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Extremely Important Post of Importance...

 ...Or something.

1) I ate 6 ice lollies, my dinner and some ice cream while watching the Brazil vs North Korea game. I only have 6 weeks left of this sort of acceptable gluttony.

2)  I ONLY HAVE 6 WEEKS UNTIL MY DUE DATE. Despite the fact I have been counting down obsessively this is somehow still a surprise to me...

3) I had forgotten how much fun cooking is, I haven't done it a lot since the start of my pregnancy when I had awful morning sickness and couldn't stomach cooking anything and I only wanted to eat mashed potatoes. I have just been dancing around my kitchen doing a pretty passable impression of a weeble.

4) Because we have been sorting stuff out in the house I have come across approx 1 billion old mixtapes, some made by me, some for me  but I have been having loads of fun listening to them and coming across loads of hidden gems reading the tracklistings of the themed tapes.

5) I have been hugely enjoying the world cup, vuvuzelas and all. I'm actively supporting Japan, Ghana and Spain but I always just enjoy picking a team when the game starts.

6) Doctor Who was great this week, it was loads of fun and I loved how just how alien Matt Smith was in it, he has such a lovely otherworldliness about him right down to the way he moves around a room. I am so excited for the finale but I am not really ready to give up my show just yet.

7) I don't know how but I had forgotten how much I love this film. I have been watching clips of it on youtube for the past few days, I am going to have look my dvd out and watch it soon.

8) Hello, hello, hello to my new friends I'm also at Tumblr and last.fm. I should probably apologise for this post which I'm pretty sure makes no sense at all. 

Things, stuff and Doctor Who

 - Ow, baby seems to have decided to keep it's feet in my ribs this is pretty much agony and makes it hard to get comfy.

- My bump is massive now and there are still just over 7 weeks to go and this is when baby puts on all the weight, I shudder to think of what size it will be at the end. I haven't been able to see my feet for some time now.

- I've been kind of swinging between having loads of nervous energy and just wanting to sleep at all times. In fact even the nervous energy thing seems mostly to come from the OH MY SOON THERE WILL BE AN ACTUAL BABY and realising I still have one million things to do, doing one thing and having to have a lie down afterwards.

- I've got just over 4 weeks to go at work and most of them aren't even five day ones and I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get through them, possibly by snoozing at my desk.

- I finally let go of my slightly mental idea that I'd grow my hair all through my pregnancy. My hair was not getting longer it was simply getting wider, I now have pretty much my normal hair back and I am much happier for it.

- The World Cup stars this week, I always get stupidly excited about it and this one is no exception. I have decided to support Japan so far but I'll wait a couple of games to see if I decide to support anyone else.

Vincent and The DoctorCollapse )

Ashes to Ashes Finale

SniffleCollapse )

Right, now I'm off to the park.

Pavement All Tomorrow's Parties

This weekend I went to the Pavement All Tomorrow’s Parties and apart from it taking forever to get there  back I had a fantastic time. It was a good choice for a pregnant festival because of sleeping in chalets and having lots of places to sit down - I actually got my ticket before I got pregnant, well done me - baby seemed to enjoy it too either that or he was banging on my stomach going “Oi turn it down I’m trying to get some kip in here”. All of my friends were spectacularly drunk for the entire weekend but on the whole that was very entertaining.

Just so that I remember here are the bands I saw: Calexico, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, Mission of Burma, Quasi, Wooden Shjips, Boris, Pavement, Faust, Atlas Sound, The Clean, The Fall, The Raincoats.

Doctor Who 5x04


spoilers!Collapse )

Skins Series Four

 I  forgot I liked Skins! All the adverts made it look so incredibly depressing that I didn't even bother watching it most weeks and I only accidentally caught Katie Fucking Fitch's episode, which was properly amazing and I don't even remember liking her in the previous series. 

So I watched the rest of the series...Collapse )

Ridiculous week...

Oh dear, what a week. There has been vomiting, nosebleeds, coughing up blood, dizziness, possible heart murmurs and other pregnancy related ailments! Not to mention falling up the stairs on Sunday and hurting my back. I also rather stupidly choose this week to re watch season 6 of buffy. Silly miserable Lori!

Good News

Andy and I are having a baby! I'm three months along and can finally talk about it, it also seems a lot more real after seeing my first scan. It has been so strange keeping it to myself when it has been pretty much all I can think about - certainly since I have been so sick and tired - but it is pretty amazing and exciting and slightly terrifying as well!

Dec. 11th, 2009

I came home to find my flat had been burgled, pretty fucking horrible. Goodbye wii, dvd player and laptop - hello upside down bed and ransacked bedroom. Everyone has been amazing offering me places to stay but weirdly the last thing I want to do is leave the house.

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