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a couple thoughts

Yesterday, my distraction took the form of a renewed interest in the Arts & Crafts movement (as if I ever lost interest in it). Even the simplest waxing of wood seemed more significant than most of the jobs I've held. Normally, I'm not all about Dard Hunter (though I do feel a connection since he was a fellow Ohioan), but I felt a little thrill when I looked at his tile designs based on garden vegetables. I like the idea of decorative crafts that celebrate something as common as garden vegetables. Most A&C artisans developed styles rooted in their own locales - which is why a Stickley doesn't look gothic.

No point, just thought.

Second thought, today I was wondering what to do with all the styrofoam I seem to accumulate (take out coffee and such). Not many recyclers take PS #6. In earthship fasion, I wondered if it could be shredded and remolded without much specialized equipment, or if that could produce dangerous outgassing.

What I found is that, even in its functional state, polystyrene can leach styrene into the liquids it contains. Most containers have some kind of migratory compounds, but styrene is more prone to migrate due to residual traces left over from manufacture and styrene's solubility in oils and ethanol. There is a study that suggests that styrene vapor also has harmful neurotoxic qualities, so there are multiple forms of ingestion that can cause issues.

Maybe I'm chicken little, but it concerns me a bit, being an avid coffeeeee drinker who stops to re-caffeinate regularly during road trips of any duration.

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