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101 goals in 1001 days

START DATE: 3rd January 2013
END DATE: 1st October 2015

School & Career
1. Get a real job. With a salary.
2. Get a volunteer place on the domestic abuse hotline.
3. Complete my LPC.
4. Get some relevant legal work experience.
5. Get a paralegal position in Sydney
6. Start at the University of Sydney
7. Complete academic qualifications in Australia.
8. Have business cards.

9. Travel around Australia.
10. Visit New Zealand.
11. Visit dad in Singapore.
12. Drink a Singapore Sling at the Raffles hotel!
13. Visit another country in Asia with Dan.
14. Travel to Fiji or the Polynesian Islands
15. Visit Uluru.
16. Go on a weekend trip with friends.
17. Reach 40 visited countries
18. Cross of one new continent.
19. Go to Canada and visit Tash.
20. Cross of two new continents.
21. Cross of three new continents.
22. Visit Africa.

23. Learn to drive and get my licence.
24. Go camping.
25. Skydive the beach at Wollongong.
26. Sit on a tv audience.
30. Clear out my room at my parents house. Leave two boxes!
31. Win something!
32. Write the first chapter of my novel.
33. Take a photography class.
34. See a performance at the Sydney Opera House.
35. Clear all my stuff out of my parent’s attic.

36. Move in with Dan.
37. Celebrate our two-year anniversary in an awesome way.
38. Have a romantic dinner on top of a building.
39. Move to Oz.
40. Meet Dan’s family.
41. Move into own place.
42. Reach three years stronger than ever.
43. Get engaged!
44. Film sexy times (and then delete it)
45. Add another unusual place to my had sex here list.
46. Spend Valentines day in a boutique hotel with champagne.
47. Start planning wedding.

48. Cycle bikes around SYD for the day.
49. Spend an entire day reading by the ocean.
50. Cash in my vouchers at Cloud Nine Treatments when I need them most.
51. 5 weekend runs with Dan by December {1/5}
52. Get an eye test.
53. City to Surf 2015.

54. Complete my education up to post grad with no debts and £3000 left in savings.
55. Buy a plane ticket to Australia.
56. Save money in Oz to travel for two months.
57. Have $30,000 saved for house deposit by February 2015.
58. Buy a laptop.
59. Own some shares.
60. Have laser eye surgery.

61. Complete a baking course.
62. Try 50 new recipes. 50/50
63. Learn to make croissants.
64. Eat at Hugos, Manly.
65. Throw a dinner party.
66. Eat lobster.
67. Learn to like one thing I don’t like.
68. Own a kitchen aid mixer!

Friends and Family
69. Make a new great friend!
70. Be Jenny’s maid of honour at her wedding.
71. Plan a fun trip or event with Jen.
72. Hang out with Sophie, Sal, Helen and Yaz again.
73. See Tash.
74. Spend a day with dad doing something fun, just us.
75. Take mum to the spa.
76. Plan and host a really girly pamper party with some friends.
77. Attend Summit camp reunion.
78. Visit granny in Colwyn Bay.
79. Get better with kids/be comfortable with Dan’s nieces and nephews!
80. Send dad 3 pieces of mail to Singapore. [3/3]
81. Make dad pea & bacon soup!
82. Get dad to tell me about Oma and Opa so I can start researching for my novel.
83. Meet all of Dan’s siblings and his parents.
84. Visit Jen & Ian in Leamington again.

Charity & volunteering
85. Complete my third year volunteering for crisis at Christmas.
86. Find a volunteer position once a week when we are living in Sydney doing something interesting.
87. Donate blood 5 times in the next year. (0/5)
88. Donate to a cause that I care about.
89. Volunteer in Oz for Christmas 2013.

90. Be more selfless.
91. Start every day by getting up by 9.30am.
92. Be generous.
93. Don’t log onto facebook for an entire week.

From my 'to my to do before I die' list
94. Eat sushi in Japan
95. Graduate from law school
96. Take a course in cake decoration
97. Ride in a hot air balloon
98. See a sunset in New Zealand
99. Snorkle the Great Barrier reef.
100. Learn to surf.
101. Own a Vespa.

>> for blue skies


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