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This last year has been ripe with changes and new experiences and this is just one of them. An online journal. Last semester, my friend D kept talking about all her LJ friends and wonderful and supportive and fun they were. One day I thought, why not get one myself? So, here I am.

I'm a Graphics Arts major at Metropolis Community College. I have a few close friends I'm just getting to know again after a self-imposed hibernation to figure out a few things about myself. I'm not currently dating anyone (although there is someone I would like to date). I like a vast variety of books, music and movies/televsion. *shrugs and smiles* Anything else, I'm sure you'll find it on my user page or in future entries.

Schedule for this semester:

GD115 Digital Typography II
GD121 Graphic Design II
GD145 Digital Imaging
WR122 English Composition: Critical Thinking

I'm seriously hoping that this semester's English Comp professor won't assign "What I Did Over Winter Break" like my last professor did. With summer. I mean, didn't that go out in middle school? *shakes head*
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