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update?! WHAT?!

so yeah, it's only been forever since I've updated. Ah well. Today was pretty good for the most part. School was..ok. After school was pretty awesome though. A friend of mine came up for Star Wars at VCC but before running off to the movie theatre, came and picked me up after school and we ran and grabbed some food and bummed around school for a bit until we both had to go our separate ways. =( Ah well...

Then the rehearsal...was absolute...hell. Honestly. The first rehearsal I had was for Amber's show, at the end of which I am brutally beat up...well people were like "Hey, lets 'stage kick' Maggie" and so they proceeded to attempt and do so...failing miserably. I was kicked in the lower back, theigh, shoulder blades and my bruised shoulder. I asked them to stop but most of them just complained that I was complaining about being kicked. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Just lay there and let you kick me?! No, I couldn't get out so I just kind of curled up and asked again for them to stop kicking me because they really were kicking me. People got uppity, I got pissed off and eventually they stopped and I walked away angry. Everything else went slowly but at least I wasn't physically abused..I did run into a podium, though. But it was ok. I got a ride home from Nishant and then I came into my room and started to write this pointless LJ entry.

I have a slight dilemma, but that's besides the point. If you want to know about that ask me personally.

***By the way; everyone come to the Theatre Senior Showcase...really. I wasn't kicked for nothing***

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