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Sep. 28th, 2011 @ 02:03 am
my mood:: accomplishedaccomplished
okay so i tried to do an update late last night aka early morning but lj fucked it up. yay.
and can't be bothered to switch my brain on and actually think about what i did tha past few days so. Whatever.

About November.
Got confirmation from Nick himself and singer from the band he'll play with that he'll be there at the 2 gigs they'll be playing. Arranged work, booked eurostar. FUCK YES IM THERE!!!!
Also one of the gigs is at bowling centre, other one at record store. So that means I´ll basicaly sit on Nick´s lap. Oh I´ll enjoy that!

Also had to write an evaluation for work which i've been postponing like crazy. Said I'd do it today. Really had to push it but finished it wahey! Maybe not before midnight but nobody will notice that!

2.15 hmh should try to go to bed before 3 for once :D