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me gary and the kids have moved into an apartment in burlington. it's quite large but still very cozy. i'm in the midst of decorating, and buying new furniture. the more i buy now and get out of the way, the less i have to buy when we buy/build our house. our lease is up in december, and while i miss having a house all to our own, i like the cheaper rent/utility bills and having more money to spend on things like furnishings and clothes and things for the boys and gary. we are probably doing too much frivolous spending, but we haven't had the opportunity to in about a year. next paycheck we are going to start setting back money in the bank account as a "padding".

money schmoney. it's just paper right?

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i can't bring myself to go to my classes, half of the time. you know, it's pretty much even worse than that. i think i've been to my chemistry class 4 times since this semester started. classes with no strict attendance policy give me no motivation. but then again, i hate when classes do have attendance policies. today i went into my sociology class early, and ended up leaving 15 minutes before the instructor arrived. i'm in the school library right now, and i've decided i'm just going to study for the test on thursday and work on my photo project that is due this thursday. i suppose as long as i do decent on the tests and projects, then i'll honestly be okay. that's really the only grade we have.

i will go to my chemistry class today, only because i'm not too sure exactly when the test is. i guess it will probably be thursday as well since fall break is next week. it's pretty much an overview of what i learned in highschool.

i'm hanging out with the eastgate crew on thursday night... THIRSTY THIRSDAY! i'm so excited. i haven't seen my girls in ages.
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everyone i know from highschool seems to be happy, for once. it took a while, but i'm glad to see that all of my friends/old friends have finally come to terms with the way things are and life is looking good. i'm truly happy for all of you.

as for me. i don't think i've ever been happier. i have an amazing boyfriend, i'm moving in two weeks into a brand new amazing house, i start school monday, i'm only 2 1/2 years away from getting my degree and being the best kindergarten teacher ever, i get to have mind-blowing sex at LEAST once a day, i don't have to work... although i'll probably get a waitressing job a couple days a week here soon just for MORE extra cash, and i just couldn't have a more amazing life.

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so i'm the only one staying late tonight. sort of sucks. but sort of not. i mean gary is going to work out then come up here and hang out with me for a little bit. but i think it's so unfair that my manager says another girl can leave but i have to stay. i suppose it's my chance to show that i do get a lot of work done in one day in the office. i guess everyone thinks i don't do anything.

sometimes i feel like just working my hardest, showing the big boss guy that i work harder than all these other office bitches... maybe i'll get a promotion soon. or at least get to keep my job. that's good enough for me.

* * *
so all weekend i've been super excited about moving. today i received an email from the guy renting out the house telling me we're SECOND in line to get the house and that he should have it settled by the end of the day. friday he told me gary and i pretty much got it that we could paint and redo the floors and everything.

maybe i'm getting upset over nothing... perhaps we will in fact get the house. but until he emails me or calls me, i'm going to be all bent out of shape.

there's another house i can call about over in the right school district for all three boys. but it's $150 more a month. it was going to be nice paying only $750 a month for rent.

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it kills me how much happens in between my journal entries on livejournal. i should probably start posting on here instead of xanga since it's SO MUCH COOLER.

just a rundown.

in the past 2 1/2 to 3 months i have:
- started a new and amazing job where i get to wear pretty much whatever i want, including flip flops.

- started hanging out with people from work, going out to the bar a little too much but having so much fun, none the less.

- broken up with josh and started dating gary, who is a service/production manager at the place i work. i've never felt such a mature, intense connections as i do with gary and i honestly think "he's the one." which let me tell you, is an amazing feeling. he is older than me by 13 years and has three children but i'm surprisingly very okay with it.

- moved back to my mom's then decided to move in with gary (why not, he pays my rent, right?). we're actually in the process of moving out of the place we're at now into a cute little house in independence. it's very country-esque and everything i want, minus one more bedroom.

- established a wonderful, faint summer tan that isn't too much or too little but portrays me as more of the southern belle that i am becoming.

- listened to more country music and even developed a slight twang, that you'll hear in every other word that comes out of my mouth.

- become good friends, and roomies, with an awesome hair dresser who does my hair and waxes my eyebrowns and gets me discounts on st. tropez rub-a-tan. honestly. greatest friend perks ever.

- talked to my best girl friend almost everyday for the past three months. even went to see a movie or two and hung out and shopped. it's a nice feeling having someone around that i can pretty much tell anything to.

i'm starting school at nku on august 21st. 15 hours this semester. i'm sticking with it. i'm so excited.
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it's like when all you were living for was love
and then all of sudden
you didn't even have that.
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