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[Friends Only]

The past few weeks have been really difficult for me, for reasons I'd rather not go into. Suffice it to say that I'm dealing with something that I buried over two years ago. Stuffed it so deep down inside me that I nearly forgot it was there. But it's out now, I've faced it, and the reprecussions from that have been very painful and exhausting. I'm only now just completely getting back on my feet. I'm behind in my classes, behind on all of your lives, behind on everything.

Because of this mess, though, I have a new friend. Bailey. He's someone who understands all too well what I'm going through and he's helping me in ways I didn't think possible. So for those of you who may know what's going on with me? I'm getting the help I need, so please don't worry.

Next up? Surviving mid-terms. *headdesk*
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