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hmm i feel ill :( everyone seems to be getting flu kinda illnesses at the moment.

Ive been out since thursday so i apologise for the lack of commenting.

Cant remember what i did thursday :s friday i went to kds and then we went out to the cellar bar at night. Nobody i knew was really there and i had no money which sucked but it was actually quite a good night. I met a guy called andy who i knew before but didnt really talk to but i talked to him loadsa friday and found hes actually one of the funniest people ive met. He made me style his hair 'like wolverine' when he was drunk and told me about how he beleives chiuauas (or however you spell it) are aliens and about some woman screwing a budgies head on backwards. i got told i associate with the weirdest people...which is true. Then i stayed over at kds.

Saturday i went into town for a bit in the afternoon but its freezing and boring. Then i went on a trip to Clitheroe to see all my friends over there because i havent seen them for over a week.

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