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When you can live forever

What do you live for?

Yeah we'll talk about leaving
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The names Catherine.
I turn 18 on June 20th.
I'm a Christian, and I'm not afraid to stand for God.
My life is one long walk with Jesus.
I'm going to be a Junior at Fraser High School (Class uh 08).
I have many best friends.
I play 8 instruments.
I have a boyfriend, whom I love very much.
I don't put up with Drama.
Start shit with me and shit WILL hit the fan.
Two therapists and two medications couldn't help me.
Music and writing are my life.
I have an amazing relationship.
Anything or anyone that trys to change it, give it up.
Nothings going to get us apart.

I've got this amazing boyfriend. His name is Jerry Lee Turner II. I love him with everything I am. I know that I may be 16 and young but I love him. Don't try to screw us up, it won't work because that's how much we mean to eachother. I'm a band geek, and he's a football player, so we're a walking oxymoron. But guess what? That's what makes us unique. He means the world to me. We started dating on May Third, Two Thousand and Six.
I love you, Jerry Lee Turner II.


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