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Headlines and another Rall comic

I got a chuckle out of Reuters' headlines for Top Stories:

  • Bush denies Iraq headed for civil war
  • Polls show support for Iraq war at new low
  • Bush still backs Dubai ports deal
  • Supreme Court hears Anna Nicole Smith's case

  • *shakes head*

    Through sheer force of denial will, Bush can create realities where once only talking points existed.

    At least Anna Nicole is getting her day before the Supreme Court, so the system isn't completely broken.

    And now a Rall:

    Now I've got "I'm Just a Bill" stuck in my head.
    flames of fire

    Ted Rall - fellow engineering school survivor

    God, this article sounds familiar! From being pressured "to choose a major 'that trains you for a job'" (well-meaning, though sad advice) to the near schizoid compartmentalization that make up the engineering student double-life careerists, I don't always agree with Rall, but he makes interesting enough points that, if doomed to a crowded frat party in the afterlife, I'd be satisfied being stuck in the corner with him.

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