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Today, I found out that the US has used incendiary weapons in Iraq. I know, I shouldn't be shocked. I'm really not all that naive, and seem to remember something coming out a few months ago about the use of napalm (MK77)during the 2003 invasion (of course, napalm only sticks to people who deserve it).

Now, I read that a former Marine present during the November 2004 Fallujah campaign says that white phosphorus was dropped on Fallujah - white phosphorus... in a city! How were they supposed to control a cloud of burning dust and phosphoric acid, making sure that no civilians are hurt? Or were they so absolutely certain that no one but evil doers were still in the city?

Innocent or insurgent, can we agree that having one's flesh and lungs torched is an unnecessarily slow and painful death to inflict on anyone?

Too pissed off to formulate another sentence.

My bad. The allegations have been denied.Collapse )

EDIT TWO: Very gruesome photos of bodies from Fallujah are available here.
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Memo to the (Coalition of the) interested

Last night, I heard Randi Rhodes talking about the Downing Street Memo and how Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) was trying to get one hundred thousand people people to sign a petition asking for a response from the adminstration regarding the memo's veracity. Since the mainstream media is more concerned about Michael Jackson, Deep Throat and Runaway BrideTM than a July 2002 memo explicitly stating that "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy [to invade Iraq]", Conyers was hoping that 100,000 signatures would be required to get the attention necessary to push the issue in the House. As of last night, Conyers had 87,000 signatures, and thus decided to raise the bar to 250,000. A quarter of a million people expressing concern should grab some serious attention, seeing how many seats in the House are up for re-election in 2006.

To put this in perspective, John Conyers is a ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, which is the body that draws up articles of impeachment. This request from the administration is the first step in calling for an official inquiry into the violation of federal law (and possible war crimes) by Bush and Cheney.

Well, after hearing about the petition a couple of times, intending to "look into it", and whatnot, I decided to sign the petition. The case looks pretty substantial and is coming from within the government, as opposed to MoveOn.org or IPJC which would be easier to ignore.

So, if you've got nothing better to do, and you're not afraid to let Alberto Gonzales know where you live, I encourage you to SIGN IT.

EDIT: More background news you won't find in the American press
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Brother, can you spare a dime? (adjusted for inflation)

Yesterday, I received a mass mailing from the Democratic National Committee. The envelope was marked "Don't let Bush dismantle Social Security!" I thought that I was supposed to say that to them, what with them having votes on the House and Senate floors and me working from a one-bedroom apartment in Red City, Ohio. But apparently, only I can prevent forest fires stop George W from destroying the world.

Apparently, they've fallen on hard times and need a hand up (not a hand out). Even though the DNC received more campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan Chase & Co than did the RNC, Citigroup Inc snubbed them by paying them almost $23,000 less than they paid the RNC! (Bastards!) We all know that Citigroup is just trying to buy politicians to support the bankruptcy bill (that just passed), so RNC's hands are $23,000 dirtier. Even though the DNC has both Microsoft and Viacom as top contributers while the RNC doesn't, it's hard not-presidenting, and so every little bit helps.
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