I detect the strangest smell of pumpkin.....

I like pumpkin

Ravenous Fish and Tasty Plankton
It is copyrighted by the artist. And yes, I do have
permission from Jasmine to use "Widow's Walk" as my icon.

I'm just a girl living in a gothic world.
How could I not live the lifestyle.

I am the Pumpkin Eyed Girl.
I want to walk down the Primrose Path.
Plant a garden like Rappaccini's daughter,
And dance the Vampire Waltz.


Anything pumpkin makes me very happy. Married. Happily child-free. Rescued a male cat with Leukemia in the winter of 2009, Xander Boris, may he rest in peace 5/08/12.


Bobby Bunny, Pumpkin anything, music, perfumes, coffins, bats, owls, horror films, Bride of Frankenstein, Sally from NBC, Roman Dirge's Lenore, Edward Gorey, Gris Grimly, Victorian, Edwardian, Regency era, etc.... many many monsters.


Creeping marauders, liars, spies, stalkers, users and the color yellow.

absinthe, aeon flux, amanda f*cking palmer, anita blake series, antique books, apothecary chests, bats, big floor pillows, birthday massacre, bjork, black & white photos, black flag, black phoenix alchemy lab, bloudewedd, blueberry, book of love, boxing helena, brandon lee, brian froud, bride of frankenstein, bronte sisters, carnivorous plants, carpathians, castles, cemeteries, charlaine harris, christine feehan's dark series, civ, classic literature, clutch, cocteau twins, coffin merchandise, coffins, corduroy, corpse bride, creeping myrtle, cure, dangerous beauty, danny elfman, danzig, david bowie, demeter, depeche mode, desden dolls, diva destruction, dorothy parker, dr. martens, dreamside, dresden dolls, edmund blair leighton, edward gorey, edwardian era, fabio, female goth bands, frederick william burton, front 242, frontline assembly, full moon, gary oldman, gingerbread, gloomcookie, halloween, hannah fury, hate in the box, helmet, henry rollins, history of lizzie borden, hockey, horror films, ian curtis, interpol, israel, ivyhoneysuckle, joaquin phoenix, joy division, judiasm, keats, kmfdm, lenore, life of agony, lip smakers chapstick, longfellow, lord byron, lush, machine in the garden, maggie shayne, mary jane shoes, michael parkes, mltkk, moonchild, morrissey, mors syphilitica, movies about unrequited love, nathaniel hawthorne, new order, new york city, nightmare before christmas, nightmares & fairytales, nj devils, nyc, oingo biongo, old school hook-ups merchandise, percy bysshe shelley, perfume, poison rings, psychedelic furs, pumpkin, rapunzel, ravens, razor skyline, red velvet curtains, robert frost, roman dirge, romance books, romania, roses, rufus sewell, salem ma, scotland, shelter, siouxsie & the banshees, sisters of mercy, smiths, sterling silver jewelry, strange boutique, sugar cubes, switchblade symphony, sylvia plath, taoism, tapping the vein, tattoos, thoreau, tim burton, tristan & isolde, true ghost stories, twin peaks, urban legends, vampire novels, vampires, velvet, veronica lake, victorian era, violent femmes, weird nj mag, witches, wormwood