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Sep. 25th, 2011 @ 10:31 pm today
my mood:: cynicalcynical
I'm listening to: Maccabees - No kind words
Hmh did I skip a day? Guess I did.
Yesterday was.. let me think.
Got back from work around 10.30. shower, checked internet, reading. Some cleaning? Lots of reading. Being bored. Could've installed the printer but couldn't be bothered.
Talked to Tess and Emilie on fb, was jealous of Clara and Monique meeting up...hmh.
Went to BBQ party from work, which was alright.
I was very surprised when an ex-colleague walked in. I hadn't expect her (and her husband) AT ALL. Man I nearly got teary eyed ffs. Talked to her most of the time, and to her husband, who's in a band and they just recorded a cd and lp so it was cool to talk about that. Going to check them out when they play here :)
Got back home around 10 and just hung around on fb some more til 1. Found some old Placebo stuff from beginning of BFTS with Nick bits that I hadn't seen yet. Went wild with screencapping hehe.

Today I worked a dayshift. Pretty much overslept myself. 15 min is not enough to get ready. I was only late by 2 min but it was alright :) Busy dayshift. Had to give one client emergency meds AGAIN. So I was glad I could go home at 4.
Was able to sit on my balcony for a while, enjoying the sun and reading my book, but it got cloudy soon. Beh. :/
Ate leftover mac from the freezer yay and watched this programme on telly about Dutch girls leaving everything behind to go to the love of their loves living somewhere abroad. I always wonder if I would do it, which makes me think of London and fuck yes I would.
Been kinda thinking about it the last few weeks, but not sure if I'd dare to do it. I mean I'm comfy here but. Nothing's happening and I could need some change.
I'm not done on this subject yet.