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It's such a beautiful day

(to be sad)

6/2/13 08:18 pm

Got engaged almost two weeks ago. Couldn't be happier about life. I love him I love him WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!

Life is so good.

12/2/11 02:18 pm

show me a pic of you a year ago and a picture of you now. how is your life different? what were you doing then? what about now?

10/3/10 12:09 am

My Uncle Joe, my absolute favorite uncle, died tonight. He was 60 years old. Heart failure, we guess? He was so healthy. It was out of nowhere. I don't know what to do.

I don't know how to feel. He was like my (second) father. I'm in a daze.

5/27/09 08:29 pm

After nearly three months of not crying, I can't fucking stop leaking tears.

3/29/09 12:31 am

My new goal in life is to truly not over-think things and let everything happen "organically." I'm ready for things to just fall into place where they need to.

My mother is actually trying to help me find an apartment to live in with Brian Kelly.
My baby cousin is here. She is nearly three and is the smartest child I've ever met, not to mention the most beautiful (ok, so I'm slightly biased). I am laying in bed with my snoring Jersey. My nail polish has hardly chipped since I put in on seven hours ago. This is a record for me.

I'm just going to stop putting so much stress into my life. I took an online stress evaluator which says, no surprise here - that I am living at a high stress level. Here's to hoping I can alleviate some of it. I know summer will help with that.

Taking every day as it comes seems like a good plan.

1/29/09 07:11 pm


1/14/09 10:46 pm


11/4/08 09:47 pm

Yes, we can.

11/18/07 10:06 pm

"Francesca, you know what I realized?"
"I figured out what kind of guys you like."
"Beatniks. They're always really intelligent, and usually artistic. But they just float through life."

Thanks, Mom. I ... think?

9/13/07 10:13 pm

David Charles Gironda, Jr, you are more amazing than you will ever know! I adore you. You will never know how much you help.

I refuse to let myself be upset anymore. Ok? Ok. Yes! Yes yes yes. Good.
I love Futurama. I love the people I love. I'm getting a job at American Apparel. It is going to be fabulous. I'll get everyone clothes. It'll be very nice. Awesome.

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