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~*~Complicated Simplicity~*~
Is that all I am just a doll you got used to...
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5th-Feb-2030 05:27 pm - Friend Only

This journal is Friends Only.

If you want to be added, please comment here and tell me your name and where you found me - I`m sure I`ll add you back! =)

Hayley & Martin...
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1st-Sep-2007 10:44 pm - Just a quickie!
Look Who's Here!!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Introducing my beautiful little niece....
Amelie (Millie for short) was born on 30th August at 4.49 am, weighing in at 8 lbs 8 oz and measuring 19 inches =D

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4th-Aug-2007 01:46 am - Omg its been ages since I updated!
Whats going on with LJ lately?! Its been soooo quiet!

Well its been 2 weeks since I last updated, so thought I should make a quick entry!

Only 2 weeks to go until my niece is due to arrive! Laura had a scan yesterday, and they're a bit concerned that there may not be much fluid in the womb so they may want to induce her...she has to go back next wednesday and see what they think then. I really hope they dont induce coz I wont be able to be there, I`m not booked off work until the 19th and I doubt theyd let me change my holiday =-/

We looked into getting a mortgage, the advisor said we'd probably be able to get between £140,000 - £151,000....which is better than I expected! But not enough to buy this apartmemt, obviously!
She said it would be dependant on our credit scores, and the fact that neither of us have been in our jobs for a year might go against us....
So we've decided to rent for another 6 months and then go for a mortgage.
We have to move out of her on September 3rd, so we have about 4 weeks to find somewhere to move into =-/ I`m gutted coz I absolutely love this place!

This week at work has been reeeeally hectic and hellish! Ive hated it!
I`ve been DYING for the weekend to get here, I`m so glad it finally has!

We havent done much tonight, just watched Big Brother and got an Indian takeaway!
Tomorrow we're going to Taunton with Martins parents for the day....might be going to Scott & Toni's housewarming party in the evening too. Havent seen them since their wedding!
I think we might go to Torquay on Sunday if the weather is nice....I could do with getting some Diddl stuff, hehe! =D

I had my induction at the gym on Thursday, it went well! The girl who did my induction was really nice, and the gym itself is quite small and quiet. My programme consists of 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 2 lots of 15 reps on 4 different weight machines for arms, legs and abs...and then finishing up with 10 minutes on the treadmill and stretches.
After 15 visits, they'll review my programme and see how I`m getting on! =)

I plan on doing some penpalling this weekend! I have replies to write for Nicki Kuzmanovski, Gina Dee, Sarah Bailey, Dani Foley and Rachel Rix...and intros to write to Myra's friend Alicia, Celine Galvin, Elodie from Paris and Sara Rafferty. I'm going to try to get most of them over the course of the weekend! Not that it matters with the way Royal mail are playing up lately! It`ll still be next month before the letters get to the recipients!

Well, I'm off to bed! Got to get up early to wash my hair!

Hope everybody is well!

21st-Jul-2007 08:36 pm - Warning: Gloomy Entry Ahead.....

Well, what a crap-o-licious week its been!!!!!!!! =-/

Here are the reasons why:

1) I came down with some kind of mystery illness.
I had a blackout on Tuesday morning while I was brushing my teeth.
Since then, I've had a couple more and basically have spent most of the week asleep...no matter how much Ive slept, I`ve still been shattered...and I've been aching all over and feeling generally just weak and crappy.
I went to the doctor...he said I might be anaemic and sent me for a blood test.
I`ve gotta ring up on Monday for the results. It`ll probably come back fine though, they always seem to....and there`ll probably be no answers as to why I`m feeling like this.

2)As a result of the afore-mentioned mystery illness...I've been off work since Tuesday. Which means next months pay packet is going to be CRAP.
I got paid today, and I have barely enough money to pay my half of the rent and bills for this month...not to mention the fact that I owe Martin last months electricity and council tax money. And that I would actually, at some point, like to have some money left over for myself.
I can`t see that happening in the near future.
I`m fed up of being skint.

