October 18th, 2005

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Oh yeah its my birthday in a few weeks.
The bank sent me a free driving lesson thing through the post this morning.
I dont think i want to learn to drive but my parents will insist on it. If i do learn il be asked to cart my sister around places. Suppose it would be useful though.

I havent asked anyone for anything for my birthday. There isnt really anything i want. I bought something off the internet a few weeks ago and yesterday i found out my mum had bought it me for my birthday. So that kinda ruined that.

I also dont know what to do for my birthday. Last year 4 of us went to alton towers for the weekend. This year everyones got split up since we went to different colleges and stuff but ideally id like to see all my friends. That wont happen though. My mum hates having loads of people round to the house.
So yeah im stuck for ideas except go out somewhere one night but i do that every week anyway so its not very exciting.
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