hey well ive been waitin for the UPS truk... for lyk 2 hours outside talkin to nicole n andrew... cuz i want the Evanescence dvd/cd... its hellarous.. wut nicole is telling me..but lyk ya... g2g..
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CaMe BaCk fRoM DiSnEy wOrLd

Howdy! well i jus came back from Disney World..i left on friday and came bac todai

-8:00-got in Disney
-Got Lost
-8:30-Got at resort-Contemporary
-8:45-arrived in room-room 5220
-room was HUGE!
-9:00-went on monorail- we sat with the driver dude...in the front
-it was totalli awesome
-the stops were-
Magic Kingdom
Grand Floridian
Ticket center
-9:30-got back at resort...looked around in shops
-bought candy
-sour candy thingys
-10:00 back in room
-took showers
-11:00-ate candy thingys
-watched phil of the future
-dad got confused about it
-was helarous.. dad was askin so much questions
-11:30-went to bed
-12:00-couldnt go to bed
-12:30 went to bed..again... n stayed sleepin

-6:05-Woke up
-got ready
-6:45-left for Chef Mickey's((breakfast place))
-it was a character thingy
-6:50-got there
-characters came by
-characters that came by-
Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Donald Duck
Chip & Dale
-Go0fy didnt come by cuz he had to stay in one place so we went to see him!!
-Go0fy n i started dancing..lmao
-it was so freakin funny
-7:30-went back to room
-7:45-went to the monorail
-to go to Magic Kingdom
-7:50-got at monorail
-7:55-got at Kingdom
-8:00-Kindgom opened
-8:30-we planned to go to the Haunted Mansion... but we didnt we went to Mickey's Phillar Magic..mickey's phillar magic was closed-it was broken
-went on peter pan's flight
-saw that It's A Small World was closed till sping 2005.... for referbishing.. lol
-went on Snow White's Scary Adventure...
-Finaly went on Haunted Mansion
-went on i dunno.. forgot.. too many rides
-tryed to go on Dumbo... line was to long.. n wait was 90 minutes:(
-went on people mover-tomarrowland transit athority
-wanted to go on Stitch's Great Escape... it was closed...
-all the rides we wanted to go on were lyk NEver they closed... but it wasnt a big prob... we still wnet on rides..
-1:30-wanted to make a crown... a store in the Contemporary..so my daddy n i went baak to hotel
-made crown
-ooo before that i bought a belle necklace
-2:00-got in room
-3:35-woke up
-4:00-went back to magic kingdom
-went to stitch's great escape..
-since we got fastpasses before we left we got in easi..
-went in the wating room...galatic federation teleportation center... wow.. thats a mouth full
-saw this girl with a Evanescence shirt..
-complimented her:)(lmao nicole)
-went on ride...it was ok
-wanted to go on alien encounter... for my first time..
- found out that stupid stitch's great escape took its place..
-got pissed
-went on mickey's phillar magic
-went on Pirates of the carribbean
-went on.. i dunno
-went on Railroad
-went on Go0fy's Barnstormer
-a mini rollercoaster
-went to mickey's hall of fame
-meet disney characters..
-"met" 3 disney princesses..
-belle, snow white, and cinderella
-went on main street
-got tinkerbell ballon
-went on monorail
-got at contemporary
-ate dinner..hamburger
-got in room
-watched bedtime stories... lol... Monsters INC. and Toy Story 2
-went to vending machine got drink
-watched Phil of the Future..LMAO
-went to toondisney
-xmen the cartoon was on..LMAO it was hellarous
-the cartoon guys were ugly
-flipped channels..watched Boy Meets World
-it was the ep.. where cory had to be hamilot..
-shawn was a dude witha a fat stomach
-cory told this utha spearcarrier dude to make ur part ur own part.. so the spearcarrier took his spear and poped shawns stomach
-was hellarous
-went to bed


