September 20th, 2005

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Today we went on an art trip to the Tate art museum in Liverpool. They had a special exhibiton on which was psychedellic art from the 60s which was actually really good :) loads of stuff done my hippies on LSD. Dont have a clue how it relates to our work though.

I have too much college work to do already. They warned me taking 2 art subjects would be too much but i never listen to people when they say stuff like that. It would actually be fine but the fine art teachers have been giving everyone a ridiculous amount of work. Ive been spending all my free time in college doing it plus about 5 hours a night plus class time. Oh and my study day. But i cant drop art because i wouldnt be able to do any uni courses involving it.
Its stupid. I havent had time to do or think about anything else. Its Bens birthday and Alexs birthday this weekend and i havent a clue if anyones doing anything for that.

Ive forgotten what the point of this update was.
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