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Pleading Guilty

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
2:45 pm - This turned out to be a lot longer than i wanted it too... sorry but i hope you enjoy.
Praise God.
i went on my livejournal and my heart smiled. i went to check my friends entries to comment and 10 in a row... entries of people that want to know god..and want him to burn that fire of faith in their lives. God is good. i read the testimonies and wow. DAng. GOD is sooo good. i read other people's testimonies and see that God is so amazing, i look at my life and wow, so many problems i cant seem to deal with but still here i am... still happy... still living, loving, and in love with God. if he can do so much in my life and can still touch others and help with with their problems, focuse on their lives touch them, love them, listen to their needs and problems. Our God is an awsome God.
Has he ever turned his back on us? NEVER. Will he ever stop loving us? Never his love is eternal.
Who knows us better than Jesus himself? when he came to earth and died for us he was human. just like us. yet he resisted all tempation. When he died he had no faults he was perfect. his holy blood cleansed us. "while we were sinners christ died for us"
i was in church last sunday and we sang a song. "you lived to die, rejected and alone, like a rose trampled on the ground... you thought of me... above all." what a higher being he was. he was innocent but gave up his life WILLINGLY for me. for us. for everyone. he was so beautiful. perfect like and untouched rose that withered and died for us. that is one gift we cant compare with.
What problems will we face that Jesus has not already faced while he was walking amoung men? Jesus was betrayed by his friends. he had imperfect parents... Joesph and mary. we wandered alone, he develped, grew up, was educated, he went though temtations, he loved, he cried, he walked, he lived, he talked, he preached, he listened, he died. what human can say that they have experienced everything and can help you with your problems. no one. Only god. our one and only god can say that he lived and expereienced everything... every temtation. everything you can think of. down to the smallest things imaginable such as starting to walk. who else can help us with life than he who already live.
Look to god and he will never fail you. the is the author and the reader of the book known as your life. he turns the pages he writes your story. he knows what will what has and what is.

we have turned our back on him but he will never to us. how many times must be hurt our one and only god because we couldnt fight our temtations? when we leave his side and wander out on our own, he doesnt punish us... he waits for us... when we reach our lowest point (refering to Jonah 1:1-17)we come back to god... and does he help us? of course. no only just blessing us with a minor blessing he goes all out. when jonah was shallowed by the big fish he prayed to god. not only did god got him out of the fish, even though jonah betrayed god, god made the fish spit jonah out on dry land. god could of just let the fish spit jonah out anywhere and well where does a fish live but in the wide open ocean, no matter when the fish spat jonah out he would of been well... out of luck cuz yes hes out of the fish but hes going to drown.
remember that god is great and so merciful. do not test him. have faith in him and follow him all of the days of your life.
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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
9:08 pm - IM EVIL! (JK im not.. im good)

How evil are you?
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Saturday, February 12th, 2005
12:57 pm

Your Seduction Style: The Charmer

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By establishing this deep connection quickly, people feel under your power.
And then you've got them exactly where you want them!

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
6:42 pm

Cancer Kissing Horoscope

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Monday, January 31st, 2005
7:15 pm
Too bad!
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of us have lost, but secretly yearn to have.
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Too bad!
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haha i thought they were funny~ they were so much fun to take! enjoy!

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
8:26 pm
My lj wedding by chynafox
you will marrynoluckwithboys
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Monday, November 22nd, 2004
7:10 pm
You are 80% Cancer

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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
7:58 am - when will we raise our voices?

October 12, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
10:01 pm
Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
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9:46 pm - just when i though i had all the answers...
mmm yummy thanksgiving dinner!
sooo~~~ good i loved it! it was so yummy~ hehe
i had mash potatos(the best u can ever have!)lol the only ones i've ever had....lol but it was still the best!
and we had yummy turkey...*drool*
it was fun... i saw the day after tomrrow... it was a scary movie... well not as in horror movie but just cuz i hate natural disasters... the scare the living hell out of me... just cuz theres nothing u can do to stop it or anything... so yeah *shivers* after watching that movie i was so cold... lol
i got to see my cousins... there are so tall! -.-' im so small compair to them... im like 5'2 and my youngest cousin is like...5'11?
somewhere around there.... *so tall*
its all good!
lol i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving or will have a great thanksgiving tomrrow!

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12:07 am - my life

My life is rated PG-13.
What is your life rated?

