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You Think You Know [entries|friends|calendar]

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(lets flip again)

[03 Jan 2007|01:05pm]
i dont know what to do.

(lets flip again)

I love summer! [20 Jul 2006|10:16am]
[ mood | mellow ]

yeahh--- so i pretty much love my summer <33 except a few parts which i could of done with out.

yeahh guys are whores who have big fucking mouths.

i find it funny when people have the need to talk about... im a whore- a slut- ive change- im wild- im really freindly when im drunk [in the whore way] pretty sure im none of those.

i was at tori's yesterday i was looking at her phone pictures and i saw one of ashlei..it really bothered me... prob cause shes like friends with her and im not... or the fact i believe ashlei hates me.

i should acutally be getting ready right know consider i have 2 leave when idk-- im going with deanna to take cory to court.

arkansas was fun<3 i miss shandi.

the rain is really weird like it starts going really fast and then it stops. i love my life except a few parts -- and one major part....ive pretty much spent the most time with deanna this summer<3 it was funny i forgot who but they were just like dam are you guys always together...well deanna's picking me up around 11.

(lets flip again)

[21 Oct 2005|06:38am]
live journal is becoming extremely gay.

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[20 Nov 2004|12:22pm]
Friends Only. Comment&Add me 1st.

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