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Ermm i havent updated since about 2 weeks ago so i thought i would..

not much has been happening really. I have 4 art projects due in in less than a week and she only told us today so im screwed. i really hate that woman. plus i have exams in 4 weeks.

errrm yeah i wasnt planning on going anywhere last weekend but i went to see kd since i hadnt seen him in 2 weeks. The charlotte and jo managed to convince me to go out with them to the cellar bar later on. i dont normally like cellar on a saturday but i agreed to go sincei havent been out with them in a while. It was actually a really good night. Kd went off to vies an i wandered around an talked to loads of people who i havent seen in a while. I saw Owen (a guy i used to like) an he seemed really enthusiastic to see me i dunno why an bought me drinks an stuff which he always does. Hes nice but i think he thinks im single since i was last time i saw him.
I saw Clem who i have now decided is a complete dick. After he messed charlotte around me an kd both fell out with him and then he decided to fall out with me even though i hadnt actually done anything to him. So i talked to him a bit on saturday and he decided 'were cool' as he kept telling me. Then i accused him of being a transvestite so now were probably not but hey i dont really care.

This weekend i cant go out because i have to go get a dress for the prom. I do not want to go to the prom and i dont wanna get a dress or shoes i see it as a waste of money but my mums forcing me too plus since im leaving at the end of the year and i know it means a lot to some of my friends i said id go.

It means getting the day off work though which isnt gonna go down well since i just had to take one off for paris. Work was so shit on sunday :( the boss got in a bad mood because one of the chefs was off and decided to take it out on me and jordan. She made me stay and clean the worktops down 3 times and mop the floors 3 times and then had a go at me for emptying the mop bucket in 'the wrong bit of the yard' (i didnt have a lcue there was a wrong bit since the yard is just a small square where we keep mop buckets an stuff). So after id worked half an hour extra because of her being a bitch i decided to walk out because she kept coming up with other stupid menial tasks for me to do just to piss me off. Then i got in the car and my dad had a massive go at me for being half an hour late and hed been sat in the car waiting for half an hour - its hardly my fault its not as if i wanted to stay and mop the floor 3 times. Ha so anyway il probably get fired for walknig out and i thnk it pissed jordan off too but i dont really care.
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