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Im off school again today. My nose bled for an hour and a half this morning. I filled half the sink with blood and a whole binliner with tissues. Apparently i should have gone to the hospital but my nose always bleeds for ages so i cant really be bothered. My mum thinks i should have some kinda surgery but i dont want to. Its fine now im just kinda dizzy and it doesnt help that supposedly some tablets i had yesterday slow down your blood clotting.

So im going to spend my day productively on the computer. I should revise for gcses next week or my german speaking on thursday so i might do some of that if i can be bothered.

I have to go back to school tomorrow but i dont mind since ive only got 2 days left now. Charlotte sent me a message saying i look hilarious on the whole school photo which is gonna be put up in the entrance hall for the next 5 years. That was the idea though i dont really care since im leaving.
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