September 16th, 2005

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I feel all lonely recently. I dont know why. I could just be in a funny mood or it could be college or something.
I havent really made any friends at college yet. I talk to a girl called Sarah quite a bit but shes really quiet and not into anything i like.
I miss all my old friends. I havent seen some of them since the beginning of summer :(
Plus Charlotte obviously has new better people to be with. And at college Cameron and Ben are always busy with music or chasing girls.
I havent been out on a saturday night since the start of summer for some reason. I wanted to go last week but had nowhere to stay and couldnt afford a taxi to mine since it would be £15 if i was on my own.
So i was going to go out this week but nobody else is doing. Apart from maybe Kate but she sent a message before asking if i want to go out tonight which i cant.
Maybe im bored of being single. But since i havent been single very long i doubt its that.
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