x·.·´¯`·.·Dani·.·´¯`·.·x (_boogaloo_) wrote,

feeling: physically ok, mentally like shit.
i am never drinking wine again. never ever. last night we established that wine is the one alcoholic drink that makes me throw up. the first time ive thrown up in about 7 years and the first time alcohol has made me throw up (normally i can drink and drink and it doesnt make me sick) apparently i threw up loads and had to be carried out to the taxi and they had to take me back to kerrys about 2 hours early :s i dont even remember going out at all and i dont even remember throwing up. apparently i did because it was all down my clothes and sadly all down charlottes too. i didnt even drink that much :( apparently everyone from town now thinks im an alcoholic because im wasted every time i go out on a saturday night but this time really was the worst state ive ever been in. and ive now possibly lost my purse which i bought to replace the one i lost when i was drunk at christmas. we think kerry took it off me and put it in her bag whch she gave to her friend jo. but hey ummm at least it proves people care abut me apparently half the people in vies were asking about me. im supriused they let me. i tried to pay the woman on the door with a bracelet apparently and lurch the security guy knew what state i was in.

meh well i dont remember any of it and im not doing it again. ever. in fact i didnt mean to do it last night but since i dont normally drink wine i didnt know what itd do to me. heh well it must have been bad because kds decided he wants to go on a break because of it. i fucking hate breaks. i couldnt care really though because if hes gonna split up with me over me drinking a bit too much of something that disagreed with me its kinda stupid. plus he wouldnt talkto me half of yesterday since i spent a few hours of my day with ben and charlote and he got pissed off.

and now i have to apologise to everyone and go to work in less than two hours.
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