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happy new year

Happy new year everyone

Hopefully itl be better than the last one. The beginning of last year was good but then it went downhill...

Kerrys 70s party was quite good. Scary in ways. It was me, charlotte, kerry and a load of kerrys relatives all dressed like idiots and some of kerrys friends. We (me kery charlotte) went to the pub first dressed normally and kerrys auntie decided to come in dressed in a bright green pimp outfit to embarrass her. Then we went back to kerrys got changed met some of the relatives etc and then sat in kerrys room an drank. Some of her other friends came an went includin a load of guys one of which wouldnt leave me alone an refused to leave the house. errrrm then we went an had to celebrate midnight with the relatives which scared me because some guy dressed as elton john suddenly grabbed me an decided ot give me a new years kiss an then half the other relatives decided to. Ummmm yeah i have pictures which il put in my next post.
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