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interesting to see where this study will go

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On the personal, "what's going on in my day-to-day life" front, I've had the urge to read more science fiction - hence the Mack Reynolds experience. The last couple of days, I've been reading Asimov's I, Robot, cleansing my palate of said Mack Reynolds experience. After the first two pages, I almost cried - the prose was so well-written in comparison. Joy, joy. I'm curious to see how long this novel-hunger lasts.

We got a new Owain CD at PSG, which is actually his first release. Now, our collection of Owain is complete (though he appears on other CDs). I have fallen madly in love with the song "Es warb ein schöner Jüngling" - a German love-song - flowing, powerfully resonant strings, woven with pipes and harp, all with the heartful Riesling-like tenor of Owain wafting over the currents beneath. It strikes the same parts of me that his "Quantas Sabedes" does - the song to which lillassea and I danced at our handfasting. Mmmmm....

In other news,

  • I've discovered that, though coffee in any form is akin to the Nectar of the Gods, iced coffee tastes better with ice.

  • Becoming bored with not being able to beat my high score at Spider Solitaire, I've moved up to a more difficult level and now I'm just concered with finishing a game.

  • I've been periodically on a poetry kick - moved quite a bit by AC Swinburne and Dylan Thomas, though neither has usurped the very special place in my heart reserved for Gerard Manley Hopkins... the Man! ..the man's Man ;-) Though it's hard to beat the unperturbed Jeffers, who couldn't care less who is the better poet, since the work of Swinburne, Thomas, Hopkins and himself will all be swallowed up by our dying sun, centuries after Man, myopic Man, has annihilated his species through war technology and other casualities of civilization. Hmph! Take that, Bard!

  • Incidentally, through a mixture of circumstance and resistance, I haven't been on medication for over two weeks - I can't decide if that's a good thing or not... I'll see how it develops.

  • Shifting interests in politics again. I've found it difficult to resist being a passive consumer of commodified political discourse, since there are so many brands available with such shiny packaging. But (as the warning label reads) "consuming X in large quantities produces a laxative effect" or at least gives me indigestion, so 'resist' I must.

    I'm interested in reading and talking more, creating more, but about the structures of lived experience, rather than getting lost in leftie alerts. The fact is that I'm not happy with the unconscious structures of my life - the decisions made for me or unseen alternatives. The dissonance stirs an anxiety that won't vanish when X leaves office, that won't vanish when XYZ-Inc stops polluting Y, that won't vanish when I join this Party or that. Yes, these are all important issues, and it's good to share information. But information in our society takes a commodity-form like anything else, and thus we tend to foster passive consumption rather than supply a resource for people's autonomous projects; we market identityTM while the actual bones of life remain unchanged, Walden's unsucked marrow. I'm interested in the bones.

    Anyway, now accepting applications: any urbane Thoreaus or communard-curious folk interested in talking dreams and nuts & bolts regarding intentional living, intentional community, voluntary simplicity et al., feel free to contact me.
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