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Thursday, September 30th, 2004
8:33 pm - mmm yummy
today was such a great day.
Biljana totally stop giving me a hard time and dirty look after Krystina and Raj got to her! haha its so funny. i dont even look at her anymore... shes not worth worrying over!
but aside from her... today was a great day! tyler and i are acting more like a couple and i'm loving it~ ^-^
i so want like a digital camera... after Claudia and Krystina and their digital cameras i so want one! lol there so much fun~ hehe i think my parents are getting me one for Christmas! i hope they do!
man i've been so tired lately
i love the pictures claudia took hehe there all so cool!

i dont get my math stuff!! i have a test on it soon too >< like the up coming monday! darn!
its all good im an optimistic thinker! i'll think of something! hehe

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5:41 pm
You are Woodstock!

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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
5:34 pm - why does it bug me so much!?!?
maybe its just me...
Tyler and i... i realized that we dont really act like a couple at school... i didnt bother asking ppl because i knew it was true... i just wish i could do something about it... cuz i have so many classes with him and we never interact... at all... and that bugs me... i also feel as if i'm ignoring him... at school in a way... i try to go and talk to him during capp or something but i never do in the end.
Its not that i feel uncomfortable around him... but i dont know, i just never really hang out with him...only during lunch and we barely do that too... *sigh*
i never see him in between classes and afterschool... i think it just bugs me that we dont act like the other couples do... and maybe i dont get that kind of attention from him as the other gurls with boyfriends do... is that selfish?
i know it still bugs him the whole thing with biljana... he's like creeped out whenever he sees her... like he wont come near me when she's around... i mean thats fine cuz he's like uncomfortable.

i kinda felt like this before during school but just brushed it off... i didnt let it bug me too much.. cuz i know he has like football and other stuff... but i can't help but let it bug me sooo~ much...
i wanted to tell him so many times... but i mean... when ppl come to me with there problems about their relationship with their boyfriends... i tell them that communication is most important! to tell their boyfriend whats bugging them and to be more open about it... but why can't i take my own advice? this is getting to me soo much! grr...
should i tell him... that i want to be more like a couple at school? or what and if i want to tell him how do i phrase it?
LOL i know this situation may sound stupid or something... but i tend to have the biggest problems with the most smallest of situations.
should i tell him how i feel?

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Saturday, September 25th, 2004
9:43 am - life is the sweetest song... friends are the melody and your family is the tune...
Yesterday was like the best day ever!!!
i hung out with tyler that day... it was so nice... we were just going to take the sky train and pick a stop and get of then take a bus any bus which ever one came first and just so somewhere... but the skytrain was broken down so... we didnt instead we went to metro... and we played ice hockey~~ lol he let me win ^^ then we ate a sushi lunch, then we played DDR (SO MUCH FUN) lol
After the mall we went back to his house... and i was feeling sleepy so... he got me some pillows and told me to sleep but i didnt wanna... he laid down on the couch and wrapped his arms around me and i fell asleep in his arms...*sigh* i loved it...i woke up after awhile and noticed he was still sleeping and i watched him sleep...he was so cute...(i wasnt being like creepy watching him sleep or anything but yeah)he woke up a bit after and said he loved waking up and me being the first thing he sees.
when i was watching him sleep.. i realized that i love him... i know i said it before but i started thinking and my friend mia said that when u love someone... you just know and no other guy matters and a few days ago i knew i didnt love tyler cuz i started liking sonny again for abit... but yesterday... he was like a distant memory and not even... all i could think about was tyler and that was it... i wanted to tell him but i didnt... he said he was nervouse... cuz i wasnt speaking but i was in lost for words...

later that day.....

claudia, krystina, jeff, and his friends, they're twins... i cant really remember there names, Raj and i went to the football game...(i went cuz tyler was playing LOL)
it was so much fun! lol we met up with Jessica and i learned how the game goes... and how to play..(finally) i had no clue what was happening.. it was sad.
lol and i couldnt see well so i was trying to find tyler but im so blind i couldnt see him so Claudia was my eyes... lol she was narrorating what he was doing and stuff it was quite funny.
lol i so need to get my eyes checked cuz i couldnt see at all who was who...lol (i can still see but not far cuz im near sighted)
lol good times...