-9:30-woke up
-got redy
-9:45-ate breakfast
-10:00 left
-12:00-woke up
-1:30-got home
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yay wow i havnt updated in 4ever. well 2day wuz 2 long. 2morro movies wooo! VALERIA 4 MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT N ME 4 BEST SMILE! WE NEED ALL THE SUPPORT WE CAN GET 2 BEAT THOSE FLAT ASS BRICKS! lmao brenda. i colored my hair purple with markers lmao im sucha loser n valeria nizzy were singing LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!i died when i heard that HAHA VALERIA I HAVE BLACK MAIL ON U! well im tired so im gonna write more 2morro

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ok well lyk i jus came back from Geogria.. welll yesterdai i did but came home late... well during the trip 10 outta 14 ppl tyed.. i had a mental breakdown, ppl got is fights..not naming eny one, leader deserted us for lyk 3o minutes, a drunk guy was hitting on us, these homeless dudes where freakin me out, got freaked out cuz i found out savannah is the most huanted place in the us.. n utha crap.. but lyk it was quite enjoyable.. but wasnt the best trip in the world.. n also on sunday night i got a fever.. n wen we went to this marracan restuant we saw lyk a 50 year old belly dancer.. n she was fat n lyk ur flubber was jiggling... n then we wanted to tip her for sum reason... i think jus to be nerds.. n then the onli way to tip her is to put the money in her skirt.. lyk a stripper... wow sarah nice comparison! BuT eNyWaYs.. my frend Merideth tiped her first n lyk my frend kelsie took a picture.. n then kelsei wasnted to tip her... so she did.. n we gotss a pic. to.. also i tiped her. but lyk it was kool n also we were teacher her how to bdely dance.. in a wierd accent.. firdt u bend the neese n rotate the hips.. sllowwly... long story.. n also merideth tought me diz cheer!! clap your hands(stomps feet) stomp ur feet(claps hand) retardnation can be beet(does the hand to chest thingy.. meed ur retarded) were number one where number one were number one(puts 2 fingers up instead of 1)peace!(puts one finger up) the world is round(makes a square with fingers) its complicated to xplain srry if ya didnt understand.. owell!
well todai
*Mourning- boring...

~ found out the ian j got punched by a wootang dude at the movies
~ saw nicole n luara n arielle n valeria
- valeria did CAMAFLAGE! lmao
*Period 1
~ found a us history bok for dummy's! book... it was mr. richards.. i new he was dumb!!
- he gave eyoorr 2 dententions
~ did vocab.. finished in 15 minutes
~ did prject... it was easy

*Period 2
~ learned bout fractions..booooooooring

*Period 3
~ had to do basketbal... got yelled at cuz arielle n i jus stood there talkin
~ at the end we were in lockdown for 15 minutes...
-cuz at winn dixie a dude stole beer
*Period 4

~ we had ms. lawrence.. her accent is funny



*Period 5

~ Got moved.
- cuz jenny sed i was annoyin.. thats wut matthew n sed.. i dunno.. but jenny is an asshole! she tthinks she is perfect n utha shyt! i jus hate her!
~ moved next to alyssa a. that aint bad

*Period 6

~ red book thingy
- Matthew hannah did the arnold sdgsadg accent!

*After skewll...

~ Played duck duck GOOSE~
~ went home
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Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
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How will you commit suicide?You will drown yourself
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Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?You will jump off of the nearest, highest building
How many tries will it take?10
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i probably tried 2 fly lmfaoo

(no subject)


remember vote no poop. ppl 4 nething lmao. well now im pist....i cant believe i gave stephen the pony yesterday lmfaoo. in research ms alonso played michael jackson cuz matt brought it in n its dead silent then he goes and yells out OW! lmfaoo. alllll day during school me valeria n laura were going on walls n were like CAMOFLAUGE! lmfaooooooooooooo. after school me n valeria layed down on the grass n were like camoflauge!!!! LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! it wuz so funny. n yesterday we sprayed shaving cream on stephen and lena lmfaooo. were such losers. well im pist now cuz my moms being a bitch so im gonna go

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