3) Our landlords informed this week that they`re putting the apartment on the market. We've only been here for 4 months! We've JUST got settled in and got everything sorted, and now we find out we'll be moving again!!!
We're contracted to stay until October 3rd. Dont you think it would have been nice if theyd mentioned when we moved in that they`d be selling up in 6 months time?!!!!
I LOVE this apartment, and we've spoilt ourselves with it...nothing else we get will come close to it unless we end up paying even MORE for a place, which we just cant do. =-/

We were going to look into buying it, but we've got no chance coz its on the market for £225,000 which is pretty ridiculous really.

4) I havnt had my gym induction yet, I cant stick to a diet and i`m SICK of feeling grossly overweight and ugly. =-/
How long do you reckon it takes for the gym to make a difference? if you do a one hour workout, say 3 times a week?

So...thats been my week from hell =-/

In other news...we've had Inge, a German student, here this week. She's lovely! She goes out most nights, so we only see her at tea time...she likes my meals, bless her! Shes lovely!
Shes going home on Sunday and my parents are coming on Sunday night to stay for a week.

My mum sent me some flowers on Tuesday after I'd had the blackout, bless her! Theyre gorgeous!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I'm almost caught up with penpal mail at last! Im sending out all my letters tomorrow, Ive got 6 left to write and plan to finish then over the weekend! YIPPEE!!! =D

I plan on spending tonight drinking wine and watching BB....cant wait to see Nicky get evicted! hehehehehehehe!

Well thats enough moaning from me!

28th-May-2007 06:46 pm - Update!
Hey hey hey!!

Just a quick update coz Martin is at work right now and I am DETERMINED to write at least 3 letters while he's out, and I have Wife Swap and Bring Back Dallas to distract me soon! eeeek!!!

I'm still WAY behind with mail...I have like 16 to reply to. Its ridiculous!

I did two shifts at Somerfield last week....its ridiculously easy, I like it there.

I did my first shift at Primark yesterday...I did an 8 hour day. It was VERY hard going, busy and tiring. I worked on the tills...which was easy enough, I picked it up right away. But its just tiring with how busy it gets and standing up all day. I`m not used to that!
I did my induction with 8 other people...so that was good. A lot of them were school girls, but I spent most of the day with a Spanish girl called Cristina...she was 26 and REALLY lovely, but shes only doing weekends...And a girl called Wendy who's around my age, she's doing weekday shifts like me so I'll probably see her a lot. We're hoping we'll be on the same departments together next week coz we're working the same times. There was also an Egyptian guy called Waljit who came to sit with me and Wendy at lunch, he was really sweet.

Unfortunately...the two jobs DONT work around each other like I hoped. =-/
So I have to decide which one to keep.

Somerfield is 10 mins walk from the apartment, its 16 hours a week with some overtime available, and its REALLY easy. It pays £5.35 p/h and I get 10% discount there, and 20% discount at Peacocks clothes store. The staff are mostly a LOT older than me, but nice people.

Primark is 25 mins walk from the apartment, 20 hours a week with a LOT of overtime available (they've offered me 32 hours next week), its a lot harder and more tiring. It pays £5.62 p/h and doesnt offer any discount. The staff are almost all around my age, and just from one day I`ve already got to know a few of them and they're really nice.

I'm confused, I dont know which to choose =-/ Any advice?!

Anyway! Today has been a quiet day...we stayed up talking last night until 4 am, just talking about all kindsa crap! Movies, news, etc! We're random like that!
So today we slept in until 1.30! I made a nice dinner....pork chops with melted cheese, hasselback potatoes with red onion and garlic, and cheese & garlic stuffed mushroom. It was yummy!!!

I think tomorrow we're going to see Pirates 3...and I need to call to Primark and buy some new work clothes and shoes.

Well, thats all my news! Hope everybody is well! =D
21st-May-2007 06:02 pm - Photos at last!
Hey gang!!

Well I've had a quiet weekend!

Went to the drs on Friday, he finally put me on antibiotics for the eternal cough! I had blood tests too to check that my thyroid condition hasnt flared up again! Gotta phone for the results next week.

Yesterday we watched a Paul Nicholls film I'd never even heard of! It was called If Only....it had Jennifer Love Hewitt in too. It was quite bad in general, but still watchable! hehe!