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
5:45 pm

<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/I/Iceangel143/1073226282_icturesice.JPG" border="0" alt="Tis an ice dragon breathes...when the first snowflake doesnt melt...."><br>Your an ice dragon! Congrats! Out of all the<br>dragons, you are most powerful but do not like<br>to show it. A rare and special creture, you<br>have artistic style and are great at expressing<br>yourself. You think friends and Familly are the<br>most important, and are a hopeless romantic.<br>But of course, as ice goes, you can be a little<br>cold or harsh at times. But not to worry, you<br>always apoligize later!
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thats so me!!!


anyways... >< so many tests tomrrow~ wish me luck!

today was a good day untill...biljana was up to her mean ways AGAIN!  jeez why cant she get over it! shes going around telling ppl what happened and only telling her side of the story! making me look like the terrible person whom i'm not! i mean i'm sorry i liked her boyfriend... but is it my fault? no!! i cant help the way i feel about someone! grr!! she makes me so mad!! damn, claudia and i were talking about it and she made me feel alot better. biljana is just making it hard for me its like she has no life! i mean im sorry i hurt her but i mean cant she move on! i mean please move on! her best friend... svetlana is so nice and i dont think she hates me too much but she doesnt talk to me... why? guess... (biljana) and she looks at me from time to time and she like gives me a crooked smile... like kind of like she wants to say hi to me but shes afraid too.... if that makes sense...but yeah... and shes so nice too. shes turinging so many ppl against me its pissing me off so bad!!! jeez trying to upstage me and etc... svetlana even said that biljana was really bossy... and yeah...but! im not going to stoop to her level! i wont say anything but im not promiseing anything cuz i do have a very short temper. *sigh*   -.-'

i just dont know what to do shes really making it hard for me... giving me the most dirty looks and everything. i mean shes mad yeah... but i wish she would get over it! i mean i have... and i know i hurt her but she hurt me too! calling me a nasty friend and a backstabber! jeez... its all good i mean i'll get over it! i'm optimistic! hehe! lol its all good!... but i do want to ask for some advice... what should i do... i wanted to talk to svetlana but i didnt know if i should or not... if you were in my place what would u do? call her or no... ? im just wondering.... cuz i wanted to but im  not too sure anymore...                                                                                   

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Sunday, September 19th, 2004
9:40 am - i'm falling into loves sweet bliss, its like a mystery, our heart are destined to be poured into one
hehe isnt that a cute name? there song lyrics... its such a cute song...
darn today is the last day of the weekend... -.-
but i get to go to Jelena's birthday party~~ hehe i cant wait for that!
i still havent finished my homework >< damn.
ack and i have couple of test this week >< *sigh* Grade 11 is really hard -.-'
at least i have one thing to look farward to!
tomrrow which is... the 20th is me and tyler's one month! hehe YAY *jumping with joy*
i know its not a big deal... but considering the relationships i've had...well yeah... you get the idea.

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Saturday, September 18th, 2004
4:16 pm - oOooooOOOoooOOOOoOoHHhHHHHhHH
You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.

"And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He
emerged from his own ashes, to be forever

Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl
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The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life,
the number 0, and the element of fire.
His sign is the eclipsed sun.

As a member of Form 0, you are a determined
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Phoenixes are the best friends to have because
they cheer people up easily.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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Friday, September 17th, 2004
6:37 pm - i never want to grow to grow up...
YES! the end of the week...im so kinda tired of school. the only good thing about school is tyler and seeing my friends!
so many tests coming up >.<
today was great... math well we didnt do much... math is always boring. socials... well that too was quite boring! it was so cold in that class. lunch was the best! i got to spend lunch with tyler!! hehe yeah! lol i havent had a decent moment with him like jsut him and me for awhile! so it was nice
english was fun me and krystina was trying to write an essay but we both didnt really get what the teacher wanted from us so yeah lol
CAPP was the best class! not jsut cuz tyler's in that class, and he wasnt there by the way but still me and kierin remixed little kid songs like.. mary had a little lamb and stuff its was hella funny! hehe i loved it!
but yeah thats my little peep!
peace out!

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6:36 pm - READ!
Here's a virus being e-mailed to lj users and it looks like this:

Dear LiveJournal user,
We have recently noticed that you haven't updated your LiveJournal in
awhile. If you would like to keep your LiveJournal account, you must sign in
within the next 24 hours.
You may sign in at: {link removed}
Failure to sign in within the next 24 hours will result in account termination.

Please, post this in your personal journal and in your communities, even if it's off-topic for the community. This is very important.
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