit jealous, haha that would be so teeny and immature, I am so, so happy for Zac. But it's just really weird. I mean...wow. Seeing Zac Hanson, one of the three guys I've idolized for over four years, kissing some girl. Can't he do it in a non-public place? I wasn't there, but from what I'm told by several other Hanson fans, there were many fans around. But you know, it's their lives and I say go Zac!! Hehe, I'm happy he is/was happy with the girl. =) Like I said, I don't know if the picture is old or new. Isaac and Taylor have girlfriends now, for sure, I'm just not 100% sure about Zac. *Sigh* It feels like they're all flaunting their girlfriends, though I'm sure they just want to be around them and they're not intentionally flaunting them. But it's just, back in 1997 Taylor said for he AND his brothers that they didn't want to get involved with anyone because you tell that to a fan she's like 'Oh, bummer.' Also a reason was because the girl would see them about once a year. Well, their girlfriends go everywhere with them. Though the guys are four years older from when Taylor said that. *Sigh* It just hurts I guess.
I think that's all for now.
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