Today we went into town. Martin went on a bit of a spendathon, but I`m completely broke right now! He was a total sweetheart though and bought me "My Father, The Hero" on DVD and a cool new tshirt and some hair sliders from Primark. Bless! =D
Then we went to Iceland and got some shopping.

We were going to go the cinema tonight but I wanna stay in and watch Wife Swap instead, hehe. Sad eh?!

I applied for quite a few jobs last week....I applied to join a nannying agency, and interviewed at PipKins nursery...who I`m waiting to hear back from. I also applied to Primark, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Bitz, and Somerfield.
So I've been waiting to hear from them, as well as Waterstones who I applied to earlier in the week.

I had a call from Primark today, so I've got an interview with them tomorrow at 4.30. So...fingers crossed! =D

I've been trying like hell to catch up with my mail...I've written replies for: Sarah Jacklin, Nicki Kuzmanovski, Lou Colthard and Gina DiJulio. Next up to reply to is Gemma Grundy, and then another 12 after her! Eeek!

I'll leave you with my pictures of the apartment, AT LAST!!!! I`m terrible at taking pics...the rooms are much bigger than they look in the pics. I can just never find the right angle!
Also I forgot to resize them....so theyre pretty huge pics! Oopsies! =-/

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19th-Mar-2007 12:04 pm - Last Update Before I`m Off!!!
Hey Everybody!

Well I`ve been craaaaaaazy busy the last week with getting ready for the move so haven`t had much chance at all to get online!
Today is the big day! I`m off to Exeter!

Its noon now...we were meant to leave at 9! ARGH! hehe!

My mum bought me a laptop as a leaving pressie.....HOW COOL?! So yay, I have internet access...BUT I'll have to wait for BT to set up our phone line and our wireless internet and god knows how long that might take!
But as soon as I have the internet set up...I`ll be back on, and I`ll catch up on everybodys entries I promise! =)

I`ve got two nursery interviews this week, which is ace! Wish me luck girlies!!! =)

My mum threw me a little leaving party on Thursday night, which was lovely! =) I had a nice evening, it was great to see everybody and I got some lovely gifts! =)

I`m posting the pics up under the cut before I go!

Leave me some love, please don`t cut me if it takes me a while to get back on and I`ll see you all soon! =)

Lots Of Love xoxoxoxoxox


For my pallies...my new addy is:
Apartment 4 Clifton Court,
Clifton Hill,
EX1 - 2EL.

If you see my old addy in FBs, please don`t cross it out coz my mum will forward any mail that is sent here for me so its fine! =)

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10th-Jan-2007 11:53 pm(no subject)
Hey hey hey!!

How has everybody's day been?!

Mine has been good! Although last night, I didn`t manage to get to sleep until 8 AM!!!!!!!!!!! I watched "How to make an American quilt" in bed...which I liked a lot!...wrote in my paper journal, wrote two letters and then watched an episode of Sex & The City...so I laid down to sleep at 5 am.
and laid there wide awake for 3 hours!!!!!!!

I got up at 1pm...Emma was calling me, we had plans to meet for lunch...so I got up quickly, and by the time I'd finished brushing my teeth she was here with Olivia!!!
I finished getting ready and then we stayed here and had a coffee and played with Olivia...she`s almost walking now, I can`t beleive it! And she`s starting to say little words...she says "tickle ickle ickle" all the time hehe! She tries to tickle EVERYTHING you give her...my mobile phone, her dinner, everything! Its sooo cute! She's sooo advanced for 9 months too!!!

At about 3 pm, Emma & I were starving...so we drove down to Allerton Hall and had some dinner there! Emma & I had Italian chicken with chips and garlic ciabatta, and shared a salad (To make us feel better about our diets! hehe!) and Olivia had Squidgy Cheese Pizza and wolfed the whole lot down! hehe!

After our meal, we dropped Olivia off to her daddy and then Emma drove me home. She tried to talk me into going to Cheryl's for a girls night in but I just didn`t feel like it!

So I came home, put my PJ's on and since then have just watched Celeb Big Brother and Desperate Housewives (loving this series!)...now I`m about to go watch "French Kiss" in bed and write some more letters! =D

What have you all been up to?!

Oh by the way, I`m going to start updating my penpalling journal again...if any of my penpals on here haven`t added it, please do! Its hayleys_pals

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