September 4th, 2005

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Last night was fun.
I went to Clitheroe again to visit my friends that live over there. I really love those guys to bits and its strange gonig to college without them whilst they all go to 6th form so im trying to see them as much as possible before i get too much college work.
We were supposed to go out to Vies and Cellar bar for Kates birthday but she decided to go to Lois's house and drink instead because lois had a free house.
Which was quite fun. I got to see Kate Lois Jason Tim Jamie and some other guy called Andy who ive never met before but i got the impression he was scared of me which isnt suprising since i do get quite intimidating when im drunk.
Then Kate told me she wanted to stay over at Jamies house and since i was meant to be staying at hers i had to go with her. So we stopped there and i got my own room with a really nice double bed lol

I need new clothes for college. All my tops seem to be too small. So i went shopping with my mum on Friday but didnt really get much. I ended up buying another skirt even though i have no shoes to wear with it. Some strange woman in the changing rooms kept telling me i looked adorable in one of the outfits i tried on. Only problem was the outfit cost about £100 which i didnt really have.

And thats it. Im gonna go do a bit more college work before i go out to actual work. I dont want to go there this afternoon because its sunny which means everyone goes to the pub and the kitchen gets boiling hot.
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Where the hell did my 10 week holiday go??
I dont believe i have to go to college in 3 days :(

Ben asked if i want to meet him tomorrow. He also said hed take me somewhere and pay for everything and lunch and stuff because ive 'been such an ace friend for the past 3 years' which is sweet. Nobody ever buys me stuff or pays to take me out anywhere. Well KD didnt and i suppose i was stuck with him for the past year.

Oh yeah i also bought some hair dye yesterday because my roots are showing and the red streaks have gone kinda coppery brown. Im going to attempt to dye it myself which i said i wouldnt since the streaks go all the way through my hair in small sections which is going to be hell to separate from the black. But i dont have the money to go pay to get it done. Soo it will most probably go horribly wrong. Oh well.
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