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Comments: one and two

First, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my Johari window meme. If any of you want to contribute, but feel too inhibited to put your name on something completely honest, feel free to contribute and leave random letters rather than an LJ name - kjhsd will work just fine, and I'm just too much of a meme-geek. So, anonymous is fine.

Second, Esperanto is fun. I've gotten back into an Esperanto kick, taking the free 10-lesson course based on the Esperanto League's old postal course, as well as downloading the multimedia program Kurso de Esperanto (also free).

Kurso just rocks. Instead of all reading and writing, the course is innundated with people speaking (and singing) Esperanto, which seems to tap different neural pathways for me. After a half-hour lesson, I feel like I'm in a different space, my mind echoing changing phrases and flowing with different syntax. I feel like studying language engages parts of my brain that make me feel good, make me feel awake and creative. It may just be the stimulation that comes from trying something new, but then it may be something directly related to the language itself - some studies suggest that studying Esperanto first makes learning other languages easier -- I'm curious...

Anyway, that's my life.